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The Ultimate Guide to Fake Tan – Superdrug
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The Ultimate Guide to Fake Tan

Flat lay of fake tan products

Want to look like you’ve just spent a week in a sun-drenched villa but the British weather’s killing your vibe? You’re not alone. The forecast is about as trust-worthy as that guy at a party who busts out his guitar to play Wonderwall. You know the one. Luckily, we can help you get your golden glow on without relying on any rays of sunshine, or musicians for that matter. 

Flat lay of tanning lotion, fake tan mousse and instant fake tan

Different types of fake tan

Instant tan

Does what it says on the tin, really. Instant tan products are your saviour on those nights that you promised yourself a date with pizza and reality TV, only to find yourself wearing heels and falsies. Oops.

There are two types of instant tan:

1. You apply in circular motions using a tanning mitt (no one likes a streak unless it's Snapchat) and within a few hours you'll be good to glow.

2. Applies the same as the first but the excess is rinsed after a few hours. This gives you more control as you rinse when you're satisfied.

Gradual tan

Want to build a rich glow but don't have the tanning prowess of a pro? Try a gradual tan. There's also less pressure to get it exactly right on first application. Bonus!

There are sooooo many gradual tanners out there. Some can be built up over a few days, some can be hidden in a moisturiser, and others can be used in the shower... we could go on.

Tanning oils

Oils are a lot more glamorous now than those dark days of lathering yourself in olive oil like some kind of salad. Step away from kitchen ingredients to an oil that speeds up the effects of UV rays. Tanning oils have had a pretty bad rep in recent years due to misuse and lack of education. But using an oil is actually completely natural - it increases the body's ability to produce melanin. That's the magic behind how it works. Ta-dah!

As long as you're sensible with your exposure to the sun and don't use tanning oil as a replacement for SPF protection - you're good to sit back, relax, and tan.

Tanning mists

Ever find yourself curled up in the bath and sobbing uncontrollably over the pressure to apply a flawless tan? There, there. Not all of us are blessed with mad artistic skillz. So, if your coordination left you as the last picked in P.E (*sob*),  a tanning mist could be your fake tan saviour.

There are two types of tanning mist:

1. The original bae - just shake and spray. Simply spray all over your body and leave until you've reached your optimum tan. Then wash off.

2. A simple spritz followed by sun worship. Sorted.

Tanning mousse

Classics stay classics for a reason. Mousse is quick to dry, easy to blend,  and showered off when you've reached your tan ambition. Oh, and it's the perfect excuse to throw on a robe and binge-watch TV shows whilst you get your tan on. Win.


Tanning water 

We get it. Tanning on your face is an art form. It's a skill that  can potentially result in Caspar the friendly ghost or an Oompa Loompa. Well, tanning water is here to transform your art into a modern-day Da Vinci (sort of). Just spritz over your face before you apply makeup and say hello to effortlessly bronzed skin.

Tanning supplements

For those living their best life and don’t have time to waste precious minutes in the bathroom applying fake tan, try tanning supplements. You don’t need to alter your expertly timed beauty routine. Instead, take the recommended dose of the supplement every day with your meals to start seeing glowing results. 

Tanning wipes

New to the tanning game? There's no need to be afraid. Tanning wipes are one of  the easiest ways to apply fake tan. Just swipe onto your skin using circular motions and prepare to count them as your new tanning BFF. Just repeat the process until your tan is 100% your type on paper. Oh, and because they provide such an effortless glow, they are perfect for topping up natural tans to keep you sun-kissed all year round.

Now you know the difference between a tanning mousse and a mist, learn how to apply fake tan like a pro.



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