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Dry Hair Treatments – Superdrug
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Dry Hair Treatments

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Is your hair feeling dry and unloved? Don't worry. With a few simple changes to your hair care routine, not every day has to be a bad hair day. Give your locks some TLC and bring them back to life with some nourishing dry hair treatments. From hydrating shampoos to enriching conditioners and masks, your hair will be looking and feeling fabulous again in no time. 

Flat lay of shampoos, conditioners and brushes for dry hair

What Products Are Out There?

Shampoo For Dry Hair

First thing’s first, take a look at your shampoo and conditioner. Are they designed for your hair type? If you have thick hair, make sure to choose products with extra hydrating properties for added moisture. Avoid products containing silicones and sulphates, as these ingredients can be harsh on the hair.

Conditioner For Dry Hair

A good leave-in conditioner will enliven your locks and leave them feeling extra smooth, soft and shiny. Some products are designed to protect against heat too (which is extremely damaging to hair) so be sure to give your hair a few sprays before using heated styling products or heading out on hot, sunny days.

Hair Mask For Damaged Hair

Ensure you hair stays happy and hydrated with a nourishing hair mask. Apply once a week to give your locks an extra dose of moisture and added shine. Look for products with coconut oil or argan oil for added moisture and hydration.

Hair Oils

For an intense hit of hydration, why not give hair oil a go? We suggest using a hot oil treatment once a week to really enrich the hair, then applying a hair oil serum on damp or dry hair for added moisture and shine.

Top Tips For Taking Care Of Dry Hair

    Don’t over-wash

    Aim to wash your hair two or three times per week to avoid stripping it of its natural oils.

    Be gentle with brushing 

    Some hair brushes (and over-brushing) can damage hair and cause split ends. We suggest using a gentle de-tangling brush with soft bristles.

    Colour with care

    If you use hair dye on a regular basis, it can be extremely damaging. Opt for a less harmful, ammonia-free dye to keep hair healthier, for longer.

    Eat a balanced diet

    A poor diet can contribute to dry, brittle hair. Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and eat foods that contain essential fatty acids, protein and vitamin A or E. For an extra vitamin boost, take a daily supplement designed for healthy hair.

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