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Discover your skin type

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Anyone who’s visited the skincare aisle knows that before you start your hunt for that little pot of goodness, you need to be armed with one thing. No, not your bank card – your skin type diagnosis. Whether you’ve had a nifty skin patch test in-store or are a self-proclaimed oily type, you may think you already know what you’re working with. But, did you know that skin type can change over time? Discover your skin type, as of this minute, with our help. All you need is a mirror…

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But, I already know my skin type…

Well, think back to the time you figured it out and started buying products to combat your tricky areas. Because what may have worked for you as a teen may not work for you as an adult. Or sometimes, what worked for you at 9am pre-coffee might not be working for you post-Friday-night-boogie. Seasons can also affect your skin type too. So, if you’ve got any element of doubt, there’s no harm doing a spot check every now and then.

How to find your skin type

Start with a clear base

You can’t suss your skin type with makeup up – fact. So, remove any trace of makeup and let your skin breathe naturally for a couple of hours (if time permits!). That way your results will be more reliable and not dependent on the time of day or activity you’ve just come from.

Take a long, hard look in the mirror

OK, so give yourself a few minutes to really examine your skin. Check for any texture differences, pore size, oily patches and dull areas. The T-zone (across forehead and down the nose) can be a very revealing place so pay special attention to that when examining.

4 Common skin types

Once you’ve examined your pores at length and made a mental note of noticeable texture changes and patches, find out whether you have normal, oily, combination or dry skin with this easy guide:


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