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Dazzle with Disco-Inspired Beauty Looks – Superdrug
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Dazzle with Disco-Inspired Beauty Looks

Golden glitter eyes for disco-inspired beauty

What do you get if you take bell-bottom jeans, sparkling eye makeup, and glitter balls? You get D.I.S.C.O! The era of disco was born back in the 70s, and with it came a funky, vibrant, and fun take on both fashion and makeup.

We may have, for the most part, left the groovy style of clothing in the past (we’ll still take some of that tie-dye, though!), but a touch of disco sparkle is always welcome in our makeup bags at Superdrug!

Disco-Inspired Makeup

Disco makeup was anything but subtle; the glitter, the glam and the colours were all used to stand out. After all, with people spending their evenings twirling under bright lights and a disco ball, they needed makeup to match!

If you are a true disco king or queen at heart (and love to dance at home like no one is watching) follow our top tips on how you can add a touch of glitz and glam to your makeup routine.

Disco inspired golden glitter eyes

Eye See You!

Eye makeup in this era was often the focal point of every look. The colours were bright, the lashes were voluminous, and the whole look was flirtatious!

Bold primary colours were often the hue of choice; however, if bubble gum pink or baby blue doesn’t work for you, give your chosen eye colour a modern twist with sunshine orange or a ­­golden, bronze colour. All you need to do to give it a true disco vibe is apply a matching glitter in the centre of your eyelid, over your eyeshadow, to dazzle.

Lightly Kissed

The eyes often do all the talking with a disco-inspired look, so the lips remain subtle. The colour should enhance the appearance of your eyes, not detract from them.  Choose a shade that is a couple of shades darker than your natural lip colour to bring them out, but not turn them into the main attraction. Enhance the lip colour with a layer of transparent lip gloss to finish the lips.

Disco inspired orange eyeshadow

Glow On!

As with all makeup looks, you should start with a base that is well hydrated and moisturised. This will help you create the soft, dewy base that was so popular when people were taking to the dance floors!

Use a light layer of foundation or even better, an illuminating formula to give your skin a gorgeous glow. This brightness will complement the vibrancy from your eyes and subtlety of your lips.   Finish your base by adding a flush of colour to your complexion with lightly coloured blush to the most prominent part of your cheeks.

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How to: Golden Glitter Eyes

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