Shot of a beautiful young woman applying makeup with a brush

Every girl needs a bronzer in their make-up bag. It doesn't matter if the skies are grey and it's colder than the South Pole you can always achieve a just back from holiday glow with a sweep of bronzer.

The tricky part is picking the right bronzer for your skin tone. No one wants to look tangoed! Check out our top tips on how to choose the right bronzer for your skin tone and colour and learn how to apply it.

Skin Tone

This can be the trickiest part for women as most may not know their skin's natural undertone. There are three undertones that you skin can match: warm, neutral or cool.

How do you decide what undertone your skin is though?

Shot of a beautiful young woman applying makeup with a brush

Think about how your skin reacts when you’re out in the sun. If you tan easily and rarely burn, you most likely have a warm undertone. If you hardly tan and seem to burn quickly, then you most likely have a cool undertone. If you feel that you tan as much as you burn, then you may have a neutral undertone.

Another way to decide on your undertone is by the jewellery and accessories you lean towards. If you feel gold jewellery suits you best, you have a warm undertone. If silver accessories help you to look your best, you most likely have a cool undertone. If you think both silver and gold work on your skin, then its likely you have a neutral undertone.

Once you have decided on your undertone, find the perfect bronzer for your skin but ensure that the colour is correct. Only go for a colour that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin colour. Any darker than this and you risk the end result looking very unnatural.

When it comes to bronzer less is definitely more, you want skin to have a soft shimmer so gradually build up layers until you are happy with the finished look.

Below are the tones and the colours which are most suitable:

  • Warm undertone: Luckily almost all golden-brown colours will work perfectly with your skin tone. Look for colours that include keywords such as: Golden, Warm beige, Honey.
  • Cool undertone: A warm peach shade with tan or soft brown undertone will compliment you skin. Look for colours that include keywords such as: Shell, Tan, Fawn beige.
  • Neutral undertone: These are the trickiest as most shades will not look natural, don’t worry as bronzer can be substituted for a press powder to achieve the same result. Look for colours that fall in the middle of the cool – warm spectrum.

Bronzer Types

Cream-Based Bronzer
Cream based bronzers are best applied using your fingers rather than makeup brushes and are great for blending into your skin to create that sun kissed glow. Cream or cream to powder bronzers are perfect for those with dry skin.

Powder Bronzer
Powder bronzers work well to create a natural, golden looking tan and are best used on skin types that are oily or normal. The best type of brush to use when applying powder bronzer, is a Blush/Bronzer Brush. If you want an all-over glow, mix your powder bronzer into your daily moisturiser.

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Spray Bronzer
Not exactly a cream or powder but similar to self-tanning. Spray bronzers are designed to create a bronzed look on a larger surface area of your body, not just your cheekbones. It is also semi-permanent, so if you want something you can wipe off at night before bed, spray bronzing isn’t for you. The benefit a spray bronzer is if you’re looking for that all year round sun kissed glow, you won’t have to spend time applying bronzer to your face every day as this bronzer will last a few days.

How to Apply Bronzer

Never has the phrase ‘less is more’ been more relevant! Always apply bronzer sparingly as you can build up the colour gradually if you want a deeper colour. Bronzer should be applied after your base and only where the sun would usually hit your face.

A large, fluffy brush with a rounded end is perfect for applying powder bronzer, a brush that is too small or too stiff will make your bronzer appear patchy. To apply swirl your brush in the bronzer and tap off any excess powder. Sweep the bronzer lightly over your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Applying bronzer under your chin will help blend into your face for the most natural look.

Overdone it? You can use a large clean brush to buff off excess or a cotton pad.

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