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How to Care For Your Hair this Winter – Superdrug
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How to Care For Your Hair this Winter

Girl walking in a snowy park

As we know in winter, when the temperature changes it can cause havoc on our skin, but did you know it’s also bad for our hair too? And with party season upon us, we need to make sure our hair looks and feels as good as we do!

We lose moisture from our hair, skin and nails so it’s really important to make sure we’re treating these parts with care just like we would our bodies and face.

Don’t panic though as we’ve gathered top tips and products that will make sure your hair is full of life and sparkle this season.

Get a Regular Haircut

It may sound pretty straight forward but it’s really important that you remove your split ends and dead hair. You should be getting your hair trimmed every 6-10 weeks depending on how the ends feel. Getting your hair cut is also a great way of removing the sun damaged bits of hair that have been destroyed while on holiday or by heated tools to prevent further breakage.

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Don’t Leave the House with Wet Hair

Now you must have heard the old wife’s tale that if you leave the house with wet hair, you will catch a cold. This, thankfully, isn’t the case; colds are caused by a virus! However, it will take longer for your hair to dry and if it freezes, this can cause split ends! If your hair takes ages to dry, opt to wash it at night if getting up *that* bit earlier isn’t for you. Or a heat protection spray that helps speed up the drying time!

Dry Shampoo Will Be Your Bestie

To avoid drying out your hair and scalp, wash your hair less often and use a dry shampoo instead. This is great for giving your hair a little oomph! If you do feel like you need to wash your hair daily, switch to a cool, warm temperature of water rather than hot.

Pop on A Hair Mask

If you think doing a hair mask is time consuming, you’d be wrong. Whilst you’re watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon, putting a wash on or finishing an essay, just apply a moisturising hair mask and leave it in for 5-10 minutes before washing out. Better yet, leave one in overnight and cover your hair with a shower cap. One containing soy protein and fatty acids will help retain moisture in your hair.

Girl walking in a snowy park

Top up on Vitamins

We actually loose more hair in the winter due to the lack of moisture in the air and having a dry scalp. Taking supplements and making sure you have a healthy, balanced diet will help combat this and the right vitamins will help provide your hair with the nutrients it needs.

Oil Up

Using a hydrating oil will not only lock in moisture to your hair before blow-drying but if used after, help remove any static and flyaways. One containing added vitamins or Argan is best - but it all depends on your hair type so double check the label or with your hairdresser.

Go Sulphate Free

Sulphates are often found in shampoos and can strip our hair of necessary oils, so look for one that are SLS free or sulphate free to prevent this.

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