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Our fave biodegradable body glitter festival looks – Superdrug
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Our fave biodegradable body glitter festival looks

If there’s one place on earth you can be your total extra self, it’s a festival! If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a golden ticket to one of the hottest festivals of the year (or you and your BFF’s just wanna glam up for a back garden party… ‘cos, why not?!) then it’s time to get your glitter on!

If you’re looking for some easy-to-create festival inspo, you’re in the right place. Superdrug is home to a rainbow of glitters – including our biodegradable Fantasy glitter pots and fixing gels!

So, get ready to shine bright with these glitter inspired looks.

Supedrug fantasy biodegradable festival body glitter

Dreamin’ of glitter

So, you want to be drippin’ in glitter from head to toe? YAS!

Glam up to start with, completing your chosen festival makeup look. Once your eyes, lashes and brows are looking spot on - it’s time to finish the look with glitter.

Using the Superdrug glitter fixing gel, carefully apply it in the places you want to SHINE! Under the eyes (apply with care!), across the collar bone, over the clavicle are all good places to start - then it’s time to decorate!

Using a mix of fine and chunky glitter, build up your desired look.

Finish your look and get ready to stand out from the crowd with single jewels and body pieces.

Guys and gals, you’re ready to SPARKLE!

Blonde girl, wearing glitter on her face and body ready for a party or a festival

Jazz me up!

Not a fan of glitter or gems on your face? No worries, hun, we got you.  Jazz up your hair style by applying some temporary colour to the ends and glitter through your parting.

Want more? Of course, you do! Using our Fantasy biodegradable body glitter and pre-created body jewels (‘cos who has time to create their own between acts?) apply to areas such as your chest and arms for a gorgeous bedazzled look!

Glitter 1
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