best lipstick for dark skin

If you have been shying away from using funky and bold lip shades, not to worry, we’ve got your back! Let’s find the best lipstick for dark skin together!

best lipstick for dark skin

Best Lipstick For Dark Skin

Some of the best lipstick shades for dark skin are warm and beautiful coral hues. This statement shade will ensure all eyes will be on your lips! Pair it with a punchy coloured outfit and truly make heads turn.

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There’s nothing wrong with having a go-to everyday lipstick shade that you swear by and buy in bulk. This stunning brown shade is super soft and richly pigmented – perfect for those single swipe and run out of the house mornings!

Revlon Revlon Superlustrous Matte Lipstick Superstar Brown 4.2g £7.99 Buy Now

No lipstick list is complete without a striking red hue. This burgundy colour simply glides on for a stunning evening statement, looking sumptuous, plump and moisturised. Now, where’s the LBD to complete the look?

First Step to Finding Best Lipstick for Dark Skin

Find out what is your undertone: warm, cool or neutral. If you have a cool undertone, shades such as red with a blue tone, purple or violet would look perfect on you. If your undertone is warm, think coral, luscious pink or even a warm magenta. If you’re neutral, both warm and cool shades will work wonders on you. Not sure how to find out what your skin undertone is? We’ve got a guide to help you here.

Test, Try and Go Bold

Shock yourself by trying the craziest shade first! Yes, hello green, blue and yellow! Now that you’ve gone for the most adventurous shade, and saw yourself rocking it, try picking one that you genuinely loved but had doubts about. Try it on. Does it complement your skin tone? Does it make your face look completely refreshed? If you’ve answered yes, plus you suddenly feel on top of the word – you’ve found your shade. Besides, that’s what lipstick is meant to do: add oodles of confidence and make you feel fabulous. Quick tip: Always look at how makeup looks on you in daylight, as sometimes artificial lights can be deceiving!

Layer up to Make the Colour Pop

If you are keen on a colour that pops, make sure the lipstick you’re going for is really pigmented – a quick swatch can reveal how strong the pigments are. If all you need is a single swipe, then rest assured that you’ve picked a really highly pigmented lippie. If you need to layer it up, it means that the lipstick is less pigmented. This also can work perfectly if you want a subtle touch of colour rather than a statement-making hue.