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The Best Contour Kits to Try Now – Superdrug
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The Best Contour Kits to Try Now

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Looking for a new contour kit? You’re in luck – there are so many kits out there, so you’ll definitely find one that works best for you in terms of texture, colours and ease of use.

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Best Contour Kit: For Newbies

Contouring has become a buzz word, and while may embrace it, some of us are still unsure how to contour. Not to worry! Try a kit that has two types of bronzer in it to test out and experiment with. For newbies, we recommend going for a matte bronzer finish, as bronzers with shimmer can sometimes take longer to blend – although they can look stunning, if you’re looking for a dewy finish.

To conquer contouring techniques, we recommend going for the Contour'n Strobe Kit by GOSH. Armed with 2 matte bronzers, a blush and a highlighter, you’ll learn how to achieve that chiselled look in no time. Plus, this contour kit can be your new bag buddy because of its travel-friendly size.

Rimmel Rimmel Sculpting Highlighter Palette, Coral Glow, 18.5g £6.99 Buy Now

Best Contour Kit: For Multitasking

If you're keen on a contour kit that is an all-round winner without spending a fortune, try a simple powder-based kit that comes with one block of each: highlighter, contour and a blush. Keeping it simple can work wonders as these kinds of kits make it easy to achieve a light contoured look, as well as more an intense, amplified evening look.

Rimmel’s Kate Moss Sculpting Palette is the perfect multitasker. Armed with a shimmery highlighter, peach-hued blush and a lovely bronzer shade, this kit will quickly become one of your favourites. It’s not heavily pigmented, which means it’s perfect for building up the look, while still being able to achieve a gorgeous natural contoured look for day, only to transform it when the sun goes down.

Best Contour Kit: For Glamming Up On the Go

Always on the run, and you don’t actually have time to pick between powders, bronzers, highlighters, blushes among many other palettes that you may have? Not to worry. A contour kit in a stick is here to the rescue. With one side acting as a highlighter, and the other as a bronzer, all you need to do is highlight along your nose, above your cheekbones and bronze along your forehead, under your cheek bones and along your chin. Blend, blend, blend (using a sponge or even your fingers) – and voila, the look is achieved!

Why not try B. Pro Contour Stick by B. Cosmetics? The kit is super easy to use and is super travel-friendly because of its shape and size. This just might be a contour kit that is right for your busy, on the go lifestyle.

B. Cosmetics B. Pro Contour Stick Light £8.99 Buy Now

Best Contour Kit: For Glow Queens

If it’s all about the glow, a contour kit that is both pigmented and generously shimmering is what you’re looking for. Thankfully, there are many out there that have shimmer in all three of its contour kit components: highlight, bronzer and blush.

Achieve the look with Makeup Revolution’s Sculpt and Contour Kit. Bathed in lovely shimmer, this palette is sure to help you get a radiant look for day, and a more decadent one for the evening. You can’t go wrong!

Remember, if you're going for glow, spend as long as you need on blending to achieve that dewy radiant glow.

Don't Forget to Blend!

It doesn't matter how fabulous and fierce your contour kit is, if you don't have the right blending tools in your arsenal those lines will look harsh in the light of day. Take a flat contour brush or damp blending sponge in hand and make sure to blend out those lines! Ah, that's better... 


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