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Beautiful Blush & Brows Makeup Routine – Superdrug
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Beautiful Blush & Brows Makeup Routine

Blonde female with brushed brows, blusher and nude lipstick

If you ask us, blusher is one of the most under rated beauty items anyone can have in their kit, but it comes with so many benefits! Follow our step-by-step guide to achieve a radiant makeup look, using blusher which we’re teaming with beautifully warm eyes and full brows. It’ll be love at first blush, we promise!

Blonde female with brushed brows, blusher and nude lipstick

Get Ready to Blush…

Ace Your Base

Blusher is ideal if you want to add freshness to your complexion, but first you need to lay the base. Ensure you have completed your regular skincare routine. You know the drill… cleanse, tone, moisturise. Once your products have fully absorbed into your skin, you can select your foundation.

Want to achieve a gorgeous glow? Try a radiant or illuminating foundation. But if matte is more your thing, then a matte foundation will work just as well. You do you! Apply evenly using a foundation brush and if there are any areas which need more coverage, go over these with a liquid concealer.

Last up on your base, lock all that in my applying a light dusting of setting powder over your complexion - paying close attention to slightly oilier spots such as the t-zone and chin, if necessary.

All Eye Are on You

Sweep an orange or warm brown eyeshadow across your eyelids and up towards your brow for a soft, smooth finish. Apply the same colour under your eye too, pushing the shadow gently into your lower lash line (cool trick, hey?)  Add a few layers of mascara for extra fluttery lashes and to really open up your eyes.

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Brow Envy

Fluffy brows are beautiful brows! So, to create the statement brows that work perfectly with a rosy complexion, start by brushing through your brows with a spoolie; brushing your brows will make the hairs stay in place. Next step, using a pencil to fill in the gaps in your brows with small, individual strokes. Now it’s time to make the brows fluffy! Using a clear brow gel, brush the hairs up and you’ll see they stay in place all day long!

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Make Me Blush

With a smooth complexion, warm eyes and beautiful brows the last step in our guide is to apply the main feature – blusher. Swirl your blusher brush into a pressed blush powder and sweep the brush across the apples of your cheeks and blend up towards the temple.

If you have fair or light skin, blushes in soft pinks, light coral and peaches will look best on you. For darker skin tones, vivid red blush will work really well on your complexion. It may seem like its too bright, but it will translate to a bright and fresh pop of colour on your skin.

When applying blush, always remember that you can add to the intensity, but you can’t take away without having to redo your whole base again!

Watch My Lips!

This look is all about the brows and the blush, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give our lips a little attention too! Keep it chic and subtle with a long-lasting nude lipstick that gives your lips a hint of colour without stealing the show.

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This minimal makeup routine is anything but simplistic looking! Create a flawless looking base, highlight your eyes with a single colour and then build up attention on your brows and a flush of colour on your cheeks.

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