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And just like that… 2019 is almost over and a bright shiny new year awaits us! 2020 may not have started yet but we’re already looking forward to the makeup and skincare trends that are set to make their way into our lives.

Take a look at what’s exciting us in the year to come.

1. Graphic Eyeliner is in!

This striking look is sauntering straight off the catwalk and into our lives and we’re all for it! Who knew that drawing your eyeliner a little higher than usual would be such a winner?

The sharp-cut black or colourful lines can be kept simple in honor of the much-loved minimalist makeup but it also offers ample opportunities to experiment.

Graphic eyeliner allows you to experiment with shapes and colours but if you’re new to look, try drawing along the lash line and then mirroring the line above in the crease of your eye to start with.

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2. Flushed with Blush

Do you remember the days when blusher was only meant for the apply of your cheeks?! In 2020 we will be fully embracing blusher making its way up our temples and under our brows too! Plus, the pinker the better!

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Female with B. by Superdrug blusher on a while background

3. Take a Breath... There’s an App for that

Life can be stressful, there’s no denying it. Some turn to mindfulness to declutter their minds while others may turn to yoga or another form of exercise. However, there’s one thing we do naturally every single day that could help calm us down and that’s breathing. So, why do most of us not focus on this enough? In 2020, take your time to concentrate on your breath for concentration and clarity as opposed to doing it just because you have too! You may feel like you already know what you’re doing when it comes to breathing – I mean, we do it without thinking! However, with the help a breathing app you can begin to practise deep breathing techniques, control your mood, reduce your heart rate and start to stay focused for longer.  There’s plenty out there to choose from, why not download one today?

4. Less Plastic is Fantastic!

We’ve all seen Blue Planet II (if not, get that on your list!) and have an understanding around the impact plastic has on our environment. You may think that small changes you make in your daily routine won’t make a difference, but you’re wrong! There are endless statistics on the amount of plastic that make their way into our oceans every year and every little change we can make, will make a difference. In 2020, if you’re looking to reduce the plastic in your beauty routine here are a few handy tips on how you can get started:

  • Buy beauty products which come in recycled packaging or packaging that can be recycled when you’re finished with it. At Superdrug, we’re committed to ensuring that 90% of our Own Brand range will be recyclable by 2021.
  • Reduce the amount of disposable cotton you use by using a reusable flannel or a konjac sponge when cleansing your face.
  • Give biodegradable toothbrushes a go!
  • Ethical beauty doesn’t have to be boring! When festival season comes around, switch your normal glitter to biodegradable glitter and your ethical self can sparkle all night long!
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5. More Inclusivity in Beauty

Male with B. Baking powder

Long gone the days where makeup was marketed at one kind of customer type. Today, more and more brands like B. by Superdrug and Revolution are offering beauty products to everyone - no matter your gender or how you identify yourself. Next year, we’re all for more and more brands to start waving the flag for gender neutral beauty. Why? Because makeup looks brilliant on everybody and it’s never been more important for you to be you!