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3 Simple Evening Skincare Rituals – Superdrug
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3 Simple Evening Skincare Rituals

Dry body brushing

A little bit of self-care can go a long way when it comes to managing stress and sleeping better. And if there are added skincare benefits involved, so much the better. Turn your evening skincare routine a relaxing ritual and less of a chore – below are three ideas to get started with …

1. Body Brush & Exfoliate Before Your Bath

Sloughing away dead skin is so important – it not only boosts circulation, leaving your skin glowing and smooth, but also prevents spots and ensures any moisturisers or serums you apply will be properly absorbed. Using a body brush on dry skin is ideal, as when the skin is wet, it plumps up, making it trickier to scrub away at. (However if your skin is mature or sensitive, wet exfoliation might be a less abrasive option.) Body brushing not only tackles scaly limbs but also stimulates lymphatic drainage – this reduces puffiness and can help diminish the appearance of cellulite. Once you’re done, you can rinse off in the bath or shower. Use a scrub for your face and apply with your fingers, but do so gently, to avoid irritation.

2. Make Sure You Double Cleanse

If you wear SPF, bear in mind that it’s a tenacious so-and-so (it’s designed to stay on your skin, so you don’t get sunburn!). As a result it’s a good idea to cleanse your skin twice in the evening, to make sure it all washes off (together with foundation and other grime). For your first cleanse, choose a face wash such as a cleansing balm. Oil attracts oil, so it will lift away any dirt and grease much more effectively than water. Massage it in thoroughly and wash it off with a cleansing cloth or flannel soaked in warm water. For a second cleanse to sweep away any lingering product, micellar water is a great choice. Micellar molecules are made up of oil suspended in water. The water clings to the cotton pad, while the oil picks up dirt and debris like a magnet – plus it’s super gentle so won’t dry your skin out afterwards.

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3. Put on a Mask & Hand Cream Before Bed

Egyptian mummies were swaddled in oils and bandages to preserve their bodies before being entombed – and you can treat your skin in a similar fashion! Wearing a hydrating face mask overnight can lock in moisture and stop the skin from drying out while you sleep. When it comes to hands, putting on hand creams before bed gives the product a chance to properly sink in while you sleep (when you’re not constantly washing your hands!). Lastly, don’t forget the delicate skin around your eyes. Sleeping in a silk eye mask won’t just make you feel like a glamour puss but will also prevent ‘pillow creases’ and ensure you get your beauty sleep (and not get woken up by the sun at 5am!).

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