healthy nails

Can’t wait to get healthier nails? You’re in luck. Follow our 10 steps to healthy nails, and you will be rocking fabulous talons in no time!

healthy nails

Step 1: If you’re a biter, stop right now

Biting nails is not only a bad habit, it’s actually really unhealthy for the wellbeing of your hands and your body! Think about it – how many times you’ve kept your hands around your mouth when you forgot to wash them after the train or tube? If you are a nail biter, you are more likely to bring bacteria closer to your mouth, which can heighten the probability of in getting ill. In addition, it can affect the health of your teeth, not to mention the nails themselves, they can look weakened and unhealthy.

Step 2: Where are those yellow rubber gloves?

Washing the dishes? Cleaning the bathroom? Let’s not count the number of times we’ve sneakily done it without popping rubber gloves on. As a result, we ended up with dry skin on our hands and weaker nails. Cleaning liquids and detergents can be very damaging to our skin and nails as they are full of chemicals, so protect your paws by wearing gloves.

Step 3: Weekly TLC session for your nails is a good idea

Filing, cuticle care and general maintenance is key to healthy nails. Commit half an hour or twenty minutes a week and your talons will thank you for it. This doesn’t have to include applying a colour if you are short on time, but just a bit of care will go a long way. Another great tip is moisturising your cuticles every night just before bed.

Step 4: Nail varnish coming off? Don’t pick on it!

Remove nail varnish gently rather than picking on it. Often, when you pick on it, you’re risking taking the top layer of your nail off, ouch!

Step 5: Alternate types of manicures you’re getting

If you love getting acrylic or gel nails done, make sure you alternate and get a simple polish or break in between. Also, never say yes to a rushed gel or acrylic removal job – this can leave your nails vulnerable and prone to breakage.

Step 6: Always go for base and top coats

If you’re tempted to skip these, don’t. A good base coat will protect your nails from staining and act as an extra wall that makes sure as few of those naughty chemicals get into your nails as possible. Plus, a top coat will help the varnish to stay chip-free for longer.

Step 7: Oh yum, biotin… and other vitamins!

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, helps with strength, growth and general health of not only nails, but also skin and hair. There are really good supplements out there that have biotin in them. You can also get it from certain foods: Bananas, mushrooms, wholegrains, avocado and salmon – yummy!

healthy nails

Step 8: Treatments and nail oils are your friends

Using a cuticle oil and moisturising your cuticles will help your nails grow and look healthy. You’ll see the results of adding this step to your beauty routine pretty quickly!

Step 9: Nope, you won’t just scrape it off with your nails

We’ve all been there! Trying to open lids, taking stickers off – all using our talons. Don’t use your nails as tools, this weakens them. Consider doing it slowly, or using a tool or gadget to help.

Step 10: Your nails also need a breather

Sometimes it’s a great idea to just give your nails a break. No nail varnishes, gels or acrylic nails. This will allow your nails to breathe, recover and not only look healthy but be healthy.