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Superdrug Presents Nude Cut Crease

Nude Cut Crease is the ultimate technique that has risen in popularity from Instagram, it makes your eyes pop, gives them depth and it makes you look like an ultra-pro at makeup. What's not to love?

You may have heard of Cut crease but in case you haven't check out the post here for the lowdown on how to.

The trend that's caught our eye however is the Nude Cut Crease. It's subtle, it's super versatile in that it will go with any lippy but your eyes will still stand out and have the illusion of them looking bigger! There are so many shades of nudes, you can really switch up the look in a second to suit YOU.

Don’t these look gorg?

Shop the products to get the look

Flower Beauty Flower In your Prime Perfecting Primer £9.99 Buy Now
Ex1 Cosmetics Ex1 Cosmetics Delete Fluide Concealer 1.0 £10.50 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Re-Loaded Velvet Rose Eye Shadow Palette £5.00 Buy Now
I Heart Revolution I Heart Revolution I Heart Nudes Eye Shadow Palette £8.99 Buy Now
Studio London Studio London Dual ended eye brush £2.99 Buy Now
Studio London Studio London 2 Piece Eye brush set £4.99 Buy Now
Revolution Pro Revolution Pro New Neutrals Blushed Shadow Palette £11.99 Buy Now
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Superdrug Presents: Brushed Brows

Brushed brows are back and they are better than ever. Easy as 1.2.3, you'll be rocking the trend in no time and you may well already have been!

But what is it? It's all in the name. The aim of the game is to create fluffy, brushed up brows with the result of them looking thicker, natural to YOUR shape and a look you can work into your makeup routine. Think straighter, bolder and the most un-done brows ever, now that's something we can get on board with. Imperfection is straight up our alley.

You may have seen the infamous 'laminated eyebrow' trend all over the gram done by professionals but with this, you can try it out in the comfort of your own home.


With these products below, you'll be able to create the most gorgeous brows that have depth and fill in any sparse areas in a hot minute, no matter how thick your brows are already. It's a win win! Whether you want to try out a new brow look or just need some BROWSPIRATION, we got you covered.

Shop the products to get the look...

Flower Beauty Flower Brow Vixen Tattoo effect stain Brown £9.99 Buy Now
The Beauty Crop The Beauty Crop Full Coverage Brow Mascara - Terrific Taupe £7.00 Buy Now
The Beauty Crop The Beauty Crop Good Brow Day Pencil - Essential Ebony £8.00 Buy Now
Rude Cosmetics Rude Cosmetics Clear Eyebrow Gel Mascara £5.59 Buy Now
Rude Cosmetics Rude Cosmetics Peep Show Brow And Eyeliner Cream Strip Tease £6.39 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Brow Soap Styler £6.00 Buy Now
e.l.f. Cosmetics e.l.f. Clear Brow & Lash Crystal Clear Mascara £2.55 Buy Now
GOSH Gosh Growth Serum Eyebrow Gel 002 £15.99 Buy Now
Superdrug Studio London Brow Groomer & Brush £2.99 Buy Now
Studio London Studio London Angled Liner & Brow Brush £2.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Eyebrow Brush Groomer and Shaper Tool £5.99 Buy Now
Barry M Barry M Eyebrow Kit £5.99 Buy Now
Barry M Barry M - It's A Brow Thing Eyebrow Gel - Medium £4.99 Buy Now
NYX Professional Makeup NYX Professional Makeup Tame & Frame Brow Pomade Black £5.60 Buy Now
Flower Beauty Flower Brow Vixen Tattoo effect stain Espresso £9.99 Buy Now
Maybelline Maybelline Tattoo Brow Tint Micro Pen Medium Brown £7.99 Buy Now
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Superdrug Presents Sharp Liner

The classic winged liner is an absolute go-to if you can't decide on which eye look to go for. Whether you're going on a night out, dinner or even on a shopping spree, this will always be the stamp of perfectionism.

If you've perfected the winged liner, hats off to you; in comes the sharp liner. You guessed it, it is most definitely sharp looking. But think, more exaggerated than the norm, with the tail elongated to create a beautiful flick. You could take it up near your brow to really amp up this trend. Social. Media. Worthy.

Check out the products below so you can create with ease.

Shop the products to get the look

Revolution Revolution Eyeliner Flick Thick & Thin 5g £3.50 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Kohl Eye Liner Pencil 01 Black £4.99 Buy Now
Rimmel Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eye Liner £5.99 Buy Now
The Quick Flick The Quick Flick Eyeliner Stamp –To The Point Intense Black £19.99 Buy Now
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Superdrug Presents: Pink and Blue Eyes

Who would have thought pink and blue could be the ultimate couple goals. It's new, it's exciting and the trend is pretty endless in how creative you could get. In a nutshell it's an eyeshadow look that uses both pastels and neon brights but there's a twist…how you create, is up to you.

With so many shades of pink and blue, experimenting is the way to achieve your dream look and if you like trying out more than one shade from palettes together then this will be right up your street.

We can't get over how dreamy it really is and totally different to any other eyeshadow looks, we promise it's upcoming and we want you to be the first to get trying!


Cut crease to your heart's content, liner it up and go bright as you can. We have just the right combo of products to get you started!

Shop the products to get the look...

B Perfect Cosmetics BPerfect x Carnival III - Love Tahiti - Eyeshadow Palette £29.56 Buy Now
Rude Cosmetics Rude Cosmetics City Of Neon Lights Eyeshadow Palette £19.99 Buy Now
Revolution Pro Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter Pink Rose £10.00 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Viva Glitter Body Balm Pot Pink Party £5.00 Buy Now
MUA MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner - Oceana £1.50 Buy Now
GOSH Gosh Woody Eye Liner 006 Blue Sprause £5.99 Buy Now
GOSH Gosh Metal Eyes Turquoise 005 £6.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Eyeshadow Blending Makeup Brush £6.99 Buy Now
QVS QVS Pro Edition Eyeshadow Duo Brush Set £6.39 Buy Now
Barry M Barry M Neon Brights Eyeshadow Palette £7.99 Buy Now
Rimmel Rimmel Wonder'swipe Liner & Shadow Mega Hottie 009 £6.99 Buy Now
NYX Professional Makeup NYX Professional Makeup Slim Eye Pencil Sapphire £3.20 Buy Now
NYX Professional Makeup NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Neon Eyeshadow Palette £12.80 Buy Now
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Superdrug Presents: Dolphin Skin

Glistening, fresh out of the water and glowing are all of the words to describe Dolphin Skin. Unlike the traditional highlighter look with speckles of glitter (which we still love) this trend looks like you've just come out from the water and your skin has been ultra-quenched for the past few years! Using glowy, lightweight, radiance boosting products is key to achieving Dolphin- like skin. Move over looking like a glazed donut there's a new highlighting look in town.

It's ALL about strategically placing the product on the tops of cheekbones in a diagonal fashion, layering carefully and slowly to not disturb each product. The result? Super fresh, non-shiny but glowing skin in any type of weather!

Wet looking skin is what you want to aim for and we have the products just for you. You'll have to be patient with this one but the results are worth it.

Shop the products to get the look

The Beauty Crop The Beauty Crop Glow Milk - Just Dew It £8.00 Buy Now
MUA MUA Pro Base Primer Oil with Gold Flakes £4.00 Buy Now
Makeup Revolution Revolution Glow & Illuminate Champagne £10.00 Buy Now
Superdrug Studio London Foundation Brush £3.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Cosmetics Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge £4.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Powder and Bronzer Makeup Brush £8.99 Buy Now
Spectrum Spectrum Rose Quartz A04 Tapered Finishing Brush £7.99 Buy Now
Real Techniques Real Techniques Expert Face Makeup Brush £8.99 Buy Now
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Superdrug Presents: Ceramides

With many skin care ingredients trending, it's super easy to get into a rabbit hole especially with retinol and vitamin C in the mix. But have you heard of ceramides? We're going to break it down for you so you can shop with ease and to your needs.


What is it?

Ceramides are a naturally occurring fat found in the skin. They help to form a protective layer over the skin and protect against pollution.

The benefits of using Ceramides?

Applying topical ceramides can help with redness, roughness, dehydration and other signs of ageing. Essentially it will aid in plump and smoother skin and importantly helping in less sensitivity.


Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone. No really. With the Cerave products below, there will be something for your skin type. From sensitive skin to acne-prone to the most oiliest.


You may be thinking is it another product you need to add in to your already perfected routine but with multiple benefits in face washes to creams, it's a great all-rounder that helps with your key concerns.


Want to know more about Cerave, we have just the post for you HERE.

Shop the products..

CeraVe CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser For Normal to Dry Skin 236ml £9.49 Buy Now
CeraVe Cerave SA Skin Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid 236ml £11.99 Buy Now
CeraVe CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser For Normal to Dry Skin 236ml £9.49 Buy Now
CeraVe CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser 236ml £12.49 Buy Now
CeraVe CeraVe Foaming Cleanser Normal to Oily Skin 236ml £9.49 Buy Now
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Superdrug Presents: Microbiome

Incoming buzzword you'll start hearing often: The Microbiome

It is the ecosystem of microorganism that live on and beneath the surface of the skin. It’s composed of bacteria, fungi, mites and viruses. A healthy skin is the result of a well-balanced microbiome. However, there is no definition of what is a good or bad bacteria as it is unique to each person. A bacteria can be considered good for one person but the same bacteria can be “harmful” to another person if present in too big quantity. It’s all about unicity and balance.


Probiotic, Prebiotic and Postbiotic will impact the microbiome.

  • Prebiotic : food for bacteria
  • Probiotic : living microorganism
  • Postbiotic : waste products of the probiotic




The skin microbiome is a collection of microorganisms that affect skin’s appearance and the way that it feels.

A well balanced microbiome with help regulate oil production, protect skin from free radicals and avoid dehydration. To keep a well-balanced microbiome, restrain yourself from over-cleansing. You’ll find products with Pro, Pre and Postbiotics help maintain the good bacteria on your skin thus keeping a stable microbiome.

Now you're clued up on the trend, shop the products below.

Shop the products to get the look

Naturally Radiant Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glow Prebiotic Booster 30ml £6.99 Buy Now
Naturally Radiant Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glow Serum 50ml £6.99 Buy Now
Naturally Radiant Superdrug Natually Radiant Glow Facial Spritz 100ml £6.99 Buy Now
Naturally Radiant Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glow Soothing Face Cream 75ml £6.99 Buy Now
Naturally Radiant Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glow Calming Overnight Mask 75ml £6.99 Buy Now
Naturally Radiant Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glow Cleansing Milk 150ml £6.99 Buy Now
Aveeno Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion 300ml £7.99 Buy Now
Me+ Me+ Tranexamic Acid Booster 30ml £8.99 Buy Now
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Which Vitamins Should My Child Be Taking?

All children need to get enough of vitamins A, C and D in their diet. However, this isn’t always possible – especially with vitamin D, which we mainly get from sunlight rather than food. This is why the government have recommended that all children from 6 months to 5 years be given daily vitamin supplements.  (Always read the label)


Here are the main vitamins children need in their daily life:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for young children, as it supports their immune system, boosts their vision and keeps their skin healthy. As well as supplements, you can up their intake with foods such as carrots, dairy products, sweet potatoes, dark green vegetables and mangoes.


Vitamin C

It’s vital that your child gets enough vitamin C to support their general health and immunity. Vitamin C can also help their bodies absorb iron – a mineral essential for healthy growth and development.


Good sources of Vitamin C include fruits like oranges, kiwi fruit, tomatoes and strawberries, together with vegetables like broccoli and peppers.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one vitamin that children can struggle to get adequate amounts of from the foods they eat. Yet it is important they have enough, as it helps their body absorb essential minerals calcium and phosphate, which are key for building healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

While you can find it in a few foods such as oily fish and eggs, our main source of Vitamin D is from the sun. However, too much sunlight exposure can be harmful, resulting in skin redness and burning at the very least. (UV protection such as SPF 30+ and sunhats should always be worn.) That’s why vitamin D supplements are the best way for children to get their daily Vitamin D fix (and should still be taken even if they are spending time in the sun).

It is also recommended that babies who are breastfed from birth take vitamin D drops whether or not you're taking these supplements yourself (speak to your health visitor on where to get them), while bottle-fed babies should get adequate amounts of all vitamins from their formula.


Little sick boy taking his medicine.

Children’s Vitamin Supplements

From newborn to 5 years:

Healthy Start Children’s Vitamin Drops contain three essential vitamins (Vitamins A, C and D) and can be mixed with a little milk or fruit juice, or taken directly from a spoon. These drops can also be accessed as part of the government’s Healthy Start Scheme for low-income households.

NB: Always consult your health visitor before giving your baby any supplements. Bottle-fed newborns may get adequate vitamins from their formula.

Mid adult Caucasian woman is smiling while shopping in pharmacy with young daughters. Mother is holding five month old baby and standing next to elementary age daughter. Mom and daughter are reading labels on back of children's liquid medicine while standing in medicine aisle. Customer is selecting cough and fever medicine to purchase for children.

From 3-7 years:

Vitabiotics WellKid Peppa Pig Multi-Vits are a fun way for your little ones to get their daily dose of Vitamins A, C and D. Featuring a delicious natural strawberry flavour, even the fussiest little eaters will enjoy them!

From 7-11 years:

Bassetts Multivitamins + Omega 3 have a fun tropical flavour and include Vitamin B5 and omega 3 to help boost your children’s brain development – as well as all the other essential vitamins they need.

For teenagers:

Vitabiotics WellTeen for Her and Him deliver a daily dose of essential vitamins, as well as help support a healthy hormonal balance to prevent tiredness and fatigue.

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How to Find Your Curl Pattern and Why It Matters

Caring for curly hair has come a long way since the days when we only had wet-look gel, a blob of mousse and a diffuser at our disposal. Nowadays the beauty shelves are brimming with all manner of creams, lotions and potions to accentuate our natural curl pattern. But as we know, curly hair in comes in many forms and what works for one type, may not work for another. So being able to identify the type of curls you have can give you a better idea about how to care for them.

The common classification system groups hair texture into types ranging from 1-4 (where ‘1’ is straight). Each of these groups has subcategories A-C depending on how tight your curls are.  Read on to find out which one best describes your spirals…


Type 2 - Wavy

This describes hair that isn’t necessarily ‘curly’ as such, but isn’t poker straight (i.e. Type 1). This can range from having a slight ripple at the ends of the hair (2A) to loose beach waves (2B) or hair that forms an ‘S’ shape (2C) but doesn’t form spirals or twists in the way curly or coily hair does.

Type 2 hair can benefit from products that add volume and definition to the hair’s natural wave. Try Cantu Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream. 2C types can be most prone to frizz, so keep it nourished with a conditioning mist such as Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Leave-In Conditioning Mist .


SD Banner Cropped4

Type 3 – Curly

This is the classic ‘corkscrew’ shaped curl. This can be fine, medium or coarse hair (and can even be combined with coily hair). Spirals usually start at the crown and can vary in size, from large and bouncy (3A), to medium ‘party streamer’ style curls (3B) to tightly wound – like a vintage telephone receiver cord (3B).

This type of hair is best left to dry naturally or with a diffuser – tousling through some Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse beforehand to accentuate the curl shape. Too much brushing or rough blow-drying can make Type 3 curls look ‘fluffy’ or frizzy (unless you’re straightening it with a with a flat iron or a blow-dry brush).

Look for products formulated to care for curls and reduce breakage. Try Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Coconut Shampoo to nourish and detangle curls as it cleanses, Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner (especially if you’re 3B or 3C), while 3C types might benefit from Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream.


SD Banner Cropped

Type 4 – Coily

Rather than curls that spiral around themselves, this hair pattern features very small S-shaped (4A) or zigzag shaped (4B) kinks or tightly wound coils often invisible to the naked eye (4C) that shrink when dried.

Type 4 hair can be very fragile (rinsing and shampooing should be kept to a minimum) and it needs to be frequently moisturised with deep conditioners and hot oil treatments. A non-drying shampoo is a must, such as OGX Hydrate + Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo followed with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Hair Treatment to replenish shine. 4B curls can be vulnerable when wet, so try a leave-in treatment after washing, such Pantene Gold Series Leave-On Detangling Milk.

4C types are the most prone to breakage, so you want to top up with Cantu Shea Butter Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil throughout the week, in-between washes to lock in moisture.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can also further protect the hair’s condition and prevent breakage.


SD Banner Cropped3
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easymed: Superdrug’s Free Medication Pouching Service

Do you take multiple medications and sometimes forget when to take each one? Or do you order your NHS repeat prescription online but wish there were an easier way to organise your medications?

If so, we’re delighted to announce that Superdrug can offer you a free and convenient solution when you order your repeat NHS prescription via  Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions with our new medication pouching service– easymed.

What is easymed?

Superdrug has launched easymed to make life easier for those who are on multiple medications and receive their NHS repeat prescriptions online through the Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions service. Instead of receiving boxes of medication which need to be organised, you can now opt-in for the Pouching service for free, which conveniently packages all of your pills into small pre-packaged dose-specific pouches.  No more counting and no more carrying boxes when you need to go out!

Why use easymed?

It is estimated that people incorrectly taking their medication costs the NHS up to £500 million* a year! By using a medication pouching aid, like easymed, it helps reduce the confusion some patients may feel when organising their daily medication.

With the launch of easymed at Superdrug, we not only want to offer our patients an easier, more convenient way to manage their medications, but we also hope it will have a positive impact in reducing NHS costs incurred as a result of complications caused by poor medical compliance.

resized Superdrug Pouching Machine 14

How does easymed work?

To get started with easymed, you need to register with Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions, tell us what medications you need, and opt-in for the Pouching service. Or, if you are already registered, you’ll just need to go into your account details and select easymed’ to start using the service.

Once you have placed your prescription order with us, we will request your medication from your GP.

Then, easymed uses innovative robotic technology and artificial intelligence to dispense your medications into your dose-specific pouches; this process is also supervised by qualified technicians and pharmacists to ensure the highest level of hygiene and accuracy is adhered too.

Your tailored pouches will be dispensed in a roll and delivered in a recyclable box straight to your door.  There’s no need to go wait in a queue at the pharmacy to collect your order and the easy-tear pouches mean you can take them with you when you’re out and about.

Easymed is here to make your life easier and to keep you on track with your medication regimen. It costs nothing to use the service, so why not give it a go with your next NHS repeat prescription?

A quick recap:

To start using easymed…


  • Register for Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions


  • Tell us which medications you need


  • Opt-in for easymed


  • Your pre-pouched medication will arrive at your door


  • Any medication that can’t be pouched, such as creams and inhalers, will be delivered alongside the pouches.


  • We will send you a helpful reminder when you are due your next prescription.
resized Superdrug Pouching Machine 8

For more information about our easymed service, or any other of our services available via Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions, visit our website below.


*Pharmacy Magazine: 'Patients failing to grasp impact of medicines non-adherence' Article:20/06/17



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