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Why men need moisturiser too

Welcome to skincare 101. If you’re baffled by bottles, lost by lotions and potions, and feeling you need a degree in chemistry to understand the beauty products you see in the bathroom cabinet, we’re here to help. And we’re starting with the one essential you should be using. Say hello to a daily moisturiser – twice daily, actually, in the morning and before bed. Still sceptical? Here’s why you should spare a few seconds for this habit.


What does it do?

Well, let’s look at what it says on the tin. It moisturises, aka it keeps your skin feeling hydrated – like giving your face a drink of water. And, no, you can’t just chuck a glass of water at your face – that’s not how skin works. Think of your face as paint on a car – over time it gets cracked and brittle, and what’s underneath isn’t protected. In the same way, if you leave your face to dry out, you’ll find it soon becomes sore, chapped and lined. Moisturiser gives you a coat of protection, which is essential for anyone who shaves regularly or spends a lot of time outdoors.

How do I know which one to buy?

Before you go in store, you need to know what skin type you are. Here are some hints and recommendations.

Sensitive skin

This means your skin can be red and sore, it sometimes stings when you put products on it, and it becomes inflamed after shaving.

Your prescription: Avoid anything fragranced or containing alcohol. Superdrug Men’s Grooming 24-Hour Hydrating Moisturiser is created especially for this skin type, and is soothing and non-sticky.

Dry skin

This can be a bit flaky, it feels a bit tight after washing and never looks shiny. You tend not to suffer from breakouts.

Your prescription: Vitamin E is great for dry skin, and Nivea Men Intensive Moisturising Cream has heaps of it.

Oily skin

You can look quite shiny, especially in the T-zone (across forehead and nose). You might have a few blackheads and the odd spot.

Your prescription: You might think you don’t need more moisture if you’re already oily. WRONG. A moisturiser specifically for oily skin will help balance skin out. Choose a mattifying one like L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Moisturising Gel if you want to banish the shine.

Normal skin

A little bit of shine/oil across your nose, but cheeks and chin feel soft to the touch.

Your prescription: For you it’s more about preference. You can choose between gels and creams, or go for the added extras of anti-ageing or anti-fatigue. A good everyday product to start with is Bulldog Original Moisturiser.

Ageing skin

You've started to notice a few fine lines on your forehead and around your eyes and quite frankly, you're keen to put a stop to 'em.

Your prescription: It's time to get a little serious with your skincare. Look out for thicker, creamier textures with added SPF (the sun's rays are responsible for most of the signs of ageing) and anti-ageing ingredients. B. Men Firm Anti-Ageing Moisturiser is affordable and effective - it's formulated with Coenzyme Q10 – antioxidant protection whilst reducing the depth of wrinkles - so spot-on for adding to your anti-ageing arsenal. 

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A guy’s guide to getting summer-ready

man lying on a beach in warm weather

If you live in the UK, you’ll be used to spending, oh, about 10 months of the year in your puffer jacket with your brolly a permanent fixture in your backpack. But with summer about to rear its heatwave head, your three pairs of holiday shorts are about to be called up for action. If you’re anything like us, though, your bod’s probably resembling a sun-starved cactus – all pasty flesh and not-so-smooth skin. So what’s a guy to do to ensure he’s not caught short during sun’s-out-guns-out season? Sort it, that’s what. Here’s how…

man lying on a beach in warm weather

Scrub up

When your skin hasn’t seen the light of day for most of the year, it’s going to need as much attention as you give your pint in the pub. Start by scrubbing up in the shower. This doesn’t have to be elaborate – you just need to add an extra step to your not-quite-a-regime regime. Simply add a scoop of exfoliator to your body wash and massage it all over, paying special attention to your knees, feet and other scaly spots. Try drizzling Palmer's Cocoa Butter Cocoa Body Scrub into Nivea For Men Silver Protect Shower Gel.

Make time to trim

While you might be able to get away with your best Chewbacca impression from October to April, come May, you’ve gotta do some manscaping before that T-shirt comes off. For a neat finish, comb your hair in the direction of growth and then get to trimming with a hair-snipping tool, such as the BaByliss For Men Acublade Lithium Multi Trimmer. Finish with a lick of B. Men Daily Moisture Cream to soothe any redness. 

Max out on moisture

The speediest route to summer skin? Clue: it starts with ‘hyd’ and ends in ‘rate’. That’s right, moisturiser ain’t just for the ladies – us men need it, too. But we get that it can seem like a whole lot of faff, with all that massaging and smoothing in. So, instead, go for a spray-on solution like Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair, which you can apply straight to shower-fresh skin. Be sure to do it every time you wash, though.   

A man with a tan

Skin that hasn’t seen any sun rays for a while is probably in need of a lick of colour. For a no-fuss, man-friendly way to get golden, try a gradual tanner like Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam For Men. Massage into clean, dry skin and wash your hands after use. You don’t want Tango’d mitts to give away your glow game.  

And there you have it. Four guy-friendly tips to get you well and truly ready for burger-and-beer season. See you in the park.

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Just Landed: Maybelline x Puma

maybelline x puma products spilling out of a makeup bag

Clear some space in your beauty bag and get ready to drop it like a squat… the athleisure makeup you didn’t know you needed is here

maybelline x puma products spilling out of a makeup bag

Skipping Saturday morning brunch because you can’t bear to hit the coffee spot without your slap? Or fed up with mascara melting away by the end of the day? We get it, we’ve been there, we hear you. But get ready to shake-up your makeup game: Maybelline has launched a sports-inspired cosmetics collection packed with bold street style shades and high-performance formulas that have the stamina to take you from exercise class to cocktail hour.

The collaboration with Puma is chock-full of everything you need to get that elusive post-gym look, whether you’ve sweated it out in spin and need to get ready in a hurry or spent the morning sofa surfing in your active wear but want to pull together a quick lo-fi look. So, read on for the lowdown, because you’re gonna want to get your mitts on this on-the-go kit asap.

Models wearing maybelline x puma makeup

Color + Gloss Face Duo Stick

This little dynamic duo comprises a gloss-giving highlighter and a punch of poppy cheek colour. So, whether you want to fake that post-workout flush or add a bit of colour into your post-gym face, this nifty little stick is the answer. Apply the coloured side onto cheek apples, blend with fingertips and apply a little gloss on cheekbones to get them popping.  

Smudge-Resistant Mascara

It’s THE desert island product but the hunt for the perfect mascara is kinda like finding the perfect pair of jeans: diff-i-cult. The closest we’ve come? This smudge-resistant marvel. It’s a heavy hitter, offering up to 24 hours of smudge-proof, lash-lengthening wear. The best part? Its natural-looking formula doesn’t clump, flake or fade – the perfect daytime lash lengthener.

Maybelline swatches on models with three different skintones

Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick

If there’s one low-effort way to pull your look together, it’s with a bit of a lip – and the new Maybelline x Puma collection hits the sweet spot. They’re available in five natural-looking, suits-all-skin tones shades that’ll stay put for up to 16 hours of waterproof wear, so you don’t have to lug your whole makeup kit with you around all day (you can leave it in your locker after class).

Matte + Metallic Eye Duo Stick

Mess-, shatter- and spill-proof, making them safe for your gym bag, these twist-up, dual-sided sticks are made for getting ready in a hurry on workouts days. They’re crease-resistant, come in four shades and have an iridescent, metallic shine that looks as if you’ve made maximum effort, when, in reality, you’ve swiped them on and blended them with your fingertips. Sweep up to the brow bone and trace a sliver under lower lids post-workout to get you set for the day.

Chrome Powder Highlight

If you look your best with that endorphin-high, post-gym glow, you’re gonna love this highlighter. Crafted from finely milled powder, it deposits lit-from-within pigments to contour and carve out cheekbones you didn’t know you had. Sweep onto the high points of the face to look fit in a flash.

Can’t wait to get your hands on active, dynamic makeup that goes as hard as you do?

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How to spend £10 at Superdrug

Heather Moorhouse and Eloise Mitchell holding their products for £10

It’s amazing what you can buy for a tenner. While everything from housing to Freddos seems to be rising in price, it’s good to know we can still get our beauty staples without splashing out. We’re not talking about just one product, either – you can get a handful of your beauty and health essentials from Superdrug without crossing the £10 mark. Don’t believe us? We asked influencers Heather Moorhouse (@makeupmouse) and Eloise Mitchell (@eloisemofficial) to show us their fave way of spending 10 quid at Superdrug.

Heather’s top picks

Heather Moorhouse isn’t just a makeup queen, it turns out she’s a budgeting boss, too. Opting for five must-haves, she still had pennies to spare at the end – and you know what they say about lookin’ after the pennies… So what are Heather’s budget top picks? Here’s the lowdown…

  1. MUA Pro Base Full Cover Matte Powder 120, £2.50 You don’t need to dip into your savings for a decent powder. This compact gives full coverage, combats shine and fits easily into your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups.
  2. MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil in Jet Black, £1 Eyeliner pencils are defs an essential in our makeup bags, and this bad boy is no exception. It comes with a lil sharpener so you can get a precise line every time.
  3. MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette, £1 A good quality eyebrow pencil for just £1? In the wise words of J Biebs, ‘Baby, it’s a no-brainer’.
  4. Superdrug Vitamin E, £2.19 Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin and strengthens your immune system.
  5. Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Face Cream, £2.99 This face cream with the antioxidant vitamin E moisturises and protects skin from environmental aggressors.

Total: £9.68


MUA Pro / Base Full Coverage Matte Powder #120


Buy Now


Superdrug Vitamin E 400iu Capsules X 30


Buy Now

Vitamin E

Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Face Cream 50ml


Buy Now

Eloise’s top picks

If her gorge makeup looks in her YouTube vids are anything to go by, Eloise Mitchell knows a thing or two about beauty products. It’s no surprise, then, that her top budget picks are all about hair and makeup. Here’s what she chose…

  1. Superdrug Hairspray Firm Hold, 99p Bad-hair days are a thing of the past! This little gem is handbag-sized, so you can keep your hair in check throughout the day.
  2. MUA Wet Look Liquid Eyeliner in Black, £2.50 A liquid liner that will give your feline flick a glossy finish.
  3. Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick in Perception, £2.50 Pucker up! This matte pink lippie is a great pick for party season.
  4. Superdrug Fashion Eyelashes in Natural 201, £1 Strip lashes for £1? Yes, please! Pair them with a smoky eye to make your look really pop.
  5. Superdrug Makeup Sponge, £1 This sponge is expertly shaped for getting a flawless finish. The pointed top is ideal for blending under eyes, while the rounded base is perf for foundation.
  6. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes, £1.49 Not only do these makeup wipes remove makeup, dirt and impurities from your skin, they’re also vegan and cruelty free!

Total: £9.48


Superdrug Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge Pale Pink


Buy Now

B. Skincare

B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes


Buy Now

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Just Landed: B. Boosters

B boosters

Winter weather sending your skin into a spin? With the cold drying up all our radiance, it’s vital that we up the ante in our skincare routines, and the best way to do it is with high concentrations of active ingredients. Enter B. Hydrated and B. Glowing Boosters. Based on the Korean trend of using ‘ampoules’ as and when your skin needs extra support, these little bottles of skin luvvin’ are gonna seriously solve your face’s winter blues.

B boosters

Boost your beauty routine

On winter skincare, Meg Potter, Superdrug’s Head of Beauty, says, ‘At this time of year, we all want to give our skin a little boost. But you don’t have to buy a whole new routine.’ That’s where B. Boosters come in. You can use them on their own by smoothing over cleansed skin, morning and night, or try add a few drops and mixing with your favourite moisturiser before application. Both boosters contain highly concentrated levels of active ingredients, which, when added to your skincare routine, give it... well – a boost! Here’s how they work…

B. Hydrated Booster

Using the hydrating power of hyaluronic should really be a no-brainer in the winter months. The combination of cold weather and toasty warm central heating can really dry out your skin, but this humectant can solve all those woes and it’s found in abundance in this booster. Along with a nourishing blend of three Australian super-fruits, this winter skin must-have will also soften and freshen up your skin. In fact, after just one week’s use, 79% of testers agreed that their skin felt more hydrated, and 73% said their complexion looked fresher… we’ll take it!

B. Glowing Booster

A build-up of dead skin cells can result in your face looking less than its best – but dull skin is never a good look, and we’ll be chasing that summer hols radiance all winter if we have to. This booster is a blend of fruit acid from Australian limes and it’s gonna gently exfoliate your skin to reveal a newer, brighter-looking complexion. Sound too good to be true? It’s not – 76% of testers agreed that using this product left their skin looking more radiant after just two weeks. Win!

Wanna know the best bit? At the moment these little beauties are buy one get one free, so you can try both! Nifty, we know. 

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A guy’s guide: what to pack in your gym bag

men's grooming products in gym bag including deodorant and shower gel

If your bathroom cabinet has little more than a half-used moisturiser, a tube of toothpaste and a fragrance your mum bought you for Christmas five years ago, chances are your gym bag is also lacking not packing. But all that sweat can be tough on skin, and, let’s be honest, heading straight to the pub after spin is the quickest way to lose a friend or two. So what do you need? The ultimate gym bag edit, that’s what. Aka how to go from weights to dates in, oh, around five minutes.

gif of men's grooming products in gym bag

The deodorant

No man’s gym bag should be without deo, but don’t just go for any old thing. Swerve the stuff that smells like a teenage boy’s bedroom and choose a clean, neutral scent. Nivea for Men Black & White Deodorant is a no-white-marks formula, which means you can get dressed and to your desk without staining your shirt.

Nivea Men

NIVEA Men Anti-Perspirant Invisible Deodorant Spray 35ml


Buy Now

The shower gel

Why would you lug around shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel and body wash when you could get yaself a bottle of this stuff! A nifty little all-in-1, it’s loaded with carbon, which acts like a magnet to get rid of that post-bench-press bacteria – because you don’t want bac-ne now, do you?  

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert

L’Oreal Men Expert Total Clean Shower Gel 300ml


Buy Now

The hair gel

A quick run-in with your leisure-centre hairdryer can leave hair more Harry Potter than Harry Styles. A gym sesh is no excuse not to look suave. To get ready in a jiffy, apply a little of this wax to fingertips and work it through your hair. It’s affordable enough to buy one pot for your bathroom and another for your bag.


Superdrug Mens Hair Styling Wax 75ml


Buy Now

The multitasking moisturiser

If you’ve been skipping moisturising your skin because you don’t want to lug a big bottle of cream around, get in the multitasking game. This heavy hitter works as a hand cream, body cream and face cream, so you’ll never have to suffer that too-tight-skin feeling after hitting the pool pre-work.  

B. Men

B. Men Daily Moisture Cream


Buy Now

The sweet scent

Nothing says ‘I haven’t just come from the gym’ quite like a fragrance. This one is light enough not to stink out the entire changing room and comes in a gym-bag-friendly 50ml. Its blend of grapefruit peel, bay leaves and olive tree wood strikes the balance between work and party-friendly, so you can wear it wherever you’re going after that weight session.

Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette 50ml


Buy Now

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A man’s guide to getting rid of shaving rash

cacti and vintage shaving equipment flaylay

Most blokes have suffered from shaving rash at some point in their lives. Here's how to sort it. For good. 

Men’s faces are put through a lot and dragging a sharp piece of metal over them every day is bound to cause a reaction sometimes. Sore, red, itchy and irritated, razor burn can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do, and not do, to help avoid it or kick it to the kerb when you’ve got it.

cacti spinning for shaving rash feature

Do make sure your razor is sharp

If your blade shows any sign of discoloration or – even worse – has started to rust, bin it immediately. A blunt razor will tug at your skin. You should change your blade once every five to seven shaves, so about once a week for most guys.

Gillette Gillette Mach3 Manual Razor & 11 Blades £20.00 Buy Now

Don’t dry shave

Never use your razor without a shave cream or gel. These act like a protective lubricant, helping the razor to glide over the skin. Without them your razor will drag and scrape. 

Superdrug Superdrug Mens Sensitive Skin Shave Gel 200ml £2.99 Buy Now

Do try a razor with a lubricating strip

If you’re currently suffering from shaving rash but still want to be clean-shaven, a razor with inbuilt lubrication can add an extra layer or protection to your normal routine.

Gillette Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Flexball Men's Razor £11.99 Buy Now

Don’t be too heavy-handed

It can be tempting to press down heavily as you shave, especially if your beard is very thick or dark and you’re prone to a five o’clock shadow, but a more forceful shave doesn’t mean a closer one. Go gently.

Do invest in something to soothe it

If you cut yourself when shaving, stem the bleeding with a cotton pad held in water, then apply a little witch hazel or tea tree oil to avoid infections. For larger uncomfortable areas, choose a cream containing aloe vera. Haven't got any skincare products to hand? Honey can help sooth shaving rash - just smooth it on and wash off after 20 minutes.

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Just Landed: New protein launches

protein world and somebody protein launches thumbnail

To get in shape – and, probs more importantly, stay that way – we all know that what we eat is just as important as putting in sweat work at the gym. Whether we’re pounding the pavement, hitting up HIIT or lifting heavy (a booty doesn’t grow itself now, does it?), we swear by protein powder for refuelling after exercise. So, as you can imagine, we were pretty damn happy when we got news of a few protein-packed prods launching.

collage of protein launches

New from Protein World

While protein powder is usually formulated with whey, which is derived from dairy, it has finally turned green, thanks to Protein World. And, let us tell you, this stuff makes for a guilt-free tasty treat!

Woman chopping up fruit to prepare a smoothie with protein powder

Packed with a whole load of plant power – think pea, quinoa and hemp protein – it also contains probiotics and 26 vitamins to give your body EXACTLY what it needs. Whether you throw a scoop into your morning smoothie (our go-to is peanut butter, spinach and banana, for you nosy types) or you preload your shaker to have it sharpish after spin, it makes for an additive-free way to get your post-workout protein.

And if you’ve found yourself a little short on energy since going vegan, why not supplement your meat-free meals with new Protein World Vegan Energy Capsules? With B12, vitamin D3, calcium, iron and zinc, as well as superfoods maca powder and ginseng, these little capsules pack a mood-enhancing and body-boosting punch.

New from Somebody

For those who like a little flavour in their lives, Somebody has launched a brand-new banana protein powder. Formulated for you fruity types, it tastes just like the real deal, with minerals and vitamins to help replenish and restore muscles. So go fill your boots for a tasty post-circuit treat.

Easy like Sunday morning, there are also new ready-mixed protein pancakes. Try serving them with a scoop of yogurt, a few berries and some mint for a gram-worthy breakfast.

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A guy’s guide: how much hair product is too much?

man smoothing his hair while looking in a mirror

Nail your styling every day with our guy's guide for getting your hair products just right

man smoothing his hair while looking in a mirror

Hands up who sympathised with Ross when Rachel called him out for wearing too much hair gel (yes, we’ve been re-watching every episode since Friends hit Netflix) or when Simon’s mum from The Inbetweeners mocked his over-styled fringe? Getting the right amount of hair product can be tricky – after all, you can’t just wash it off the way you’d wash your hands if you squeezed out too much shaving foam. Overload your hair and you’re looking at hopping back in the shower, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Here’s how much you should really be using…

hair products on slate tile

How much shampoo to use

The amount you use depends on lots of things: how long and thick your hair is, how dirty it is… So, as a rough guide, if your hair is thin or short, a blueberry-sized dollop will do. Thicker, longer, curlier or I’ve-been-at-a-festival-for-a-week-with-no-shower needs more like a walnut size.

How much conditioner to use

Over-condition and your hair will look flat at the roots and appear greasy even when you’ve just washed it. How much you use depends on your hair’s texture and thickness. If it’s fine and floppy, a 5p amount just on the ends will do. Does it feel rougher and tend to be coarse? You’re more of a 50p guy.

50 pence showing how much hair product to use


Superdrug Hydrate & Shine Hair Mask with Coconut Water


Buy Now

How much hair gel to use

This is one of the easiest to get wrong: too little and it won’t give you the hold you want, too much and you’ll look like a bad 90s Peter Andre tribute act. Start small is the rule, and again it’s all to do with your hair type. If you have very short and fine hair, start with a pea-sized amount; if it’s thicker, you can size up to a 20p coin. 

How much mousse to use

The airy texture of mousse means you often need more than you’d think. Every single strand of hair should be coated with mousse, which means two golf balls at least, rising to a hat trick if your hair is very thick.

golf ball mousse gif

Style Expertise

Superdrug Style Expertise Mousse 125ml


Buy Now

How much wax to use

This is the most commonly misapplied product, as just a tiny bit too much wax and your hair will take on chip-pan proportions. You only want wax to define, so go sparingly, starting with the size of a chewing-gum piece, then add more if you think you need it.

chewing gum gif


Superdrug Mens Hair Styling Wax 75ml


Buy Now

How much serum to use

Yeah, you guessed it – this is also to do with your hair type. Less is more with thinner or finer hair as it’ll soak up the serum and look greasy. Try two grains of rice to start, then double it if your hair is thicker or curly.

rice gif

John Frieda

John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum 50ml


Buy Now

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Just Landed: L’Oreal Stylista

L'Oreal Stylista range with hand models

Obsessed with those waves you’ve just spotted on Instagram? Got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to grid-worthy braids? If you like your hair with a serious side of sass, L’Oreal Stylista is for you. This brand-new range focuses on the styling products designed to give you the looks you see on social, aka the hair of your DREAMS.

L'Oreal stylista range gif

Lay the foundation for banging braids with the clever Braid Milk hairstyling cream, enriched with coconut milk. This silicone-free formula gives the grip you need to get the perfect plaits and holds with up to 30% less frizz. We’ll take that.


Stylista The Braids Milk 200ml


Buy Now

Can’t live without your straightener? Get even more sleekness and protect your hair at the same time with The Sleek Serum, a hairstyling protector that eliminates up to 95% frizz and helps protect hair from heat damage up to 230°C. Smooth on to damp hair before blow-drying, then add a tiny drop after straightening, to lock in the smoothness and give up to 24-hour humidity protection.


Stylista The Sleek Serum 200ml


Buy Now

Never found the Holy Grail of salt spray? Well, that’s about to change. The Beach Wave Mist hairstyling spray is the perfect non-crispy, beach waver. Scrunch into hair lengths for laid-back waves or apply before braiding, then shake hair out for a more emphasised look.


Stylista The Beach Wave Mist 200ml


Buy Now

Hallelujah, it sounds like our spring hairstyles are sorted. Thanks, L’Oreal.

The L’Oreal Stylista range is available online and in store now.

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