mini toiletries

No space in your suitcase? No worries! We’re here with a quick guide on what multitasking mini toiletries and travel bottles to take with you. It’s time to economise on precious luggage space, while making sure you look and feel fabulous.

mini toiletries

What Mini Toiletries and Travel Bottles Should I Definitely Pack?

Travel Dry Shampoo Bottles

Your trusty mini dry shampoo spray will not only help to keep your hair fresh between washes, but also help to keep the sand off your legs and feet if you are planning a beach getaway. This is because dry shampoo has talcum powder in its ingredients, which removes moisture from your skin, making sand simply fall off.

Plus, if it’s extremely hot, you can also spray a small amount around your arm pit area to prevent painful rubbing.

Mini Hair Conditioner Bottle

The humble hair conditioner is also a true multitasker. Not only will it work hard to keep your hair ends luscious and healthy, it can also dub as a shaving cream.

Perfect for when you quickly want to shave your legs before popping out.

Mini Hairspray

Sometimes hair can get frizzy when you are out and about in the sun. To tame unruly locks, simply go for strong hold hair spray and fix your hair in place.

It’s equally as good if you are going on a mountain retreat where the cold air tends to create static in your hair. With hairspray, static in your locks won’t zap you anymore!

Makeup Removal Pads

Makeup removal pads are a perfect way to take your makeup off after a busy day. If it’s really hot and some ice cream dripped onto your hand, they are also super handy to give your hands a quick clean between washes.

After Sun Cream

While a lot of us prioritise SPF sun block, it's important to remember after sun care is equally as crucial. Your skin needs a moisturising and soothing treatment after being out in the sun all day, and an after sun cream can do just the trick. If you are trying to save space in your bag, feel free to leave body butter out as after sun cream can work as both.

SPF Sun Protection

An absolute essential when out and about at the beach, the SPF cream can be a true multitasker. Some may come with insect repellent ingredients, tanning accelerator, extra moisturiser and more. It's a good idea to always have one mini bottle in your beach bag - it's fantastic for top ups.

It always pays to go for multitasking mini toiletries and travel bottles that work extra hard to keep you looking and feeling great while saving valuable luggage space.