Three females laying on the grass with different colour glasses on

Have you ever spotted a pair of super-chic glasses on somebody and found they look totally different on you when you pop into a store to try them on? It happens! Just like the clothes you wear or how you cut your hair, certain styles work on some people more than others - and glasses are just the same! So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of specs, it’s important to find a pair that suit your face shape. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our complete guide on finding the right frames for your face.

How Do I Find Out My Face Shape?

If you are not sure what shape your face is, there is a very simple way of finding out and all you need is a mirror and an erasable pen. Pull your hair back from your face and look straight into the mirror. Draw around the outline of your face in your reflection and there before you, will be your face shape!

My Face is Square

My Face Is Rectangular

If your jawline is almost as wide as it is long, then you have a square face shape.

Frames that will suit you:  Oval, cat-eye or rectangular with softened angles.

Frames to avoid: Rectangle frames with flat top or sharp corners.

Does your face appear to be slightly longer than it is wide? If so, you have a rectangular face with gorgeous high cheekbones and a slightly rounded jawline.

Frames to try: Larger frames with a wider lens or Wayfarer style

Frames to avoid: Small and rectangular

Which glasses suit my gsquare face shape
Which glasses suit my rectanle face shape

My Face is Circular

My Face is Oval

If your face is nice and symmetrical, then you’re part of the circular face club!

Frames to try: Try softer frame which draws attention away from your cheekbones and compliments your softer features.

Frames to avoid: Small round frames that accentuate your circular features

An oval face is considered the ‘ideal’ face shape for carrying off any style of glasses! Lucky you! Your gently curved jawline and well-balanced features are perfect for trying out a range of styles.

Frames to try: Try as many as you like! But we think rectangular or round frames will look great on you.

Frames to avoid: Any that are too small for your face.

Which glasses suit my square face shape
Which glasses suit my oval face shape

My Face is Heart Shape

If your forehead and cheekbones are your most prominent features, then you have a heart shaped face and you will need frames that will balance your features.

Frames to try: Give square or rectangle frames a go

Frames to avoid: Styles that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom.

Which glasses suit my heart face shape

Virtual Mirror on The Wall... How Do I look?

So, now you know what face shape you have and hopefully, you’ve found a selection of frames at Superdrug Glasses Online you’d like to try, but how do you know if they’ll suit you?

Well, we’ve got that covered too with our Virtual Mirror.

Simply click the link above to upload a selfie, or you can use our pre-loaded model, to see how our frames look on your face. The virtual mirror will detect where your eyes are in the image and place the frames exactly where they need to be.  You can save any photos you like so you can compare them to other frames before making your final decision. How clever is that!?

Why not give it a go and see which frames look great on you?