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What’s So Special About Textured Condoms? – Superdrug
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What’s So Special About Textured Condoms?

Two Durex condoms in the back pocket of some jeans

It might come as a surprise that ribs and dots could enhance your sex life, but it’s true! Textured condoms are carefully designed to deliver extra pleasure to you or your partner. The different textures can feel as exciting as a new sex toy, creating the right kind of friction for extra stimulation exactly where you want it.  

Choosing the right textured condom is important, so check out our quick guide on what’s out there so you can find what works for you.

Two Durex condoms in the back pocket of some jeans

1. Ribbed condoms

Designed to boost sensation during penetrative sex, ribbed condoms have raised ridges running around them.

2. Dotted condoms

Dotted condoms have dots running along the length of the condom to add extra stimulation.  

3. Ribbed and dotted condoms

Designed specifically to increase sensation, the ribs and dots along the shaft of these condoms can help you get more out of sex. 

Do ribbed and dotted condoms still provide protection? 

Ribbed and dotted condoms are designed to provide the same level of protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancies as regular condoms, but with the aim of delivering more stimulation. 

Don't forget the lube!

While friction can be good, there's a difference between friction and friction burn. Textured and ribbed condoms can be irritating when there’s not enough moisture: that’s where lube comes in.  

Some Durex lubes and pleasure gels can be used with ribbed and dotted condoms, too. Always check the labels before use.

Sound good?

Try Durex Intense Ribbed and Dotted CondomsRibs and dots run along the shaft creating extra layers of stimulation during penetration. On the outside, they are even coated in Desirex gel to add cooling and tingling sensations. 
Whether you prefer smooth or ribbed and dotted condoms, we want to help you find what feels right. 

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*Always read the instructions.  RB-M-35391

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