Eating your way to healthy skin and shiny locks isn’t a myth. Making better food choices not only works wonders on the inside, it can also make dramatic changes on the outside too! Put that strobing brush away for a second and find out how to help get the natural glow by tweaking your diet.


The Power of Vitamin C

While vitamin C is really important when it comes to boosting our immunity, it can also help our skin look youthful for longer as it aids collagen production. This means bye-bye dull skin! Studies also suggested that vitamin C plays a huge role in preventing and treating damage from ultraviolet rays.

But that’s not all! Our locks also benefit from vitamin C. It helps to combat dandruff as well as aids blood circulation which in turn stimulates healthy hair growth.

What should I eat? Oranges, grapefruits, red and green bell peppers, strawberries, tomatoes as well as broccoli.

Dark Chocolate for Destressed Healthy Skin

We have fantastic news for you, if you have a sweet tooth – a small bite of dark chocolate is actually important for healthy skin. It contains flavonols which are antioxidants that help protect the skin against UV damage and free radicals.

But there’s more! Dark chocolate also helps to combat health and beauty’s arch nemesis: Stress. This is because when you eat chocolate, your body produces a happiness hormone called dopamine that helps you feel a little bit chirpier.

What should I eat? To reap the beauty and health benefits of dark chocolate, go for no more than 28 grams of chocolate that is at least 70 per cent cocoa in a day.

Lentils for Luscious Locks

Packed with protein, delicious and nutritious lentils are your new secret weapon to shiny, long locks and healthy nails. These legumes are high in iron which helps to transport oxygen to hair follicles and nails, triggering growth and strength.

What should I eat? Go for red, brown, green or black lentils – all of them are packed with nutrients. Get creative and come up with your own lentil recipes, from spicy hot pots to lentil-based veggie burgers.

Oily Fish for a Healthy Glow

Salmon might be the star fish that everyone keeps talking about, but it’s not the only one that is full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are a beauty powerhouse as they work to strengthen nails, make hair shine and give skin a healthy glow.

What should I eat? Mackerel, sardines, herring, lake trout as well as salmon. With so much variety and so many yummy recipes out there, keeping those omega 3 levels up has never been easier.

Greek Yoghurt for a Bright Complexion

Keen on firmer skin with fewer wrinkles? Add Greek yoghurt into your shopping basket. High in protein and lower in sugar than many fruity alternatives, this is one snack your skin will thank you for. But what if you’re not hungry? Not to worry – Greek yoghurt can be your go-to face mask ingredient. The nutrients will help to tighten pores, and the lactic acid will break down the dead skin, leaving you with a bright and fresh complexion.

What should I eat? A pot of natural Greek yoghurt can be an amazing breakfast or lunch time snack option.

Water, Water, Water

No surprises here, keeping hydrated is vital if you want glowing, healthy skin, hair and nails. After all, 50-70 per cent of our body mass is made out of H2O. To maintain moisturised skin, minimise the appearance of wrinkles and keep those locks shiny, drinking loads of water daily is vital.

What should I drink? Generally it is recommended you drink around 2 litres of water a day, but everyone’s body is different. Don’t overdo it though – drinking too much isn’t great for your health. Find the right balance and let your inner and outer beauty shine.