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What Hair Colour Suits Me?

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Changing the colour of your hair these days can take just matter of an hour or two, so it's no wonder that everyone is at it! If you've fancied a hair colour change for a while but didn't know where to start, don't worry - we've got you!

The first thing you need to know about switching up your hair colour is: it's got to compliment your complexion! Lost? No worries! Our handy guide is here to help you (and your hair) on your way!

four female models with blonf, black, brunette and red hair

Look Into Your Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul – and your hair colour.  Before we go any further, take a good look at your eyes. Got the colour? Good. Here’s what it means.

Brown/hazel/green: Darker hair colours will look the most natural on you. Deep brunettes are a sure-win, but you could take the plunge to black if you’re feeling brave.

Blue/grey: Lighter hair colours will compliment these lighter eye colours. Go for golden, ashy tones.

Green eyes: Green eyes look totally amazing with red hair. If you’re not feeling that bold, you can go for brunette tones.

Blonde Ambition

Every girl wants to go blonde at least once, right? Apparently they have more fun, or something. If you’re a natural blonde – good news. Enhancing your hair colour is easy. However, if you have darker hair – be warned: it’s gonna be high maintenance. Going from dark brunette to blonde doesn’t happen overnight, people! Also, with a lot of bleach, your hair’s gonna require some serious TLC.

Blonde female for which hair colour suits me article


Fair skin: Ashy and white blondes will wash you out, so go for golden or honey tones. If your skin is super pale, it may be better to add blonde highlights before you commit to a full colour.

Medium skin: Honey shades look amazing on medium skin tones. You can go a couple of shades lighter or darker – but stick near golden honey tones.

Olive skin: Caramel blonde shades work the best on olive skin. A couple of shades lighter works too, but don’t get too excited or it will wash you out.

Dark skin: Butter blonde shades look amazing on darker skin tones. So do dark butterscotch shades. And caramel. A lot of Blonde shades work well on darker skin tones (if you haven’t guessed). Avoid going too light, though or you’ll get washed out.

Brunette Bae

Brunette is the person in the group project who does it all. Seriously. It’s not high maintenance, there’s a shade for almost everyone, and it involves no bleaching (hello healthier, less damaged hair). Result!

Female with brunette curly hair

Fair skin: If you go for a shade that’s too dark, you may start looking a bit like a ghost. Which is fine for Halloween, but not every other day. A shade with red tones will look amaze against pale skin.

Medium skin: Caramel and milk chocolate shades work well with medium skin. You can go darker of you wish, just don’t go lighter.

Olive skin: Rich chocolate and ash brown shades look amazing with olive skin. Avoid anything two shades lighter than your natural colour.

Dark skin: You can get away with just about any brunette shade. Rich, dark, brunettes are the classic choice for you. Avoid anything three shades lighter than your natural colour, though, and you’re good to experiment

Red Hair, Don’t Care

Are you sitting down? Good – we’ve got some news for you. Red hair is actually the most versatile. It suits pretty much everyone. All you need to do is tailor the shade to your skin tone. Then you’ll be the subject of serious hair envy.

Female with long red hair for which hair colour suits me article

Light skin: Avoid dark tones as they’ll leave you looking ghastly. Instead, opt for lighter shades such as strawberry blonde or a copper toned blond.

Medium skin: Bright shades are a great contrast to medium skin tones. Avoid purple undertones as they may make your skin look yellow.

Olive skin: Medium-toned reds are perfect for you. An auburn shade is perfect. Again, avoid purple undertones to avoid discolouring!

Dark skin: Dark reds with rich colour will totally compliment your skin. Avoid super bright colours – they might wash you out.

Bold Black

Black hair might give you flashbacks to your 14-year-old emo phase, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When done properly, black hair is the definition of glamour – just think of the gloss! Before you get busy with the dye, just remember: Black hair can be difficult to lighten – you’ll have to be patient when it comes to removal.

Female with long black afro natural hair and hair clips in the side of her hair

Light skin: Black hair can make those with light skin look unnaturally pale. For the same effect with left ghost-i-ness, try a dark brunette shade instead.

Medium skin: Again, a dark brunette might work better for you. If you’re determined to try black, avoid red undertones to avoid yellow-looking skin.

Olive skin: Black hair looks fab on those with olive skin. Switch it up with blue undertones if you’re feeling adventurous.

Dark skin: Jet-black hair looks incredible against dark skin tones. Avoid blue-undertones and you’re good to go.

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