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How to: Unclog Pores

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Reaching pore-fection is not easy, yet every beauty lover worth their salt will tell you just how important it is to try. Whether you stare at your pores under a magnifying mirror religiously (you know, to check on the progress) or have no idea where to even begin, allow our 'how to unclog pores' guide school you on skincare must-dos.

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What Can I Do to Unclog Pores?

Luckily there’s many ways in which you can unclog pores and it’s wise to trial multiple methods until you find a combination that works best for your skin.


Ever wondered why some beauty products are best applied after a hot bath? Or why a sauna session leaves your skin feeling and looking fabulous? The secret is in the steam. When clean skin is exposed to steam, the pores open – allowing the skin to breathe. Give your skin a steam workout once a week by using a facial steamer. Always remember to close the pores after by applying a splash of cold water and follow with a gentle moisturiser.

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A deep exfoliation of the skin helps to unclog pores. For the best results use an exfoliating scrub combined with an electric cleansing device. This will deeply penetrate the pores and help remove any blockages.  

Pore Strip

A targeted treatment that’s perfect for using on the nose, pore strips locks onto the skin and once removed will take with it the build-up of dirt behind the pore.

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Charcoal Face Mask

We’ve not stopped raving about the beauty uses of activated charcoal since the ingredient bounded onto the beauty scene. And the main reason is because of its ability to blitz through congested skin as it absorbs up to 200 times its weight in impurities. Using a mask at least once of week will work wonders for pores.

What Do I Do After Unclogging Pores?

Dedicating time in your skincare regime to unclogging pores is something your complexion will thank you for. But, there’s no good doing all that hard work and then reversing the effects with bad after-care. Here are some easy wins to closing pores:

Cleanse: It’s a no-brainer that irritated pores result in irritated skin. So picking a gentle cleanser will wash away dirt with dehydrating implications. Look for sulfate-free solutions and only use intense scrubs as a skin treat (not for everyday use).

Water: With all these products on the market it can be easy to ignore the sources that are right in front of you. Splashing your face with water every morning, before bed and after any skin treatment is a refreshing way to rejuvenate skin.

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Toner: There’s no good having a regular cleansing routine without following up with a toner. This will work to restore the PH balance in the skin and will help close pores. If you’re concerned that a toner will inflame the skin then avoid toners with alcohol and added fragrance as this can dry the skin out.

What Are Pores?

Let’s rewind and go back to the beauty basics. The word ‘pore’ is used to describe small openings of skin where oil and sweat reach the surface. For every hair on the body (all 5 million of them, on average), there’s a corresponding skin pore, also known as an oil pore. Luckily, most of these pores are hidden but the pores on the face are visible – so can cause a little bit of a skincare concern.

Pores are responsible for allowing oil to lubricate the skin. It is this natural oil (sebum) which moisturises the skin.

How Does a Pore Get Clogged?

When oil, debris and dead skin cells become trapped in a hair follicle, this results in a clogged pore. And once the pore is blocked, the skin is unable to breath. It can lead to blemishes in various shapes and sizes – think blackheads, pimples and acne.

Why Do I Need to Unclog Pores?

Ridding the skin of clogged pores will lead to more radiant, glowing skin. It also reduces inflammation (blemishes) and can help temporarily reduce the appearance of pores.

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