Ariana Grande's new perfume Thank you, Next

As if being the ultimate princess of pop and voice of female strength, empowerment and solidarity wasn't enough -  Ariana Grande has only gone and bottled a scent aimed to help us move on from a breakup! She's the BFF we all need in our lives.

Described as a fragrance for 'moving on and looking up', the new scent, 'Thank you, Next', aims to send a message about loving yourself and learning from your past relationships. Oh, Ari!

Want to know what the scent of breakup really smells like? (Spoiler... it's not actually take away food and red wine!) hit play below as we unbox the 6th scent in Ariana's collection.

Add these scents to basket, thank us later!

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Thank U, Next 100ml £36.00 Buy Now
Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml £33.00 Buy Now