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Top Tips for Staying Safe in Coloured Contact Lenses – Superdrug
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Top Tips for Staying Safe in Coloured Contact Lenses

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So, you’ve decided that this year you want to take your party costume look to the next level by changing the look of your eyes with coloured contact lenses. Great, you’ll have the best outfit at the party – but before you do, it’s really important to consider the most reputable place to buy them and to ensure the safety of your eyes remains priority number 1!

To avoid causing harm to your eyes for the sake of freakin’ out your friends, always remember these top tips and all-important buying advice.

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Where Should I Buy Them From?

Before you set out to purchase your lenses, always do your research first. It may be tempting to purchase the first pair of cheap lenses that you find online or to buy from a brand that’s being advertised on social media (usually highlighted with #AD) However, we cannot express caution enough with this shopping approach.

Contact lenses should ALWAYS be fitted by an optician, after all contact lenses are considered a medical device. Do you really want to be putting something into your eye from an unknown source, without talking to anyone or being shown how to use them safely? We hope not. Poorly fitted or contaminated coloured contact lenses, or improper use of them, can cause a potential corneal ulcer or even blindness!

Once you’ve been fitted with lenses by your optician, you’ll be given a copy of your contact specification which you can use to purchase your lenses online – it tells you everything about the lenses that your optician has said are best for you so you can purchase precisely the right thing.

To completely avoid aggravating your eyes, give the cheap websites selling coloured contacts in bulk a miss and pop into see your optician for not just your lenses, but for peace of mind too!

Woman with Cosmetic Colored Lenses in Optical Store

Top Tips to Remember

  • Always get fitted with coloured contact lenses by an optician
  • Every time you attempt to put them in or take them out, wash your hands! This is probably the most important tip of all! Poking and prodding your eyes with dirty hands is the worst thing you can do!!
  • Only wear them for the allocated time stated - whether it be up to 12 hours or less. You should stick to the rules to avoid causing irritation.
  • If your eyes feel irritated, try eye drops to calm the eye down or remove the contacts. If in doubt, take them out!
  • Don’t sleep with the contacts in - no matter how drunk you are! Wearing them longer than you’re meant to could also cause irritation.
  • Never share contact lenses - fun or not! You can spread harmful bacteria which can result in serious eye problems. This is a definite NO NO!

Coloured contact lenses are totally safe to wear if you follow best practise when purchasing them and wearing them. If you are nervous or worried about getting them, visit your local optician or head to Superdrug Glasses Online for some advice.

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