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Looking after your eyesight is a full-time commitment, but probably something you don’t think too much about past your routine optician’s appointment. Hands up, who’s guilty?

So, today the Superdrug Optical Service Team team are sharing 5 tips and their advice on how you can make the health of your eyes a top priority, whether you wear contacts, glasses or neither!

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1. Do Not Sleep in Lenses

Sleeping in your contact lenses is a big ol’ no! Having a kip in your lenses can prevent oxygen from reaching the eye leading to bacteria growth and eye infections. The only time you should do this if you are specifically told it's okay by your optician. So, do you and your vision a favour and take the extra time in the evening to remove and clean your lenses every night.

2. Visit Your Optician

When was the last time you and your optician sat down for a chit chat? If It was more than two years ago, you need to get a date in the diary pronto. The NHS recommends you see your optician at least once every two years and your optician may want to see you for more regular checkups if you wear contact lenses. So, if your last appointment was a distant memory, put booking a check-up at the top of your to-do list.

3. Take Regular Screen Breaks

We’re all guilty of it… binge-watching our favourite Netflix series or not taking a break from our desks. Staring at a screen for too long can lead to eye strain, blurry vision, headaches, and dry eyes. So, take some time away from your screen to give your eyes a little rest.

4. Be Mindful with Makeup

So, you love makeup but need to wear contact lenses? No worries, you can do both – can we get a hooray? Simply put your lenses in before you apply your makeup and take care with your choice of products.

For our top tips, check out our ‘7 makeup tips for contact lens wearers’ blog post.

5. Protect Your Eyes When Outside

During the winter, you may not be thinking about protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, but it’s important to shield your peepers from the sun all year round. If your statement shades don’t have the protection you need, check out our selection of prescription sunglasses to find a pair that suits your style. You will also find contact lenses with UV protection you can pop in and partner with your shades to protect your full eye area.

For more information on looking after your eyes, our contact lens service and prescription eyewear collection visit the website below. We'll see you there!