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Perfect Your Daily Skincare Routine – Superdrug
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Perfect Your Daily Skincare Routine

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Prepping your skin for the day ahead is essential, so here are our recommendations for the products to use and the order in which to use them…


Any good skincare routine starts by cleansing. It sounds obvious, but a lot of people think you don’t need to cleanse in the morning, but you do! If you don’t have much time, use a cotton pad soaked in micellar water.


Next, it’s time to tone. Toners get rid of any residue left on the skin after cleansing. They also tighten the skin and pores, locking in moisture and removing any oil. Some toners contain hydrating and soothing ingredients, which makes them ideal for sensitive skin types.

Eye cream

For best effects, eye cream should be the first cream you apply in your routine, so you’re giving it time to sink into the delicate eye area.


If you like to use a serum, this comes next in your routine. There are many types, tackling different skin concerns, from acne and dark spots to dullness and anti-ageing. They’re lighter in consistency than moisturisers, so they penetrate deeper into the skin and are good for oily skin because they won’t leave it feeling greasy. Formulations with glycolic acid or retinol (sometimes called vitamin A) will help smooth skin while preventing clogged pores. If your skin is acne prone, choose a serum containing vitamin C, which gives antioxidant protection and reduces any redness or inflammation. Those with dry skin should layer a hydrating serum under your moisturiser, to help boost moisture – choose one containing hydrating hyaluronic acid. Combination skin types should opt for a serum that targets specific skin concerns.


Next, apply your moisturiser. Using a moisturiser locks in the products you’ve used underneath them and works to protect your skin.


Although moisturisers with added SPF are better than using no sun protection at all, separate SPFs are more effective at protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sunscreen is the ultimate anti-ageing product.

Perfect Your Night-time Skincare Routine

Night-time is when your skin works to repair itself so make sure you remove makeup off properly and follow our guide…



This is the time to do a double cleanse. Use an oil or balm cleanser to remove makeup and SPF, then follow with a gel or lotion to wipe away any residue. Finish with a hot, clean flannel.


If you want to use an exfoliating toner, you can switch this with your regular toner two or three times a week. Exfoliating toners work to get rid of dead skin cells, leaving your skin brighter and smoother, and should be applied using a cotton wool pad. Apply plenty of SPF the day after using an exfoliating toner as your skin will be more at risk to sun damage.

Eye cream

Eye cream should be the third step in your routine before you apply any serums or moisturisers. If your eyes tend to be puffy, use an eye serum or gel that targets and reduces puffiness.


As with your daily skincare routine, apply moisturiser to lock in the products you’ve used underneath them and to protect your skin.

Face oil or treatment

If you like to use a facial oil, apply it after your moisturiser and spend a few minutes massaging it into your skin. The massage will also help the moisturiser to penetrate deeper into your skin. A facial oil nourishes and repairs skin, gives it the hydration it needs, and helps to plump and balance skin.

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