Young female holding a Superdrug Mobile fan in front of a pink background

Did you know Superdrug currently have an unbelievably good SIM-only contract where for just £10 a month, you can get 4GB of data, plus unlimited texts and calls?

Well… listen up because that deal is about to get even better! You’ll now get 5GB, instead of 4, for the same price! Yeah, we’re not just a place for your health and beauty needs! But that’s not it… read on to find out more…

Young female holding a Superdrug Mobile fan in front of a pink background

The New Deals and Unlimited Possibilities!

Not content with just offering you lovely lot one data plan, we’re also giving you more options!

  • For £10 a month you will now get 5GB of data, unlimited texts and calls - plus all our other amazing benefits which we will go over in a mo. If you already have our SIM-only plan with 4GB, you’ll be upgraded to 5GB without having to do a thing!
  • For £15, you’ll get 15GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts. Think that’s good? We can do better than that still!
  • Pay £20 and get unlimited everything - we’re talking unlimited calls, unlimited texts AND unlimited data.  U-n-l-i-m-I-t-e-d data for £20! *mind blown*

So, get ready to wang on to your mates for hours on end, text that special someone until the early hours and scroll your life away on Instagram and Hinge.

Points & Perks for All!

If we’ve got you nibbling on the bait there, you better hold on tight because it’s about to get even better. Along with these amazing data plans, we’re also giving you…

  • Your first month’s plan back in Healthy and Beautycard points
  • Double points on all your shopping
  • Our famous data rollover (except on our unlimited plan, obvs)
  • Oh, and it’s still contract free!

Don’t say we don’t know how to treat ya!

And don’t forget you still get to keep your number if you’re swapping over from another provider  that’s, let’s face it, is charging you an extortionate amount for a tiny amount of data! Buh-bye!

No Pricey Handset Fees Here

We’re just sorry we haven’t had time to invent a super snazzy phone that goes along with this - but then it wouldn’t be SIM-only, and we couldn’t shower you with points and a contract free deal!

So, what are you waiting for?! Come and give us a go and we promise, you’ll never look back.