Superdrug Mobile SIMO

Do you have a love hate relationship with your current phone contract? You love the handset you got with it, but you hate that you run out of data, or it’s costing you too much or maybe the coverage is a bit rubbish? With Superdrug Mobile's SIM only plans you will never have these worries again!

Say hello to SIMO, the super-sim who’s here to solve all your phone-related problems! Let’s see how SIMO may be able to help you…

Superdrug Mobile Super SIMO

Problem: I never have enough data

SIMO Solution: Get Superdrug Mobile’s Unlimited Package

Superdrug Mobile offer a variety of SIM only, contract free plans so you can find the right package for you. If the name of your game is to get your hands on as much data as you can, then SIMO has just the thing for you! Superdrug Mobile offers an ‘all you need’ unlimited package for just £20 a month. Yes… UNLIMITED. DATA. FOR. £20. A. MONTH. Plus, unlimited calls and texts too, obvs!

So, you can scroll, swipe, watch and like until your hearts content! Plus, when we say unlimited, we mean it! There are no sneaky hidden caps on our data plans!

Problem: I want to keep my old number

SIMO Solution: Bring your old number with you

If you’re attached to your old phone number or can't be bothered with faffing around with letting all your contacts know about your new number, that’s fine! You can switch to your old number with just a text! Find out more about text to switch right here.

Superdrug Mobile keep your old number icon

Problem: I’m the kinda person who likes some treats thrown in

SIMO Solution: Get double points when you shop & your 1st month cost back

We get it, who doesn’t like a treat or two?! Well, lucky for you we have plenty to give out when you activate your Superdrug Mobile SIM.

Firstly, we will give you back your first months cost back in points on your Health & Beautycard to spend at Superdrug.  Then, as if all those extra points to spend weren’t good enough, you will get DOUBLE points every time you shop both online and in-store. Forever and ever! Imagine all the extra goodies you could buy?!

Superdrug Mobile double points

Problem: Only the best coverage will work for me

SIMO Solution: Superdrug Mobile runs on Three’s network

We get it, what’s the point in even having a phone if you have to wave your handset around to pick up a signal. Superdrug Mobile runs on Three’s network, which has been voted the best network for data at the Tech Radar Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2019. Fancy, we know! If you want to check out the coverage for yourself, you can do so here.

Problem: I don’t want to spend a lot of money

SIMO Solution: Superdrug’s SIM only plans start at £10 a month


You really do get more bang for your buck at Superdrug Mobile.

We have already mentioned our utterly fabulous £20 unlimited everything plan, but we have more for you to choose from.

On every plan you can get the same amazing perks (double points, great coverage, keep your number etc) but the amount of data you get will vary. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

£10 a month - 5GB of data

£15 a month - 15GB of data

£18 a month – 20GB of data

And of course, £20 for absolutely all the data you could ever possibly want.

Wait... the good news keeps on coming! If you choose one of our £10-£18 a month deals and you don't use all your data up, it'll roll over into the next month!

Superdrug Mobile roll over chart

Problem: I must have SIMO in my life, what do I do now?

SIMO Solution: Get your Superdrug SIM in-store or online

Switching to Superdrug Mobile is super SIMple. If you’re coming to the end of your current contract and are looking for a contract free, SIM only plan you can order your SIM online here or pop into your local store to get your hands on one.

To find out more about the benefits of a SIM only plan and to discover even more about Superdrug Mobile, click the link below.