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Keeping fit on holiday

Girl exercising by the pool

It can be easy to forget about fitness when you’re on holiday – what with the buffets, cocktail hours, and ice cream. When you find yourself on your 6th day of sun lounging and countless pastries, ask yourself if you want to return home with a holiday glow or if you want to hop off the plane feeling sluggish. If it’s the glow - don’t worry! Our favourite fitness blogger, AJ Odudu, is here to help!

Girl exercising by the pool

In the pool

What’s the point in travelling thousands of miles in the sky if you’re just gonna sit around the pool? You can lie horizontally at home, people! Swimming is one of the easiest ways to burn mega calories (we’re talking up to 600 an hour). It’s super fun, and it’s not gonna strain you – result!

A quick work out:

1. Jog in place: Bringing your knees up high, jog in place for 2 minutes.

2. Squat jump: Squat down (not in the deep end, obvs) with arms extended forwards at shoulder height. Jump as high as possible, raising arms overhead.

3. Bicycle: Lean back against the side of the pool (we’re all good at this) with your arms outstretched on the edge. Once you’re comfy, start pedalling your legs at the surface.

4. Flutter kick: Turn onto your stomach and hold onto the edge of the pool with your arms extended. Kick your legs quickly behind you.

5. Push ups: Hold onto the edge of the pool with your chest almost touching the wall, and your feet facing the ground. Slowly push your hands down and extend your arms (as though you're getting out of the pool) before slowly lowering yourself back into the water.

In your hotel room

If you’re too embarrassed to get your body pumping in the pool, you’ve always got the safety of your hotel room. Everyone knows the best part of your holiday is those couple of hours when you head upstairs to get ready for the evening (aka, lie on your bed eating a share bag of crisps). So why don’t you head up 15 minutes earlier and enjoy your crisps as a post-workout prize?

side plank: toning exercises

A fat burning,body toning, hotel room workout:

1. Crunches: 1 minute. Rest. Repeat.

2. Sit ups: 1 minute. Rest. Repeat.

3. Press ups: 1 minute. Rest. Repeat.

4. Burpees: 1 minute. Rest. Repeat.

5. Plank: 1 minute. Rest. Repeat.

If you’re full of energy, you can repeat the whole workout again. Go wild! Then, you can enjoy your crisps.

On the beach

It’s pretty much impossible to not have fun on the beach. Plus, the extra work your body puts into staying upright on the sand makes it a fat-burning machine. The beach is a win-win. A run along the shore will burn mega calories, but you can make it even more fun with exercises that don’t feel like exercises...

Get your game on

Bring out your competitive side and challenge your friends to games of frisbee, catch, or beach volley ball. You’ll be able to work out your entire body while having a blast. Games are also a great way to make new friends while in a new place. Healthy, sociable, and fun. What’s not to love?

(Try to) resist temptation 

With all the amaze food on offer, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and attack the buffet bar (oops). Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself – moderation is your holiday BFF. Dig into a sundae one day, then pop healthy (but still yum) snack bars into your beach bag the next. Easy peasy.

Cocktails are delish, but delish calorie bombs. Whether you want to lay off the alcohol for a bit, or are counting your calories, you don’t need to miss out. Mojito flavoured water is the perf substitute, plus you can freeze it to make incredible ice lollies without the guilt (and hangover).

A quick tip

Unless you've been living under a rock, you might have noticed a certain trend amongst the influencers of the world...taking your protein on holiday with you.

Whilst packing protein powder in your suitcase might seem silly, it's actually a pretty good idea. If you're planning to get a few quick workouts in, you should make sure you're replenishing yourself properly. Especially in the heat. What better way to do that than with your tried and tested protein powder?!

Finally, know when to relax

Obviously you went on holiday to relax, so don’t obsess over your workouts too much. Heat increases your body temperature and heart rate, leaving less blood for your muscles – so don’t work them too hard or you’ll be in trouble.

Headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, and weakness are all signs of overheating. If you recognise any of these symptoms, it’s time to take a break. Don’t feel too bad about skipping a workout in the first place if you feel a bit weaker – it’s best to stick to your gut. Besides, you’re on holiday, so have fun! Exercise sensibly and enjoy trying all the food in moderation.

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