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How to Remove Facial Hair at Home with B. – Superdrug
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How to Remove Facial Hair at Home with B.

Some of us love that silky smooth feeling we get after a trip to the salon. However, the cost of getting facial hair removed professionally can add up over time. The thought of removing it yourself at home can be pretty scary, but there are loads of products available to help. All you need is a little confidence, and luckily for you, B. by Superdrug is here to help.


It is possible to get picture-perfect eyebrows at home. Most people tend to head down the waxing or plucking route. But with the help of the B. Face Facial Strip Wax Kit, you can achieve a salon-worthy brow in just a few swift motions!

Here’s how to remove eyebrow hair, with ease, in just a few simple steps:

  1. Clean your face and remove any makeup residue
  2. Brush your eyebrows into your desired shape
  3. Outline your eyebrows with loose powder to mark where you want to wax
  4. When you’re ready, get your wax strips and follow the instructions to heat them up
  5. Apply the strips in the direction that your hair grows, taking care not to apply it to hair you don’t want to remove
  6. Apply a little pressure to the strip to ensure the wax has stuck to the hair
  7. Quickly and firmly pull the strip across, not up. First-timers - it’s completely normal for it to sting.

8. Use the same strip and repeat on other sections of your eyebrows. You may also want to wax on the forehead area between them too.

9. Pluck any remaining hairs with a pair of tweezers. Do not wax the same area within 24 hours as it might cause irritation

10. To remove excess wax, use a post-wax wipe. It’s included in the B. Face Facial Strip Wax Kit, but baby oil will also work. This will help your skin calm down and leave it feeling soft

11. We also recommend using an after-wax balm for some extra hydration

And remember, eyebrows are sisters, not twins! It’s okay if they don’t match completely - no one will be able to tell apart from you.

Upper Lip and Chin

The most common method of removing upper lip and chin hair is also by waxing. The great news is that you can use the B. Face Facial Strip Wax Kit to wax this part of your face too. To wax your upper lip and chin, follow these next steps. Disclaimer: they’re very similar to the directions you followed for your eyebrows. Who knew it would be so simple?

  1. Remove makeup and fully cleanse your face
  2. When you’re ready, start to follow the directions on the wax strips so the wax warms up
  3. Apply the strip in the direction of hair growth. If you’re waxing the upper lip, place a strip on one side and follow the angle of your lip line. If you’re waxing your chin, simply place it on one section, making sure it’s applied in the direction that your hair grows
  4. Apply some pressure to make sure it’s in place
  5. Pull the strip quickly, making sure you pull across rather than up. It may sting!
  6. Repeat steps on the other side of the lip or a different section of your chin
  7. Pluck any remaining hairs. Do not wax the same area again as it may irritate your skin
  8. Use a post-wax wipe to remove any excess wax. Using this with some after-wax balm will leave your skin feeling super soft and hydrated.

The full B. Hair Removal range is 100% vegan and cruelty-free (as with everything else in the collection) and here to help you with removing hair on your body, too. Happy hair removing!

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