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How to Maintain Healthy Skin and Hair While Staying Indoors – Superdrug
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How to Maintain Healthy Skin and Hair While Staying Indoors

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Spending a lot of time indoors can take its toll on our skin and hair. Our normal beauty routines usually get skipped if we’re not planning on going out – but it can sometimes drag us down to look in the mirror and feel a bit ‘meh’!

Whether you’re working from home a lot or looking after kids if they’re off from school, there are plenty of ways to give your skin and hair a little extra loving if you can’t get out much at the moment.

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1. Top Up Your Moisture Levels

Central heating and air-conditioning can leave skin dry and parched, so keeping it hydrated is key. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid that soak up moisture from the air like a sponge and lock in into your skin to keep it plumped and glowing. (Use the time you’re saving by not having to commute and pop on a sheet mask for an extra hit of H20.)

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2. Don’t Skimp On The Sunscreen

You might think being indoors means your skin is safe from those aging UV rays. Think again! Sun exposure is the biggest cause of ageing and glass windows don’t necessarily block it out. (Plus you might even want to go for a walk in the park come lunchtime!) So SPF for at least your face is still a must. And if you don’t want to wear a full face of foundation, you can combine both with a hardworking BB Cream that will perk up a dull complexion as well as deliver that all-important UV protection.

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3. Air-Dry Hair to Stave Off Split Ends

We all know regular trims are good for keeping split ends at bay (and for getting tumbling locks in the long-term). But if you can’t get to the salon, there are ways of preventing them in the meantime. Rather than rough-drying your hair when it’s wet, letting it dry naturally is much kinder on those fragile strands and will make split ends less likely.  Applying a curl cream or serum at the same time will prevent any frizz.

(P.S. Dry off the excess water by wrapping your hair in a special hair towel or an old T-shirt – these are much gentler than regular towels and will have the same affect as the above!)

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4. Look After Your Scalp

The stress of being stuck indoors not only affects the skin on your face, it also can cause your scalp to become itchy and irritated. On your next beauty shop, look out for special scalp shampoos and scalp masks with ingredients such as coconut oil, tea tree oil and aloe vera to keep it soothed and moisturised.

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5. Keep it Clean

If you’re cooped up indoors it can be tempting to let your regular cleansing routine slide. But while you might not be wearing a full face of makeup, sweat and dead skin can still build up during the day, leading to break outs if you’re not careful. Choose products with resurfacing AHAs and anti-bacterial tea tree oil to keep spots at bay. And why not treat yourself to a detoxifying face mask while you're at it? It's all about enjoying the little things in life!

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