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How to Find His Perfect Aftershave or Scent – Superdrug
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How to Find His Perfect Aftershave or Scent

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Fragrances may be invisible when worn, but they are the ultimate way to compliment an outfit. The aftershave or scent a man chooses to wear is a great opportunity for him to show off his personality and how he wants to be perceived by others.

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Fragrance for Car Lovers

If he lives life in the fast lane then his cool exterior should be embodied in a classic, crisp fragrance.

Perfumes encased in decadent bottles will give off a powerful exterior - much like his favourite sports car. 

Look out for fragrances with rich, spicy notes such as cinnamon which exude warmth and are also highly masculine. 

These fragrances are long-lasting and durable, meaning this iconic man can prevail throughout the day. 

Perfect for a man who likes the fast, finer things in life.

Low angle extreme close up view of two generic sports cars driving at speed along flat road in winter under bright blue sky with intentional lens flare.
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Fragrance for Film Lovers

Whether it’s horrors, thrillers or comedies that he likes, this laid-back guy needs an all-round scent with a kick.

Fresh, light smelling fragrances have a modern, clean aura about them and can be worn in a variety of situations - day or night. 

Watch out for fragrances that have prominent notes of mandarin as these provide citrus, light smells with an enticing, punchy kick. Combine these with fruity undernotes such as pineapple to calm and soften the fragrance and this makes for the ideal day-to-night fragrance. 

Perfect for him to wear watching his favourite flicks, or on-the-go.

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Fragrance for Music Lovers

Just like his favourite track, choose a scent that is deeply infectious that your guy won't get enough of.

Fragrances with bold and adventurous bottles are perfect as they portray an energetic image which he needs when he's rocking at his favourite band's gig.

A scent that doesn't lie too heavy on the skin is ideal for this music lover. Rhubarb and blood orange are both zesty and sweet, creating the perfect balance when mixed with heavier notes such as Cypress and musk.

These scents tend to be lighter, so should be spritzed generously if he wants to stand out from the crowd  - just like a timeless hit. 

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Fragrance for Workaholics

He may wear an impeccable suit and have a go-get-‘em attitude on life but this achiever needs to be rewarded for his hard-working ways.

A scent that will highlight his competitive, driven qualities is ideal. Sharp top notes will reflect these attributes so opt for fragrances with smells similar to spicy apple or lemon. These will awaken the senses and get him ready for his day ahead.  

These distinctive fragrances are long-lasting so he won't have to top up during the day - one less thing for him to worry about. 


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Fragrance for Gym Lovers

If he spends his free time working up a sweat in the gym then naturally he needs to cool down afterwards.

A light, fresh fragrance is essential, making him feel cooler after just one spritz. 

Minty top notes will keep the fragrance piercingly cool. Flavours with calming qualities such as lavender or white-lily will also leave him remarkably relaxed after an intense workout. These scents are ideal for sensitive skin as they aren't harsh or irritating on the skin.


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Fragrance for Vintage Lovers

If your guy wants to ensure his scent will stand the test of time and become his favourite accessory for every occasion, then a classic aftershave is essential for him. 

When it comes to a vintage lover, the attention is placed on the legacy of a brand. Keep an eye out for old classics that have stood the test of time and prevailed through every generation.

Typical of a classic aftershave are those that possess spiced and sage undertones - these fragrances are still hugely popular now. A spiced, woody scent will submerge into the skin leaving a soothing sensation. Not only will he smell great, his skin will feel revitalized and youthful too.  


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With so much choice out there, selecting the right fragrance might seem difficult. But it doesn't have to be. Just think about his personality and what he enjoys doing in his spare time, and match it to a scent that embodies these interests.

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