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How to Buy Contact Lenses Online with Superdrug – Superdrug
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How to Buy Contact Lenses Online with Superdrug

Superdrug contact lenses model

If you’ve run out of contact lenses and can’t make it to your regular optician, there’s another option! You can easily and safely order them online with us, at Superdrug Contact Lenses Online, (even if you normally get them from another opticians or retailer). Follow our easy guide to find out more.

Superdrug contact lenses model

How do I Order Contact Lenses Online?

To ensure that your contact lenses are correct for your eyesight, we would require an up to date contact lens prescription (this is not the same as a glasses prescription). Your optician will have provided you with one at your last contact lens appointment. (Under General Optical Council Regulations we can only supply you with  lenses as specified by your optician.) Once we have that, you’re all set to stock up on your new lenses.

How to Choose Contact Lenses

Superdrug Contact Lenses Online has made the process of choosing your lenses super straightforward. On the left-hand side of the page, you can browse by each brand to find the one you normally use. If you’ve previously purchased an optician’s own-brand lens, you can still order the equivalent from us. Scroll down and click on the ‘Optician Own Brand Lenses’ option, where you’ll find a list of opticians, the lenses they have and the Superdrug version you can order instead.

Then once you click through, fill in your lens specifications like ‘Base Curve’, ‘Diameter’ and ‘Power’ (you should find these on your current contact lenses box). Remember to check that the prescriptions are correct for both your right and left eye and that the details you are using are less than two years old. This will ensure that your new lenses fit you comfortably and you can see properly.

Superdrug contact lenses

Add to Basket & Checkout

Once you’ve filled in the relevant details, simply add your lenses to your basket and carry on shopping as you normally would. If this is your first time buying from Superdrug, you will be asked to sign up for a customer account - it's quick and easy, and it will make the next time you order with us even easier. Then click ‘My Basket’ and ‘Checkout’. It will present a summary of the lenses you’ve chosen, together with the prescription details, so it’s worth double-checking to ensure everything has been entered correctly. 

Once you click ‘Begin Secure Checkout’, you will need to upload your contact lens prescription. You can either get your optician to email it across for you to upload directly to us. Otherwise, you can enter the prescription manually, together with your optician’s details, so our team can contact them to get in touch and verify that it’s all up to date. 

With that, you can go ahead and proceed with your order as normal. 

Perks of Ordering With Supedrug

As an extra bonus of ordering your contact lenses with Superdrug, you can earn points on your Superdrug Health & Beautycard. And better yet? You can add them to your online basket with all of your regular health beauty supplies, so you can stock up on your lenses and get your Superdrug favourites delivered for free (if the order is over £15 or £10 with a Health & Beautycard) at the same time!

Head to our Contact Lenses page to start your order. For any further questions, feel free to email our dedicated team at

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