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How is The Beauty Industry Being More Inclusive? – Superdrug
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How is The Beauty Industry Being More Inclusive?

The topic of inclusivity and diversity has been on every beauty lovers’ lips at one point or another! What has changed, what needs to change, and what can we all do to encourage, educate, and embrace the beauty in everyone? Today, we’re taking a closer look.

Why Does Inclusivity in Beauty Matter?

In a nutshell, inclusivity matters because everyone should feel represented regardless of their race, age, religion, ability, size, or sexuality. To celebrate diversity in beauty means celebrating all the fantastic and unique forms of beauty in our world today!


What Are Brands Doing to Be More Inclusive?

Over the last five years, the beauty industry has taken steps towards being more inclusive. However, while the progress that has been made is positive, some would argue there is still a long way to go.

So, what has the beauty industry been up to, and where have the changes been seen so far?

Shaking up Shade Ranges

Back in 2017, Rhianna shook the beauty world and gave it a bit of a wake-up call when she released Fenty Beauty and a foundation with 40 shades right out of the gate. The impact this had on the beauty world was staggering! It made other brands look up and take note; no longer was ‘close enough’ good enough for customers in their search for their perfect foundation match. Brands had to go right back to the product development stage and ask themselves whether they were catering for everyone. In a positive move, some brands have gone on to show they’re willing to step up with the likes of RevolutionMaybelline, and NYX Professional Makeup, each releasing foundations with up to 40 shades or more.

Despite this being a positive move in the quest for inclusivity, it’s not just about offering more foundation shades.


Representation Matters

As beauty lovers, we all want to feel part of the conversation, right? However, for years the industry gravitated towards a stereotypical view of beauty. Diversity was very rarely part of the dialogue, and therefore a vast majority of beauty buyers felt shut out.


In beauty, the older community are usually only targeted with products to make them appear younger. However, in recent years brands such as Dove and L’Oréal have included women of all ages to encourage them to love the skin they are in.


For a long time, we were sold the story that makeup was just for women. Still, the rise of beauty influencers and social media has given men a platform to showcase their creativity and unbelievable talents! Boundaries are finally being broken, with the likes of B. by Superdrug and Revolution featuring men in their campaigns and collaborating on sell-out product launches.


Did you know that around 10% of the world’s population has a disability? But for so long, the largest minority group in the world has been unrepresented in the beauty world, until recently. Slowly brands are starting to see the importance of showing people with different abilities with several campaigns now featuring models with downs syndrome, in wheelchairs, or with prosthetics, for example.

Brands Who Champion Diversity

Thanks to social media and consumers demanding more, we have seen some companies shift towards a more positive representation of their diverse customer base and newer brands launching with this at their core.

For example, Missguided Beauty, which launched exclusively with Superdrug in 2021, uses its social media platforms to inspire everyone’s beauty. A quick scroll through their Instagram feed will clearly demonstrate their mindset. Although their beauty account is relatively new, it already features different races, women in hijabs and headscarves, glam looking men, unfiltered skin and more. Their message is clear - everyone is welcome.

Another brand well-known for its inclusivity efforts is Revolution. They not only strongly believe that everyone should have access to quality makeup at affordable prices but that every definition of beauty should be celebrated! From day one, they set out to break the rules and continue championing diversity in everything that they do.

Inclusivity at Superdrug

At Superdrug, we have long championed accessible beauty for all. In 2016, we launched our #ShadesofBeauty campaign, in 2018, we launched #BeautyWithoutBias, and most recently, we debuted our #OwnYourBeauty campaign in stores, and online which celebrates everyone’s individuality and uniqueness.

Superdrug’s #OwnYourBeauty Campaign

Superdrug Own your beauty collage

As a Customer, What Can You Do?

Inspiring positive change does not just lie with a beauty company. As a beauty lover, you can encourage your favourite makeup, skincare, haircare brands, and even influencers to use their platforms to educate and break the beauty stereotype. Start conversations online, comment on posts, send DMs, and tag brands in your stories to continue the dialogue.

To find out more about how Superdrug are committed to providing the best health and beauty experience for all our customers, hit the pink button below!

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