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Holiday essentials checklist

girl in pool with bag of summer essentials

Stress. Excitement. Stress again. It's natural to have mixed feelings about packing for your sun-drenched holiday. But, we're all about the fun part and less of the faff part. So, take a deep breath before you try to jam in 9 pairs of flip-flops for a weekend mini-break and go over our easy, breezy checklist - perfect if you're packing for a week away.  

model in pool with summer bag full of summer products

The vitals

Meet the must-pack items. Without these, you're not going anywhere (abroad at least!) so pack them first. They should never be an after-thought!

 Passport (with at least 6 months validity)

 Foreign currency

 EHIC card

 Flight ticket/boarding pass

 Hotel booking details

 Travel insurance documents

Clothes & shoes

Overpacking is easily done when going on holiday but bear in mind that half the items you over pack rarely get a chance to be worn – so go for pieces you can dress up and down different ways. 

 Day/evening dresses

 Light jacket/cardigan

 Underwear (including strapless bra)

 Flip flops/sandals


 Beach/bath towel

 A pair of trainers/flats


 Tees, vests, blouses


 A pair of heels/wedges

Beauty & toiletries 

Stock up on all your everyday toiletries - choose travel-friendly sizes for hand luggage only flights and to save space/precious kg!

 Shower gel


 Sun tan lotion


 Wet wipes


 Toothbrush & toothpaste

 Hairbrush, hair bands, hair grips

 Sanitary towels/tampons

 Travel-friendly toiletries (if travelling with hand luggage, stick to 100ml or less)

 Contact lenses & solution (if needed)

 Insect repellant & anti-histamine cream

 Holiday makeup kit


Unless you want a digital detox on your hols (yes, didn't think so - hot dog legs for days, right?), you're going to want to pack these handy tools. Also, for those that want to tame the mane - that hotel hairdryer may not be enough!

 Travel hairdryer

 Phone & charger

 Selfie stick

 Travel adapters

 Travel straighteners/curler

Extra accessories

These accessories will come in handy throughout your entire holiday so don’t forget:

Beach bag (big enough for towel, water and sun cream)

 Sun hat



 Day/evening bag

lifestyle model on sun lounger next to pool sun cream

Other important docs

It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it...

 Sterling currency

Credit card (some hotel rooms require one to create a 'tab')

Vaccination documentation

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