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Happy feet: Caring for your feet

We take our feet for granted and they are often forgotten when it comes to beauty regimes. From being squeezed into high heels or spending long days inside nylon tights or socks, there are a number of challenges our feet have to go through on a daily basis.

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Follow these helpful tips on how to care for your feet and keep them happy!


Wash & Dry Well

The skin on our feet is naturally dry and can be made worse by anything from tight shoes, indoor heating and certain medical conditions. What many people don’t realise is that soaking your feet can actually dehydrate them, causing skin to become drier particularly on the heels. Instead of a long soak, massage an intensive foot scrub on your feet 2 -3 times a week, leaving it on for 5 minutes before rinsing off well with warm water. This will help to remove dead skin cells and help smooth the feet. 

Ensure that you dry feet well, especially in-between toes to avoid getting a fungal infection like Athlete’s Foot.


Heels tend to dry out more than the rest of the foot as a lot of pressure gets applied to the heel on a daily basis. Dry skin can lead to cracking which can be painful so it’s important to keep your feet moisturised paying particular attend to the thicker skin on your heels.

For best results, apply oils or moisturisers straight after showering and before bed. Avoid applying moisturiser in-between the toes as these areas should be dry at all times. Instead sprinkle a little talcum in between toes to help keep skin dry and avoid any infections.


Body Care

Cutting toenails

It’s important to keep toenails trimmed. Nails should be cut when they’re dry, so cut them after you have showered and dried your feet properly. Using appropriate toenail clippers or manicure scissors, cut straight across the nail, never cut the nail rounded or too short as this could cause ingrown toenails.. File the nail after cutting to smooth the edges. For extra special treatment to your feet, give yourself a pedicure at home.


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Wearing High heels

They look great and make your legs appear longer but high heels can also lead to the development of bunions which can over time become rather painful. There are a couple of things you can do to alleviate these symptoms such as:

  • Buying insoles will support the arch of your feet while walking.
  • Insoles are also great when exercising or running as they provide support for the knees as well as feet.
  • Stretch your legs and feet before and after wearing your heels
  • Buy shoes which are the correct size for your feet. If in doubt, get your feet measured
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Choosing an Electric Foot File

Your feet will benefit by using an electronic foot file as they buff away rough dry skin, and remove dead skin cells leaving you with baby soft skin. The electronic rolling motion allows quick and easy use. Many devices come with an option of a removable head for varying levels of skin toughness. Course rollers will remove thick calluses, and most rollers are anti-bacterial which can be replaced.

How to use

Whether you chose an electrical or a manual foot buffer it’s always best to learn how to use them properly first:

  1. Always use on prepared clean and dry feet.
  2. Glide the roller over hard skin and allow the roller to gently work its magic; pressing too hard will make the device stop.
  3. Repeat the process until your feet are feeling super soft and smooth.
  4. After use remember to moisturise there are plenty of foot care products from which to choose.


Preventing Foot Odor  

The bacteria which thrive in the moist environment of your shoes is the cause of unpleasant, smelly feet. Try using baby powder in your shoes before wearing them which will help soak up any moisture and odors. Wearing clean socks everyday will also help!

Using a Pumice Stone every few days whilst you’re in the shower will remove any dead skin as well as prevent any bacteria from developing, leaving your feet feeling soft, supple and happy.

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