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How to Get Naturally Plumper Lips – Superdrug
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How to Get Naturally Plumper Lips

How to get naturally plumper lips

Having beautiful, luscious and plump lips is a dream for many. If you are not blessed with a naturally full lip, don’t worry – follow these quick steps and you will be blowing bigger air kisses in no time.

How to get naturally plumper lips

Step 1 – Exfoliate

This simple step can make all the difference. Grab a soft toothbrush and exfoliate your lips gently with lip balm or a lip scrub. Doing so will not only aid blood circulation but also help your lips look healthier and fuller. Taking off all the flakes and dead skin also will help your lips reflect the light better, making them visually plumper.

Step 2 – Smart Line

When going for a lip liner, make sure you choose a nude or natural looking one.

Line your lip outside of your natural lip line only in the centre of your lips and join it with your natural lip line as you go towards the corners.

After lining, fill your lips in with the pencil. This will help your lipstick colour last longer.

Step 3 – Minty Fresh

Mint is not only great for refreshing our breath, it also can help us get a plumper lip. Mix in a very small amount of peppermint oil with your lip balm and apply it to your lips.

You will notice your lips getting plumper as the blood circulation improves. Remember, adding a little oil goes a long way. Don’t be tempted to add too much as it can irritate your lips or cause an allergic reaction.

Step 4 – Lip Contouring

This is a small trick which can make a big difference. Using a small eye shadow brush and your bronzer, create an illusion of a shadow in the centre below your lower lip line. Blend it in and enjoy the instant plumping effect.

Step 5 – Cupid’s Bow

Using your favourite highlighter, foundation or powder that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, gently highlight the area above your cupid’s bow. This will give the illusion that your lips are bigger and fuller.

Step 6 – Layer After Layer

To really create dimension in your lips, a single lick of lipstick is not enough. Add a few extra layers and see how quickly your lips start to look plumper. To give them extra depth, apply a slightly darker shade of lipstick to the middle of your lips. This visually gives them more volume.

Step 7 – Go Gloss

Apply lip gloss only to the top of your lip – Hollywood makeup artists do it all the time!

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