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easymed: Superdrug’s Free Medication Pouching Service – Superdrug
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easymed: Superdrug’s Free Medication Pouching Service

Do you take multiple medications and sometimes forget when to take each one? Or do you order your NHS repeat prescription online but wish there were an easier way to organise your medications?

If so, we’re delighted to announce that Superdrug can offer you a free and convenient solution when you order your repeat NHS prescription via  Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions with our new medication pouching service– easymed.

What is easymed?

Superdrug has launched easymed to make life easier for those who are on multiple medications and receive their NHS repeat prescriptions online through the Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions service. Instead of receiving boxes of medication which need to be organised, you can now opt-in for the Pouching service for free, which conveniently packages all of your pills into small pre-packaged dose-specific pouches.  No more counting and no more carrying boxes when you need to go out!

Why use easymed?

It is estimated that people incorrectly taking their medication costs the NHS up to £500 million* a year! By using a medication pouching aid, like easymed, it helps reduce the confusion some patients may feel when organising their daily medication.

With the launch of easymed at Superdrug, we not only want to offer our patients an easier, more convenient way to manage their medications, but we also hope it will have a positive impact in reducing NHS costs incurred as a result of complications caused by poor medical compliance.

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How does easymed work?

To get started with easymed, you need to register with Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions, tell us what medications you need, and opt-in for the Pouching service. Or, if you are already registered, you’ll just need to go into your account details and select easymed’ to start using the service.

Once you have placed your prescription order with us, we will request your medication from your GP.

Then, easymed uses innovative robotic technology and artificial intelligence to dispense your medications into your dose-specific pouches; this process is also supervised by qualified technicians and pharmacists to ensure the highest level of hygiene and accuracy is adhered too.

Your tailored pouches will be dispensed in a roll and delivered in a recyclable box straight to your door.  There’s no need to go wait in a queue at the pharmacy to collect your order and the easy-tear pouches mean you can take them with you when you’re out and about.

Easymed is here to make your life easier and to keep you on track with your medication regimen. It costs nothing to use the service, so why not give it a go with your next NHS repeat prescription?

A quick recap:

To start using easymed…


  • Register for Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions


  • Tell us which medications you need


  • Opt-in for easymed


  • Your pre-pouched medication will arrive at your door


  • Any medication that can’t be pouched, such as creams and inhalers, will be delivered alongside the pouches.


  • We will send you a helpful reminder when you are due your next prescription.
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For more information about our easymed service, or any other of our services available via Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions, visit our website below.


*Pharmacy Magazine: 'Patients failing to grasp impact of medicines non-adherence' Article:20/06/17



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