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Diary of a 1st Time Contact Lens Wearer – Superdrug
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Diary of a 1st Time Contact Lens Wearer

patient and optician with contact lens in clinic

Glasses or contact lenses? The struggle is real when it comes to deciding which is best for you. If you already wear specs and are thinking of making the switch, or you’re considering lenses as a first option, the thought can be a little daunting. So, we invited first time contact lens wearer, Tanya, to give an honest account of her experience. We’re talking kicking ass in a fitness class to the first panic when you think a lens has been lost behind your eye forever!

Tanya’s Diary: My Switch from Specs to Lenses

This year, I have decided to go on a bit of a personal journey to have more ‘me’ time, to be healthier and to spend more time with my family. An activity I have always wanted to try (call me mad) is kickboxing! Obviously, wearing glasses isn’t exactly practical when being tactfully kicked, so after wearing glasses for 4 years, I thought now is the time to try contact lenses. So, here we go…

Deciding between glasses and contact lenses

Day 1: Visiting the opticians

My optician was very calm and after talking to him about why I wanted to try contact lenses and how often I would be wearing them he talked me through the different options of contact lenses which may be suitable for me. After considering my choices, I selected a few I would like to try. We talked through how to put them in and after a dummy run where the optician put them in for me a few times… I was officially a contact lens wearer!

How they felt…

I hadn’t put too much thought into how they would feel, but it was quite strange to be honest! It was not what I was expecting at all - then again, I didn’t really know what to expect! I could hardly feel the lens at all – I don’t know why I was so concerned!

Contact lens lesson 1: how to put them in without getting annoyed

Now came the tricky part…. I said goodbye to my optician and joined one of his colleagues, who had the (mammoth) task of teaching me how to put the lenses in and take them out myself.

Firstly, I found out that one of the most important things to do to ensure my eyes remained healthy was to wash and dry my hands before handling my lenses – which makes sense!

I found one eye easier than the other, but oh wow did I get frustrated! It went against everything I knew - such as not to put things in your eye! I wanted to constantly close them and to blink but I was pleasantly surprised to find it didn’t hurt. It did, however, make my eyes and nose water - but I was determined to master this!

After an hour or so, and lots of tissues and saline solution later, the lady at the opticians was confident in my ability to put in and remove my lenses. We went through some more do’s and don’ts and I was on my way – with my glasses safely tucked away in a case in my bag!

patient and optician with contact lens in clinic

Day 2: Argh! The panic!

OMG! I thought I had lost one!

I put them in, it took a little time again, but I got them in and wore them for 3 hours (as advised). But when I went to take one out, I thought I had lost it! Had it dropped out without me realising!? Was that even possible? Turns out… it was! After my husband peered into my eye and was sure it wasn’t there, my eldest son found it in the bathroom! Imagine… I was even thinking of going to A&E – luckily, I avoided that embarrassment!

I must tell you, I have had headache the past 2 days, but that is normal (according to Google). It’s just my eyes and my sight getting used to seeing through contact lenses and not glasses.

Day 6: It’s a bit of a blur…

I have been wearing my glasses for a few days, as I didn’t intend on wearing my lenses every day, so thought it would be best to pop my lenses in for the evening. They were once again, easy to put in and take out and were still just as comfy!

I have noticed, however, that sometimes at the edge of my sight area it seems a bit blurry, but I have read that that is normal too. I made a mental note to tell my optician at my check-up appointment in the morning.

Day 7: Time for my follow up appointment

Back to the opticians today. I’m feeling more confident putting the lenses in now - who’d have thought?! They still don’t go in first time but I’m getting there, and I know that it isn’t going to hurt me.

At my appointment, the lovely, patient lady who was with me last week and the optometrist asked how I had been getting on with them. I told them that I had been fine, that I loved the freedom that they give me, and that I am getting better at putting them in and taking them out. I surprised myself by also telling them that I may end up wearing them more than I originally thought!

I mentioned the slight blurriness to the optometrist (it is always better to be truthful and honest; you never know).

He checked my eyes with the lenses in to make sure that I have the correct prescription. He even checked to see if my eyes were okay for close up work and explained that if I was struggling with work/reading to let them know so that they can alter my prescription.

I am happy to report – my eyes are healthy, and everything is okay!

Female picking up contact lens from a bathroom shelf

Day 8: I’m officially a lens wearing pro…

I put my lenses in today and wore them for a full 7 hours +. And they still felt great!

Day 13: Contact lenses? I’ve got this!

It’s kickboxing day and for the first time I can try my lenses out while working out. The verdict? It was amazing! I was able to give more, put more effort in without thinking about my glasses getting in the way, falling off or even breaking and hurting my face.

There is definitely no going back now, I will be wearing contact lenses for sports and for socialising, who knows I may even eventually use them all the time!



There we go! We hope that if you are currently considering contact lenses, that Tanya’s experience has swayed you to give them a go!

At Superdrug , you can order disposable contact lenses online from a range of top brands.  Plus, here you will also find lots of advice, aftercare and guides to help you on your contact lens journey, including more information on becoming a lens wearer yourself!

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