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Dailies, Bi-weekly or Monthly? Which Contact Lenses Are For Me? – Superdrug
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Dailies, Bi-weekly or Monthly? Which Contact Lenses Are For Me?

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If you’ve been wearing glasses for years, or have only just been told you need them, you might want to try contact lenses as an alternative. If you prefer the ‘invisibility’ that contact lenses provide, then there are many options to consider. Just remember, if you do fancy contact lenses, then make sure you speak to an optician before purchasing any and that you are shown by a professional how to put them in and take them out.

The three main options are daily, bi-weekly and monthly lenses. Which type of lenses you choose will depend on your lifestyle and how frequently you intend to wear them. To help you decide we’ve listed the pros and cons of each below…

Superdrug glasses online contact lenses


As you might have guessed, while other contact lenses are meant to be re-used, with dailies you put in a fresh new pair every day, minimising the chance of infection and irritation. They’re typically thinner and more flexible than other lenses and have a high water content, so they’re extremely comfortable to wear – fitting the shape of the eye with ease.

Fuss-free and convenient, they’re the best choice for those with a busy or unpredictable lifestyle and a great option for those who like to switch between glasses and contacts – and don’t want the hassle of cleaning them in-between uses. If you only want to wear them at weekends or the odd evening, they can be a cheaper option for you too (a pack of 30 can last you a good while).

Plus if you have allergies or sensitive eyes, then dailies can be the best option as there’s less chance of them becoming contaminated and irritating the eyes if you don’t have to clean them each time.

If you play a lot of sports or spend a lot of time outdoors, then dailies might be a good option for you too, as they can easily be replaced if they fall out and get lost (just remember to have some spares handy). Find out more about them here.

Bi-Weeklies and Monthlies

Bi-weeklies require a bit more care, as you have to change to a new pair every two weeks or every month respectively. You will also need to be meticulous about cleaning them, keeping them in a sanitising solution overnight when you’re not wearing them and not wear the same pair for more than two weeks or a month depending on which type you choose.

If you have to wear contact lenses all the time and spend a lot of time at home or in an office – where they can easily be taken out and cleaned – then they’re probably a cheaper and more cost-effective option in this respect (bearing in mind you also have to buy a solution to clean them with).

Monthlies or bi-weeklies can also be a good option for those with dry eyes, as they retain moisture for longer.

Worried About How Sustainable Your Lenses Are?

When it comes to the environment, monthly lenses are often perceived as more environmentally friendly because they’re replaced once a month rather than every day or every two weeks. However, daily lenses are continually evolving to create less waste, with more recyclable materials – so many soft lenses, blister packs and boxes can all be easily recycled via your local council scheme.

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