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Best eyeshadow for your eye colour – Superdrug
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Best eyeshadow for your eye colour

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The eyes have it – and don’t we know it. Want to smoulder? Let your eyes flirt your way to a guaranteed second date with a smokey eye. Want to look totes profesh? Make those peepers pop with lighter, matte hues. Want to prove you’re creative? You’ll want to get playful with that colour palette. Yes, there are many ways you can experiment with eye makeup. But, we also know that some colours may complement your natural aesthetic more than others *gasp*. We know, game-changer! Here’s what you need to know…

best eyeshadows for your eye colour chart

Eyeshadow for blue eyes

You know that colour chart wheel that you can sometimes spot in a super swanky interiors shop? Well, it’s not just there to help pick out paint samples – it is also used to show you which colours can work well together. And the general rule of thumb is that if you partner two opposite colours on the wheel, you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven.   

Blue is a naturally cool colour and can come in many different variations from ocean-deep to icy grey. The easiest way to enhance your natural shade is to visit (you guessed it!) the opposite side of the colour wheel.

So, for blue eyes this is warmer earthy tones. Layering light shades of neutral browns, orange and peach is the perfect backdrop to your blue eyes as it makes them pop. By day, choose matte colours for a subtler enhancement and by night add a little more drama by going for shimmery golds and bronze.

eyeshadow colours that work with blue eyes
eyeshadow colours that work with green eyes

Eyeshadow For green eyes

As green eyes are naturally bright, you may find you don’t need to contrast them too heavily with vibrant colours for a dramatic effect. Instead, by day go for soft palettes of shimmery brown, charcoal grey and forest green eyeshadows. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even experiment with mixing some of these colours together to create a slightly richer finish.

Sweep a hint of gold across your eyelids and on the inner corners to highlight any yellow specks in green eyes – although this popular make-up hack works on most eye colours, it’s especially effective at complementing green eyes. Not to mention gold is wearable across all seasons.

For evening soirées for high contrast, try eyeshadow colours such as muted purple, pastel pink, wine red and rose gold.

Eyeshadow for brown eyes

Brown-eyed beauties can play with a whole host of hues across the colour wheel without worrying about a colour clash.

For best results, cool blue, plum and green tones tend to do a great job of balancing out the warmth of brown eyes and are completely wearable during the day. But, if using brighter colours isn’t your style then neutral shades of nude and salmon can also work wonders.

If you want to lift your dark-coloured eyes, opulent eyeshadows in violet and silver or those with a metallic lustre can really stand out for all the right reasons. Press your favourite shade along the lower lash line as well as across your lids for best results.


eyeshadow colours that work with brown eyes
eyeshadow colours that work with hazel eyes

Eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Hazel irises contain different coloured flecks of brown, gold and green, so if you’re lucky enough to have this eye colour then you can experiment with a number of eyeshadows depending on your mood and which flecks you feel like illuminating.

As with blue eyes, dark, smokey eyeshadows can be slightly overpowering next to a hazel iris, so for daytime choose rich, autumnal colours like warm browns, golds and greens to match the changeable tones of your eyes. To really bring out their natural sparkle, dab gold or bronze on the inner corners and centre of your eyelids.

For highlighting any green flecks or to create a look that’s more party-ready, add a touch of purple, wine red or dusty pink eyeshadow to your eyelids, or rim your lashes with dark green shades to add real depth to your look.

Top eyeshadow tips

Now you’ve got the ultimate colour palette know-how, you're ready to become an eye makeup master. But, all that expert knowledge can let you down if you don’t apply it like a pro…

  • Once you’ve found an eyeshadow that suits you, remember the key to making it look good is also very much down to how you apply it and blend it. Whether you’re using pale or dark shades, be sure not to cake on the pigment in one area and drag it across your eye – take some time with it and lightly layer on the eyeshadow to ensure you get even coverage.
  • If you’re feeling creative and want to try wearing a few different colours together – primer and blending tools are your best friends. Applying primer (or even a concealer as a base) will not only help your eyeshadow stay in place, but also help you to blend the colours together more easily.
  • Always blend out your eyeshadow! Unless, of course, you’re deliberately trying to get a blocky finish or jagged edge. Otherwise, use eyeshadow brushes for perfect application and blending.
  • Try mixing up your finishes. If you layer on too much shimmer eyeshadow, you might get an ultra-glam look that isn’t work-appropriate. Equally, being too generous with a matte eyeshadow may make your look fall a bit flat. A mixture of shimmer and matte is the ideal combination to add dimension and keep your peepers looking pretty.

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