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Fun Ways to Beat the January Blues – Superdrug
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Fun Ways to Beat the January Blues

Beat January Blues

After all the festive feasting, dad dancing and champagne cheers-ing, January arrives like a loud thud. The mood quickly shifts from spreading love and visiting to friends to staying at home with only your elaborate New Year’s resolutions for company. But, not this year. This year we’re saying no to the January blues – and you should too!

Beat January Blues

See the Sunshine

OK, so there’s not much sunshine to see in the dark months. But, that shouldn’t mean you should spend lunchtime holed up in the canteen or racing home to the sofa. Try to get outdoors and enjoy that crisp winter’s morning (maybe take your pooch for a walk too!)

Do Something Sweet for Someone you Love

Just because you spoilt them with gifts a few weeks ago, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a reminder of how much you care once the fairy lights come down. But, acts of kindness don’t have to cost the earth. Write a note and leave it on the fridge door for your partner to see. Or make your sister a cup of coffee with a sprinkling of latte art. The smile you’ll get from that special someone will be enough to lift any down-in-the-dump feelings.   

Distract the Kids

They were cherubs on Christmas Eve but come January they’re starting to beeline for the naughty list. Yes, kids can play up when all the excitement is over. And not just little ones. Teenagers are also more susceptible to being stroppy when it’s dark out and there’s no celebrations to look forward too. So distract them from that funk by putting a plan together that will bring up the energy levels. For the young’uns have a games day at home or take them to your local swimming pool. For the teens treat them to a shopping trip, their favourite food or cinema date.

Visit that Long-lost Relative

You’ve spent all of December visiting extended family and you’ve probably lost count of the amount of times someone uttered the phrase ‘we should do this more often’. Get a date in the diary for a get-together with that one person you love seeing once a year – surely there’s more you need to catch up on?

Beat January Blues 3

Swap News for Memes

Watching the news when you’re already feeling a bit bleugh is like kicking a person when they’re down. So instead of scrolling through the news reports, give your mind a little break and LOL at some memes instead. As if you needed an excuse, right…?

Beat January Blues 2

Schedule in Some Me-time

Running a bath, putting on a face mask and lighting a scented candle are just some of life’s little luxuries. Put some time aside this Jan for pampering purposes. Need more inspo? Check out our favourite pampering gifts...

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