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Making Bath Time Fun Again with Kids Stuff – Superdrug
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Making Bath Time Fun Again with Kids Stuff

Kids Stuff bath time

Parents, we're about to let you into a secret that you're going to want to share with every mum and dad you know! Say goodbye to stressful bath time showdowns with your kids, and hello to fun, creative and enjoyable moments with Kids Stuff Crazy Soap, now available at Superdrug.

Kids Stuff Crazy Soap has been helping parents for over 20 years with their colourful and imaginative bath time products that kids simply go crazy for!

Sound too good to be true? Read on to discover one mum's absolute delight in her son and daughter embracing bath time, night after night, with Kids Stuff Crazy Soap.

Bath time Battleground

We all know what sort of a battleground our houses turn in to when we shout, ‘BATH TIME?!’. But I think I have just changed bath time forever for me and my little ones. Kids Stuff Crazy Soap is a game-changer. The kids willingly hop in the tub and are asking for baths morning, noon and night. I simply cannot keep up!

Just Like Magic...

My little girl spotted it on the shelf, a bright purple can with a unicorn on the front. Her favourite character right now, so instantly she was drawn to it. “Want this please, want this please” she insisted. At such a great price, who was I to shuffle her along to the toy aisle instead?

We soon arrived home and instantly she wanted to play with her new find. So, the bath was drawn quicker than you could say Kids Stuff Crazy Soap and she was in! We squirted in, moulded it, made shapes with it, even made bath hats out of it. We had hours of fun and belly laughed until exhaustion.

Kids Stuff Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap Purple Grape £1.99 Buy Now
Kids stuff purple unicorn bath foam

Immediately the next morning I ordered the rest of the products in the range in the hope this wasn’t a one-time wonder, and our bath time routines were to change forever! I could not wait to enjoy more bath time fun together. I grabbed Crazy Foams in each colour, Blue, Pink and another Purple for the Unicorn queen. They too had 2 Bubble Baths, a glittery one and a colour changing one, red to blue – of course, I couldn’t resist - so got the lot!

Kids Stuff Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap Pink £1.99 Buy Now
Kids Stuff Kids Stuff Crazy Magical Sparkling Bubble Bath £2.49 Buy Now
Kids stuff

Fun for All The Kids

I really wanted my boy to join the fun so was hoping with the Blue Foam and Colour Changing Bubble Bath, he might too get involved... and even at 10 – he wasn’t able to resist joining in with the science experiments and laughter!

Bath time has never been so easy!

Kids Stuff Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap Blue £1.99 Buy Now
Kids Stuff Kids Stuff Crazy Colour Changing Bubble Bath Red to Blue £2.49 Buy Now

Thank-you Kids Stuff & Superdrug for making bath time fun again. In a world where we can’t do much right now and have to stay indoors, we still have our bathtubs and our enthusiasm.  Get Splashing!

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