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November 2020 – Superdrug
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Garnier Commits to Green Beauty

Garnier Go Green LP
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As a world's leading natural beauty brand, we have the opportunity to help create a positive impact by leading the way towards sustainable beauty that's accessible to all.


Garnier go green campaign

More Solidarity Sourcing

By 2025 Garnier will have empowered 800 communities worldwide as we grow existing and introduce a new Solidarity sourcing programme.

Green Sciences & Formulas

In 2019, our new shampoos and hair care formulas reached an average of 91% biodegradability*.

By 2025, we will create new high performing and respectful formulas for your hair and skin, powered by Garnier’s Green Sciences initiatives.
*As per OECD 301 or equivalent tests


Garnier go green campaign
Garnier go green campaign

More Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

By 2025, Garnier will aim to use Zero Virgin Plastic in packaging, saving 37,000 tonnes of plastic every year.

By 2025 all packaging will also be either reusable, recyclable or compostable.

More Renewable Energies

Since 2005, our industrial sites and distribution centres have cut water usage by 45% and reduced CO2 emissions by 72%. 

By 2025, 100% of our industrial sites will be carbon neutral.

Garnier go green campaign
Garnier go green campaign

More Actions to Fight Plastic Pollution

Garnier has partnered with two NGO’s to help improve both the environmental and social impact of plastic pollution: Ocean Conservancy and Plastics For Change.

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Eco Beauty: Reduce Waste Within Your Beauty Routine

Garnier reusable eco pads and micellar water

Today, we're handing over the reins of our blog to Garnier who will be sharing their tips on how to go green with your beauty routine. Over to you, Garnier...

Reduce Waste Within Your Beauty Routine

Taking care of ourselves should go hand-in-hand with taking care of the planet, but for far too long, the beauty industry has been a major contributor to climate change. We can’t afford to ignore the problem any longer.

Waste is perhaps the beauty industry’s most damaging product. Many of the items we use in our daily routine are single use. While their packaging is typically made from non-recyclable virgin plastic. This means these products will continue to harm the environment well past our lifetimes.

To put it in perspective, the average UK household uses 216 plastic haircare bottles every year, while wet wipes contribute to 93% of sewer blockages in the UK. Just two examples of the alarmingly negative impact waste in the beauty industry has had on the environment.

It’s our responsibility at Garnier to lead the charge towards a brighter future for our planet by championing sustainable beauty that’s accessible and affordable. Our commitment to Green Beauty includes solidarity sourcing, exploring Green Sciences, embracing renewable energy, and working with NGOs to improve the environmental and social impact of plastic pollution.

We also aim to use reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging with zero virgin plastic for all our products by 2025, which will save 37,000 tonnes of plastic every year! Already, we’ve launched the first mass-market cardboard-based packaging for our Organic Hemp Gel Cream.

These are our commitments, but what can you do? Let’s explore a few ways we can ensure our routine doesn’t just keep us beautiful and healthy but keeps the planet beautiful and healthy too.

Garnier reusable eco pads and micellar water

Reusable & Recyclable Beauty Products

Single-use products have long been the norm in the beauty world, and something we can all do to help care for the environment is to reduce waste by switching to reusable, recyclable alternatives.

Think about how many wet wipes you throw out – or worse, flush down the loo – every day. Or the number of plastic bottles we go through in a year. Add cotton swabs, foundation tubes, tampon applicators, disposable razors, toothbrushes… a quick look in your bathroom bin will highlight just how much waste we create while simply looking after our bodies.

Shopping sustainably shouldn’t be a costly or arduous task; as leaders in the industry, that’s on us, and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Our commitment to Green Beauty means redefining the present and future of the industry. This means innovating, exploring new formulas, and discovering new ways to offer the same quality and care as always, without damaging our environment.

It’s up to you to embrace sustainable living in your routine, but it’s our responsibility to make it easier for you to do so by providing you with eco-beauty products that make a real difference:

Eco-friendly reusable makeup pads

Do you find yourself removing your makeup with single-use wipes or cotton pads? Our Micellar Reusable Eco Pads can be washed and reused up to 1,000 times each, completely eliminating daily cotton an plastic waste. They're gentle on the skin and kind to the planet. By switching to sustainable, reusable makeup remover pads, you'll be helping to reduce the estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic that end up in oceans yearly.

Able to effectively remove all types of make-up, our microfibre reusable face pads with Micellar Cleansing Water gently removes make-up and cleanses the skin without the need for harsh rubbing. After using them, simply hand wash with soap and water.

Choose haircare that’s great for your hair and great for the planet

Dig into Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food, and discover our best hair care products that cleanse, nourish and condition hangry hair! Our Hair Food Shampoo and Conditioner have 98% natural origin ingredients and 100% vegan formula, meaning they do not contain animal ingredients or by-products. The bottles are also 100% also 100% recyclable and made with 50% recycled plastic.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Banana Hair Mask 390ml £6.99 Buy Now
Garnier Ultimate Blends Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Banana Shampoo 350ml £5.99 Buy Now
Garnier Ultimate Blends Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Banana Conditioner 350ml £5.99 Buy Now

Reducing waste in your beauty routine

Reducing waste doesn’t mean upending your beauty routine entirely; simple shifts in your habits go a long way:

  • If you already have plastic bottles, reuse them. Use refillable beauty products, and where possible, use biodegradable products without any plastic at all.
  • If you can’t go completely plastic-free, recycle correctly and choose products that use recycled plastic. Through our partnership with TerraCycle®, we’re making it easier for UK households to recycle Garnier products and eliminate waste.
  • Use less water. Don’t keep the tap running during your routine and only use as much water as necessary.
  • Be conscious of the products you use, their ingredients, and how they’re made. Support brands that support ethical and sustainable production. We’re introducing impact labelling on all our products, helping you understand their social and environmental impact so you can shop more consciously.
Garnier Garnier Micellar Reusable Make-Up Remover Micro Fibre Pads £8.99 Buy Now
Garnier Organic Garnier Organic Hemp Gel Cream 50ml £7.99 Buy Now

Just a few simple adjustments to our routine, the products we use, and how we dispose of them will make a world of difference.

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Three Ways To Condition Your Hair Using One Product

Garnier ultimate hair food

Today, we're handing over the reins of our blog to Garnier who will be sharing some of their coveted hair care tips! Over to you, Garnier...”

Colder months can wreak havoc with your hair, and you may find your locks looking less than their best at these times. In fact, breakage, dryness and frizz can make a frustratingly regular appearance from autumn through to spring.

But luckily for us, hair care products like leave-in conditioners and deep conditioning masks can give your tresses that extra boost they need. Just like our new Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food range, which covers all bases – it’s a wash-out conditioner, leave-in conditioner and intensive hair mask all in one.

A product like this gives you complete control over what type of nourishing treatment your hair needs on any given day – without you having to use multiple products. So, how exactly do you use a 3-in-1 hair care formula? Follow our key steps for hair care satisfaction.

Garnier ultimate hair food

The Wash-out Conditioner Method

The most common way to use a conditioner is to apply it immediately after you’ve shampooed your hair, then wash it out. By using a conditioning formula as part of your standard routine, you can find your hair is glossier and smoother after washing. Here’s how to use Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food as a wash-out conditioner to fight frizz and flyaways.

Step 1: Prep your hair

Following the instructions on the bottle, apply your shampoo of choice to wet hair and rinse. Shampoo is an important preparatory step to ensure that your hair is clean and ready to absorb as much nourishment from your conditioner as possible, without weighing it down.

Step 2: Apply Hair Food

Take your pick from the Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food range, based on your individual hair needs, and scoop out a small dollop of product. Massage it into wet hair with your fingertips in a circular motion, working the product in from root to tip.

Step 3: Rinse

Once the product is evenly distributed through your hair, let it rest for a couple of minutes – as you would a standard conditioner – then rinse out thoroughly, working from your scalp down to the end of each strand.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Banana Hair Mask 390ml £6.99 Buy Now
Garnier Ultimate Blends Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Papaya Hair Mask 390ml £6.99 Buy Now

The Hair Mask Method

When you really need an extra boost of moisture, apply Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food as a hair mask. This method conditions your hair right down to the roots – reducing the appearance of dryness and breakage.

Step 1: Prep your hair

A hair mask should never be applied to an unwashed scalp. So wash your hair, following your shampoo’s instructions, then rinse and towel dry your tresses.

Step 2: Apply Hair Food

Divide hair into sections and apply Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food to your strands from root to tip. Gently comb your hair to release tangles as you work your way through each section. Once all your tresses are covered in product, wrap your hair up in a towel. This will help seal in your Hair Food mask, for maximum absorption. Depending on how damaged your hair is, leaving it on for as little as 3 minutes can make a big change to your locks.

Step 3: Rinse

Once you’ve left the mask on for your desired time, lather with cool water, then rinse off.

The Leave-in Method

Want to go a step beyond regular-use, mask? Use Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food as a once-weekly moisturising leave-in treatment.

Step 1: Prep your hair or not

What’s best about using it as a leave-in is you can use it on wet or dry hair on the go.

Step 2: Apply Hair Food

Scoop a small amount of the formula into your hands and apply to lengths to tame frizz and leave hair super smooth.


Garnier Ultimate Blends Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Coconut Hair Mask 390ml £6.99 Buy Now
Garnier Ultimate Blends Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Aloe Vera Hair Mask 390ml £6.99 Buy Now
Garnier Ultimate Blends Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Goji 3-In-1 Mask 390ml £6.99 Buy Now
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Slenderplan’s 3-Step Programme To a Healthier You

Slenderplan 3-step programme

Slenderplan by Superdrug is an easy way to manage your weight in three simple steps. Rather than scanning ingredients lists and cooking elaborate low-fat meals, Slenderplan offers shakes, soups and easy-to-follow recipes as part of their results-driven regime. Think of Slenderplan as your weight management coach, to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle!*

Slenderplan by Superdrug snacking

How Does Slenderplan Work?

Split into an easy to follow 3-step programme Slenderplan can work around your lifestyle:

Daily Steps:

Step A: Choose one meal of 600 calories for women or 800 calories for men, per day. You can download lots of easy, tasty recipes online here. From spaghetti Bolognese to Mexican bean stew, there are plenty of recipes to suit every set of taste buds.

Step B: Choose two Slenderplan meal replacements, which can range from filling shakes with flavours like Strawberry Swirl and Caramel Cream (that contain no added sugar and are a great source of fibre) to hearty soups like Creamy Tomato and Creamy Chicken. Plus, there are handy meal replacement bars for when you’re out and about.

Step C: Choose up to three snacks a day that combined, make 300 calories (see recipe guide for details). Healthy snacks can range from a handful of fruit to a few squares of dark chocolate, as well as Slenderplan’s tasty snack range.

In addition to the above steps, ensure you drink two litres of water a day to stay hydrated and energised. Additionally, make sure to exercise regularly (such as 30 minutes of cardio or brisk walking a day) to burn energy and help keep your metabolism healthy.

Slenderplan 3-step programme

How to Snack in a Healthy Way

Snacking is a part of the Slenderplan programme as we understand that those 3 pm hunger pangs are hard to ignore! If you feel like you’re always browsing the fridge for something to snack on between meals, there are ways you can adjust your snacking habits.

Instead of refraining from snacking at all, try keeping a closer eye on the foods you’re eating. If you are eating processed foods and refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, chocolate, and pastries, this can cause your blood sugar levels to rise and crash very quickly, leaving you feeling drained, irritable, and hungry again!

Instead of reaching for the cakes or biscuits when you’re flagging, try something rich in protein instead, like a slice of apple spread with peanut butter. It will help maintain your energy levels for longer, without the sudden dip.

Slenderplan Snacks

As well as stocking up on snacks which are rich in protein and low in sugar, Slenderplan also have a selection of delicious snacks to help you curb those cravings!

The Chocolate and Lemon Fibre Brownie snacks are a great source of fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer. They’re also under 90 calories each, making them the ideal tasty treat to enjoy as part of a healthy weight management programme.

Slenderplan Superdrug Slender Plan Chocolate Fibre Brownie Snack Bar 24g £0.24 Buy Now
Slenderplan Superdrug Slender Plan Lemon Fibre Brownie Snack Bar 24g £0.24 Buy Now

Find out more about Slenderplan, the delicious range, and to download the 7-day meal plan by clicking the button below.

*Diet and fitness products should only be used as part of a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle

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Hair Dye Recommendations & Tips For Men

Male sitting with his legs crossed on a seat in front of a green background

Whether it’s covering up greys, enhancing your natural shade or just wanting to try out a bold new look, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to dye your hair. In fact, more men dye their hair than you might imagine – including a few celebrities, from Kanye West to Brad Pitt and Justin Bieber!

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge at home, Superdrug has a great range of men’s hair colourants to get you started. Simply follow our easy guide to navigating the world of home hair colour and you’ll be well on your way to sporting a fresh new hue.

Male sitting with his legs crossed on a seat in front of a green background

Choosing the Right Hair Colour

While some men embrace the onset of greys and enjoy being a silver fox, others prefer to hold on to their original shade. If that’s you, then a home hair colour is the perfect solution. You might even be tempted to enhance your natural colour or change up your look in the process with a slightly bolder or brighter shade. We suggest going up to two shades darker or one shade lighter than your natural shade if you don’t want the colour change to look too drastic or obvious.

Permanent or semi-permanent?

If you’re totally new to hair colour, we suggest starting out with a semi-permanent shade that will last for up to six weeks. Then if you’re not quite sure about it, you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow out.  It’s also good if you want to camouflage – but not completely cover – grey hair, as it gradually blurs them out and makes root re-growth look less obvious.

On the other hand, permanent colour may fade but doesn’t wash out, making it good for those wanting to completely change their colour or spot dye just a few greys. But given that it is permanent you need to make sure you know what you’re doing (and that it’s the right colour for you).

Top Tips on Colouring Hair at Home

  1. Leave your hair unwashed for a few days beforehand – especially if your scalp is particularly sensitive. This will enable natural oils on your scalp to accumulate and create a protective barrier so that the hair colour feels the most comfortable when applied.
  2. Wear an old shirt and use old towels that you don’t mind getting drips of colour on and put a large towel on the floor (you don’t want to stain your bathmat or any carpet in the bathroom!)
  3. Dab some Vaseline around your hairline, on the tops of your ears and the back of your neck to prevent the colour from staining your skin.
  4. Put the plastic gloves on (which should come with the packet) and mix the colour if required. Apply it to your hair in small sections, from front to back. If you’re covering greys that are only prominent in certain areas (e.g. at the temple) then you might just want to spot dye these sections rather than dyeing your whole head of hair. Apply the product generously, massage in and leave on for the required amount of time. (If you have thicker or textured hair you might want to leave it on for slightly longer.)
  5. Once you’ve rinsed and dried your hair, maintaining your colour’s freshness is key. So, ensure you use a shampoo for coloured hair and try to limit the number of times you wash it to prevent the colour from fading.

N.B. To cover up a grey beard, we don’t recommend using your regular hair dye, as the chemicals can be too strong for facial skin. Instead, use a special beard dye designed for this purpose.


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5 Ways We’re Keeping You Safe Instore this Christmas

Superdrug staff member wearing a leopard print face mask in store

A lot has changed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have all experienced two nationwide lockdowns, the term ‘zoom quiz’ will forever live on in our memories, and of course, the way we shop has been flipped on its head.

As an essential retailer Superdrug are still open, and this Christmas we want you to feel safe when you visit your local store. So, we’ve put lots of measures in place to do just that! 

If you’re unsure of how things have changed, here are five things to look out for in our stores that we have implemented to ensure our customers and colleagues remain healthy and happy this festive season. *

Facemask instore Superdrug COVID19

1. Limited Capacity

To ensure everyone can stick to the 2-metre social distancing guideline, we have reduced the number of people allowed in our stores at any one time. In some of our smaller stores, you may have to wait outside until a member of staff says it is okay for you to come in. Please listen to their guidance to ensure everyone can shop in comfort.

2. Mandatory Face Coverings

All of our staff are required to wear a face-covering while instore and when interacting with customers. We ask that all customers also wear a face covering when visiting a store that covers both their nose and mouth.  If you need to stock up, you can shop online for them here: Face masks and coverings.

3. Screen at Tills

When you come into the store, you will see that we have installed screens at all our till points to reduce contact between our staff and customers. Don’t worry our staff will still be able to hear you and answer any questions you may have!

4. Card payments Only

For the time being, we are unable to accept cash at any of our tills. Please pay by a card, or you can use contactless payment up to the value of £45.

5. Removal of Testers

We understand that being able to test a product instore is one of the easiest ways to find the perfect gift or treat for yourself. However, we have had to remove testers from our shelves to stop them from being handled by multiple people. If you wish to smell a new perfume, our staff will be more than happy to spray this for you on a piece of blotting paper or advise you further on a product you like the look of!

Facemask instore Superdrug COVID19

We look forward to welcoming you to our stores over the Christmas period. As always, we will continue to monitor the current situation and will put into place anything necessary to ensure our customers and colleagues are always happy and healthy! 


To find out more about how you can shop safely with Superdrug this Christmas, press the pink button below!

*Instore changes have been implemented in line with UK Government guidelines correct on 24/11/20.
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How to Buy Contact Lenses Online with Superdrug

Superdrug contact lenses model

If you’ve run out of contact lenses and can’t make it to your regular optician, there’s another option! You can easily and safely order them online with us, at Superdrug Contact Lenses Online, (even if you normally get them from another opticians or retailer). Follow our easy guide to find out more.

Superdrug contact lenses model

How do I Order Contact Lenses Online?

To ensure that your contact lenses are correct for your eyesight, we would require an up to date contact lens prescription (this is not the same as a glasses prescription). Your optician will have provided you with one at your last contact lens appointment. (Under General Optical Council Regulations we can only supply you with  lenses as specified by your optician.) Once we have that, you’re all set to stock up on your new lenses.

How to Choose Contact Lenses

Superdrug Contact Lenses Online has made the process of choosing your lenses super straightforward. On the left-hand side of the page, you can browse by each brand to find the one you normally use. If you’ve previously purchased an optician’s own-brand lens, you can still order the equivalent from us. Scroll down and click on the ‘Optician Own Brand Lenses’ option, where you’ll find a list of opticians, the lenses they have and the Superdrug version you can order instead.

Then once you click through, fill in your lens specifications like ‘Base Curve’, ‘Diameter’ and ‘Power’ (you should find these on your current contact lenses box). Remember to check that the prescriptions are correct for both your right and left eye and that the details you are using are less than two years old. This will ensure that your new lenses fit you comfortably and you can see properly.

Superdrug contact lenses

Add to Basket & Checkout

Once you’ve filled in the relevant details, simply add your lenses to your basket and carry on shopping as you normally would. If this is your first time buying from Superdrug, you will be asked to sign up for a customer account - it's quick and easy, and it will make the next time you order with us even easier. Then click ‘My Basket’ and ‘Checkout’. It will present a summary of the lenses you’ve chosen, together with the prescription details, so it’s worth double-checking to ensure everything has been entered correctly. 

Once you click ‘Begin Secure Checkout’, you will need to upload your contact lens prescription. You can either get your optician to email it across for you to upload directly to us. Otherwise, you can enter the prescription manually, together with your optician’s details, so our team can contact them to get in touch and verify that it’s all up to date. 

With that, you can go ahead and proceed with your order as normal. 

Perks of Ordering With Supedrug

As an extra bonus of ordering your contact lenses with Superdrug, you can earn points on your Superdrug Health & Beautycard. And better yet? You can add them to your online basket with all of your regular health beauty supplies, so you can stock up on your lenses and get your Superdrug favourites delivered for free (if the order is over £15 or £10 with a Health & Beautycard) at the same time!

Head to our Contact Lenses page to start your order. For any further questions, feel free to email our dedicated team at

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Black Friday Fragrance Top Picks

Superdrug Black Friday fragrances new lines added

Fragrance fans, this Black Friday have we got a treat for you! At Superdrug, you can save up to 50% on selected perfumes and aftershaves!

Whether you are looking for a new favourite fragrance for yourself or ticking names off your Christmas gifting list, you can shop your way to scent success with our top Black Friday fragrance deals.

Black Friday Fragrance top picks Superdrug

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Lucky

Was: £50 Now: £35

Get set to enjoy a lucky streak with 1 Million lucky from the perfume powerhouse, Paco Rabanne. This extraordinary long-lasting scent features bergamot, hazelnut, and patchouli - a combination guaranteed to stimulate your senses!

Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne 1 Million Lucky Eau de Toilette 50ml £45.00 Buy Now

Marc Jacobs Perfect 50ml

Was: £48.30 Now: £69.00

If bright and cheerful perfumes are your kinda thing, then you’re going to love Perfect by Marc Jacobs with its playful notes of rhubarb, daffodil, and comforting cashmeran.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Empire 50ml

Was: £45.15 Now: £64.50

Ladies meet your new obsession. Lady Million Empire is everything you want it to be and more with notes of cherry plum, sparkling florals, and a unique cognac accord.

Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Parfum 50ml £59.00 Buy Now
Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne Lady Million Empire Eau de Parfum 50ml £59.50 Buy Now

Invictus by Paco Rabanne 50ml

Was: £50 Now: £35

Feel like a champion spray after spray with the best-selling, vibrant and crisp Invictus from the masters of fragrance, Paco Rabanne.

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier 40ml

Was: £39.50 Now: £27.65

Playing a game of two halves, this iconic scent from Jean Paul Gaultier cleverly combines both fresh and soft notes with strong and sensual to create a scent that every man should have in their fragrance collection!

Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette 50ml £45.00 Buy Now
Jean Paul Gaultier Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette 40ml £34.50 Buy Now

1 Million by Paco Rabanne 50ml

Was: £50 Now: £35

Some scents come and go, but for the past ten years, men have been reaching his the bold and audacious 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. It’s fresh and spicy contrast and elaborate bottle have helped its effect span more than a decade. Have you experienced the gold rush yet?

Olympea by Paco Rabanne 50ml

Was: £64.50 Now: £45.15

Feel victorious from morning until night with Olympea by Paco Rabanne. The fragrance for her combines a salty vanilla accord with a burst of fresh florals creating a perfume that will quite easily become your next obsession!

Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml £45.00 Buy Now
Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne Olympéa Eau de Parfum 50ml £59.50 Buy Now
Superdrug Black Friday fragrances new lines added

Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier 30ml

Was: £46 Now: £32.20

A symbol of extreme sensuality, Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier combines notes of powerful ginger, unforgettable orange blossom, and smooth vanilla to become a necessary part of your everyday beauty routine!

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne 50ml

Was: £64.50 Now: £45.15

Following in the footsteps of its male 1 Million counterpart, Lady Million by Paco Rabanne is every part as gorgeous and flamboyant! It’s bold and vibrant with notes of patchouli, honey, orange blossom, and neroli.

Jean Paul Gaultier Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau de Toilette 30ml £41.00 Buy Now
Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum 50ml £59.50 Buy Now

Decadence by Marc Jacobs 50ml

Was: £72 Now: £36

Express your glamorous side with a spritz or two of the gorgeous indulgent Decadence by Marc Jacobs. The divine scent, for her, features notes of dazzling champagne and bergamot, charming gardenia, and sublime saffron and vanilla.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs 50ml

Was: £59 Now: £41.30

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is everything you want a radiant scent to be and so much more with its beautiful blend of soft and fresh notes. Wild berries, jasmine, and an infusion of sandalwood and vanilla transport you to a fresh spring day with the sun shining brightly above you!

Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette 50ml £59.00 Buy Now

Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs

Was: £59 Now: £41.30

Fall head over heels with another chapter of Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances, Daisy Love. A care-free scent packed with florals and gourmand delights; this long-lasting scent makes a beautiful addition to any perfume collection!

Jimmy Choo Flash 60ml

Was: £50 Now: £23

This Black Friday spoil yourself with the ultimate treat, the finishing touch to any outfit with a touch of Jimmy Choo! Flash contains notes of daring pink pepper, flirtatious strawberry, and intoxicating white flowers and tuberose.

Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau de Toilette 50ml £59.00 Buy Now
Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum 60ml £50.00 Buy Now

Only the Brave by Diesel 200ml

Was: £85 Now: £42.50

Only the Brave by Diesel takes invigorating and energizing notes to convey strength and self-confidence. Zesty lemon and mandarin, sensual rosemary, and base notes of leather and woody cedar come together to create a modern scent for the modern man in a huge 200ml bottle!

Gucci Bamboo

Was: £85 Now: £42.50

Light and alluring, Gucci Bamboo pairs sparkling Mediterranean citrus notes with feminine floral petals to create a sensual, romantic scent that ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding a signature scent or the perfect gift for a loved one.

Diesel Diesel Only the Brave Eau de Toilette 200ml £85.00 Buy Now
Gucci Gucci Bamboo For Her Eau de Toilette 75ml £85.00 Buy Now
Superdrug Black Friday top picks

Versace Crystal Noir EDT 50ml

Was: £56 Now: £28

Sweet, sensual, earthy, and sophisticated - there is nothing not to love about this sensational scent from Versace.

Paco Rabanne Pure XS EDT 50ml

Was: £50 Now: £30

With robust and irresistible notes of white thyme, ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla, this is one extremely tempting scent that will show you the pleasures of giving into XS!

Versace Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette 50ml £56.00 Buy Now
Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne Pure XS Eau de Toilette 50ml £45.00 Buy Now

Paco Rabanne Pure XS EDT 30ml

Was: £48 Now: £28.80

For the fierce, powerful, and confident queens out there - this is the scent for you! It captivates your senses and accelerates them to heights unknown with a beautiful blend of ylang-ylang, salty-sweet popcorn, and sandalwood.

Ted Baker Amelia 50ml

Was: £24 Now: £12

Ted Baker’s Amelia may sound all cute and charming, but its notes of rhubarb, almond, and magnolia demand all the attention! A guaranteed head-turner!

Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne - Pure Xs For Her Edp 30ml £48.00 Buy Now
Ted Baker Ted Baker Sweet Treats Amelia Limited Edition 50ml £24.00 Buy Now

JOOP! Male Absolute EDP 120ml

Was: £58 Now: £29

For the man with a tough exterior but a heart of gold, Joop! Male Absolute will be your kind of scent! It’s the perfect representation of a man with dual abilities with its surprising floral heart and mistakenly masculine base!

Versace Eros Femme EDT 100ml

Was: £84 Now: £42

Versace has done it again with this delightfully bright and beautiful perfume. Zesty bergamot and lemon, jasmine and peony and a warm, woody base combine to create a captivating, alluring scent.

Joop! JOOP! Homme Absolute For Him Eau de Parfum 120ml £29.00 Buy Now
Versace Versace Eros Femme Eau de Toilette 100ml £84.00 Buy Now

We have more amazing Black Friday deals coming! So, keep checking back throughout the month of November to see what else we have in store for you! In the meantime, why not check out the health and beauty deals now live on our website? Click the button below to start shopping.

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Introducing the New Look B. Men’s Range

B. Men by Superdrug new range

Gents, listen up. If you’re looking to step up your skincare game, our team of skincare experts have given our B. Men’s range a next-level upgrade. Think more supercharged active ingredients, fragrance-free formulas and recycled and sustainable packaging (that will also look dapper on your bathroom shelf).

Also, to make life easier, we’ve grouped the range into five categories, so you can select the products you need depending on your particular skincare bugbear. And that’s not all – we’ve also introduced two new products that your stressed, tired skin won’t be able to live without.

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Superdrug B. Men's new look range

B. Men in a nutshell …

If you want something a little different from your skincare, you'll be pleased to know our B. Men's range combines a range of essentials products – from face wash to shaving balm and beard oil – to suit every chap’s skin, whatever your issue. You don’t have to go trawling the shelves to find your ideal skincare regime – we’ve done the hard work for you! Simply pick your products from the ‘family’ that best suits your skin’s needs and you’re all set.


For those who don’t have major skin issues, but just like to keep things ticking over, this range is for you. Its star ingredients are willow bark and horse chestnut extract, which work to reduce redness and prevent spots to leave skin calm and happy. The Face & Beard Moisturiser IS perfect for the odd bit of dryness or shaving rash while the All-In-One Moisturising Cream is a must-have for the colder months.

B. Men B. Men Original Beard & Stubble Mosituriser 50ml £4.48 Buy Now
B. Men B. Men Sensitive Shave Balm 100ml £2.98 Buy Now


If your skin tends to get red and angry – especially when it comes into contact with a razor – this range will help prevent and soothe any flare-ups. With calming oat extracts and hydrating aloe vera, products like the Shave Balm and Face Moisturiser are free from any irritants like fragrance, so you’re less likely to have any ‘Macaulay Culkin’ moments after a shaving session!

Oil Control

Dealing with acne and a shiny complexion? This range has got your back, with its main ingredients of volcanic extract and witch hazel working to detox the skin, prevent spots and mop up any excess grease in the process. The Volcanic 4-in-1 Wash is an in-shower essential for your face, body, hair and beard, while the Face Moisturiser ensures your skin is hydrated while keeping blackheads at bay.

B. Men B. Men Oil Control Volcanic 4-1 Wash 150ml £2.98 Buy Now
B. Men B.Men Pro Age Serum 30ml £5.98 Buy Now


Fine lines and wrinkles an issue? This range is brimming with peptides and willow bark to make skin smoother and firmer and more youthful-looking. No need to apply all manner of lotions and potions, simply use the Face Serum and Face Moisturiser twice daily to see a difference.


This range was specially formulated to help transform dull, tired skin, with caffeine-rich green tea and guarana acting like a double-espresso shot for your groggy complexion!

Brand new to the range is the Face Wash – the perfect way to wake up your skin if you’re jet-lagged or have an early morning meeting; and the Moisturiser to give sleep-deprived, moisture-zapped skin a refreshing boost.

B. Men B. Men Energy Moisturiser 50ml £4.98 Buy Now
B. Men B. Men Energy Face Wash 150ml £2.98 Buy Now

To discover the full B. Men's range, click the button below.

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Dazzle with Disco-Inspired Beauty Looks

Golden glitter eyes for disco-inspired beauty

What do you get if you take bell-bottom jeans, sparkling eye makeup, and glitter balls? You get D.I.S.C.O! The era of disco was born back in the 70s, and with it came a funky, vibrant, and fun take on both fashion and makeup.

We may have, for the most part, left the groovy style of clothing in the past (we’ll still take some of that tie-dye, though!), but a touch of disco sparkle is always welcome in our makeup bags at Superdrug!

Disco-Inspired Makeup

Disco makeup was anything but subtle; the glitter, the glam and the colours were all used to stand out. After all, with people spending their evenings twirling under bright lights and a disco ball, they needed makeup to match!

If you are a true disco king or queen at heart (and love to dance at home like no one is watching) follow our top tips on how you can add a touch of glitz and glam to your makeup routine.

Disco inspired golden glitter eyes

Eye See You!

Eye makeup in this era was often the focal point of every look. The colours were bright, the lashes were voluminous, and the whole look was flirtatious!

Bold primary colours were often the hue of choice; however, if bubble gum pink or baby blue doesn’t work for you, give your chosen eye colour a modern twist with sunshine orange or a ­­golden, bronze colour. All you need to do to give it a true disco vibe is apply a matching glitter in the centre of your eyelid, over your eyeshadow, to dazzle.

Lightly Kissed

The eyes often do all the talking with a disco-inspired look, so the lips remain subtle. The colour should enhance the appearance of your eyes, not detract from them.  Choose a shade that is a couple of shades darker than your natural lip colour to bring them out, but not turn them into the main attraction. Enhance the lip colour with a layer of transparent lip gloss to finish the lips.

Disco inspired orange eyeshadow

Glow On!

As with all makeup looks, you should start with a base that is well hydrated and moisturised. This will help you create the soft, dewy base that was so popular when people were taking to the dance floors!

Use a light layer of foundation or even better, an illuminating formula to give your skin a gorgeous glow. This brightness will complement the vibrancy from your eyes and subtlety of your lips.   Finish your base by adding a flush of colour to your complexion with lightly coloured blush to the most prominent part of your cheeks.

B. Cosmetics B. HD Lengthening Mascara £9.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Luminous Lipstick Suis Moi £6.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Filter Finish Foundation Shade 15 £8.99 Buy Now

How to: Golden Glitter Eyes

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