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September 2020 – Superdrug
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Halloween Tutorial: Tiger

Anna Lingis as tiger for Superdrug Halloween 2020

Forget dressing up as your standard black tabby cat this Halloween, we have a feline our striking, stripy wild tiger look will ensure you're leader of the pack however you are spending Halloween this year!

Celebrity makeup artist Anna Lingis shows us how to get your stripes this Halloween. Watch her do her thing below or follow our step-by-step guide underneath.

Step 1:

Using the Barry M x Anna Lingis Eyeshadow Palette apply the shade ‘Cinnamon’ in the eye socket and up towards the hairline using a fluffy brush.

Step 2:

Next, from the same palette and using the shade ‘Coco’, blend colour in and around the eye socket and take it up towards your hairline again. You don’t need to be too neat or precise here, but ensure you get a good balance of contrasting colours.

With a light hand, use ‘Coco’ to define the hollows of your cheeks and continue sweeping the brush up towards your temple.

Step 3:

Take a darker shade from the palette and use it to define the edges and create more depth.

Step 4:

Apply the Barry M x Anna Lingis Eye Foil in 'Copper' to the centre of your eye and inside corner before blending out with a clean brush.

Step 5:

Using ‘Chalk’ from Anna’s eyeshadow palette, highlight between the brown areas to begin creating your stripes.

Step 6:

Add a spritz of water to Barry M Hi Vis Water Activated Colour in Shock White and apply under the eyes and in sections where you want to create texture. Remember, this should look like fur so use small, upward stroke motions.

Step 7:

Go around the white edges using a black, or dark, eyeshadow. You should now start to see your stripes emerging! Add more stripes as and where you need them and when you’re done, go over the top with the Barry M Hi Vis Water Activated Colour in Burnt Black for a more dramatic effect.

Step 8:

Repeat again on the other side!

Step 9:

Add lashings of the Barry M x Anna Lingis Mascara for long, luscious lashes! Then, apply some fake lashes for the perrrrfect feline feel!

Step 10:

Apply the Barry M Lip Paint in Black, carefully outlining the cupids bow for extra definition and use a black eyeshadow as a second layer to mattify the colour.

Step 11:

Using a brown eyeshadow, contour your nostrils and the tip of your nose.

Step 12:

Apply a mix of brown, white and black shadows down your neck to continue the stripy effect.

Step 13:

13 steps may be unlucky for some, but if you’ve got this far, we think you deserve a round of a PAWS!

Finish off your Tiger look by applying Barry M Kohl Pencil in Black to the inside of your eyes and a bronze shadow to your lips to create a 3D effect.

Barry M Barry M x Anna Lingis Eyeshadow Palette EXCLUSIVE £4.99 Buy Now
Barry M Barry M Lip Paint Black £4.99 Buy Now

If you recreate this look at home, don’t forget to tag us on our social channels @superdrug!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Tutorial: Woodland Pixie

Adult male and female child dressed up as Woodland Pixies for Superdrug Halloween 2020

If you go down to the woods this Halloween, you’re sure of a big surprise!

If you go down to the woods this Halloween, you better go in a disguise!

Get ready to pull off the best mystical disguise you have ever seen with our super-simple Woodland Pixie creation. Perfect for little and big pixies alike, you can create this look at home in just 5 steps. Watch the video below as Jack (@jaackemory) shows you how to create this enchanting look or follow our step-by-step guide underneath.

Step 1:

Apply a light layer of Rimmel’s Match Perfect Foundation and blend in well using a makeup sponge.

Step 2:

Once your base is looking dewy and fabulous, you can turn your attention to your eyes. Using the green shades from Rimmel’s Magnif’Eye Wow Edition Palette, blend the colour over your eyelid and under your eye.

You can also take some of the lighter shades from the Rimmel Magnif’Eyes Nude Palette to blend in the green and highlight the brow bone.

Step 3:

Using the same green shades, contour your nose, temples, and cheekbones.

Step 4:

To bring the look together and to create more definition around your eyes, use the Rimmel Wonder’Swipe Liner & Shadow in Ka-Ching and use it to draw in the crease of your eye. Using the same eyeliner, draw vines from your temples down to your cheeks.

Step 5:

Next up, add lashings of mascara using the Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume on Demand Mascara in Black.  Then, for the final touch apply the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Heather Shimmer.

Jack’s Top Tips

  1. Go big or go home this Halloween by adding a pair of false lashes.
  2. Remember, keep your base layer light and fresh. You can always build it up more later if you want.
  3. And finally, have fun, be patient and trust the process!
Rimmel Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eye Shadow Palette - Wow Edition £9.99 Buy Now
Rimmel Rimmel Wonder'swipe Liner & Shadow Kha-Ching 012 £6.99 Buy Now
Rimmel Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume On Demand Mascara - Black £8.49 Buy Now

If you recreate this look at home, don’t forget to tag us on our social channels @superdrug!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Tutorial: Midnight Rose

Female dressed for Halloween with roe headband and dark red makeup

Don’t be fooled into thinking just ‘cos it’s Halloween, you can’t go glam! Glow Up star Paige Cole shows us how to get your chic on this year with an edgy, yet delicate, Midnight Rose makeup look.

Step 1:

To help your eyeshadow pop for this look, start off by covering your eyelids with a white eyeshadow or white concealer and wing it out past your eye to create a canvas ready to be coloured!

Step 2:

Using a light transition shade from the Revolution Midnight Rose Eyeshadow Palette, blend your white base to soften the lines.

Now, it’s time to add some colour! Use a matte red eyeshadow, apply from the inner corner to the outer corner to create a cat-eye effect.

Add depth and dimension to your eye by applying a black eyeshadow through the crease, using a small brush, to accentuate the cat-eye look.

Blend out any harsh lines between the red and the black eyeshadow.

Step 3:

If you live for a dramatic look at Halloween, we hear ya! Take this makeup look to the next level by applying Eyelure Flutter Intense Lashes. To make the application a little easier, try looking down into the mirror when you're putting them in place.

Step 4:

This Midnight Rose look isn’t for any shrinking violets out there, so add more intensity the look by using the B. Blusher. Apply from the apple of your cheeks to your temples in light, patting motions. Blend it further using the B. Blending Sponge to remove any harsh lines.

Step 5:

Line your lips using the B. Lipliner in 04 Scarlet and top it off with the B. Matte Lipstick in Merlot to create a bold lip.

Paige’s Top Tips

  1. Ramp up the glam by applying glitter to your eyelids.
  2. Create the perfect pout with a clear lip gloss.
  3. No Halloween look is complete with accessories, and you can get your rose headband to go with this look now from Superdrug (instore only).
  4. Finally, finish your look with Elegant Touch false nails.
Makeup Revolution Revolution Forever Flawless Midnight Rose Eyeshadow Palette £12.00 Buy Now
Eylure Eylure False Lashes - Dramatic No.157 (was texture) £5.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Matte Lipstick Merlot £6.99 Buy Now

If you recreate this look at home, don’t forget to tag us on our social channels @superdrug!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Tutorial: Witch & Wizard Family

A mum and dad dressed up as a witch and wizard with their daughter for Halloween

Cast a spell over your Halloween adventure this year by dressing your household up as ghoulish witches and wizards! Jess (@thefunnyfatone), Trev (@dadliketrev) and their daughter Sophia show us how to create this family-friendly makeup look that is truly spell binding!

Step 1:

Parents, if you're creating a matching look for all the family why not complete your eye makeup first and then you are free to enjoy the face painting fun with your little ones without worrying about rushing your makeup afterwards.  Jess did exactly this and created her eye look using the I Heart Revolution Love Spells Palette, with the shades 'Witch' and 'Sublime', and added fake eyelashes to create a dark and glam eye makeup look.

Once your makeup is done, it’s family face paint time! Using the Revolution SFX Ultimate Face Paint Palette, mix the green and the yellow to create an extra-bright green shade to apply all over the face – beards and all! You can also try using the Mood Creations Face Paint in Lime Green for the same effect!

Step 2:

Just ‘cos your face is covered in green face paint, it doesn’t mean you can’t show off your contouring skills! Using the darker green shade from the same palette, use gentle strokes to define your cheekbones. Once you have done yours, don’t forget to help your little witches and wizards too!

Step 3:

Witches and wizards have eyebrows too, so bring them out from under the green face paint using the Revolution Eyebrow Pomade.

Step 4:

Add some highlight to your cheekbones using the Revolution Halloween White Liquid Face Paint and a B. Beauty Blender.

Step 5:

Next up, do your lips using the Revolution Satin Kiss Lipstick in Vampire. Here you can mix it up with the colours, if you or you little ones fancy a green lip - go for it!

Step 6:

Add in the final finishing touches! Jess and Sophia gave Trevor a hair makeover by painting his head black! But if you are blessed with a full head of hair, why not try backcombing for a frightening finish?

Revolution Revolution Halloween White Liquid Face Paint £3.00 Buy Now

If you recreate this look at home, don’t forget to tag us on our social channels @superdrug!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Tutorial: Holographic Alien Family

Family with two adults and 3 children in Halloween fancy dress as holographic aliens

Are you and your family up for an out of this world Halloween this year? If so, get set for an extra-terrestrial time as Laura (@fivelittledoves), Gaz and Megan show you how to create a Holographic Alien look that will set you light years apart from any other costume!

How to Create a Family of Aliens

Step 1:

To start creating your galactical looking skin, apply the Revlon Colourstay Crème Eye Shadow in Peacock. You can create this effect anywhere on your face - so be creative! Lauren is applying it down half of Gaz’s face and around the eye area on Megan.

Build up the colour and blend well.

Step 2:

Increase the colour intensity by adding the Revlon Colourstay Crème Eyeshadow in Merlot around the blue you have already applied.

Step 3:

When you picture an alien, they usually have a bit of a glow about them, don’t they? To create this effect, use the silver shade from Revlon Colourstay 16-Hour Eye Shadow Palette and apply around the colours you have already used.

Step 4:

To finish your look, add a silvery shine to your hair with generous amounts of Superdrug’s Dry Shampoo.

Revlon Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye Shadow Peacock £6.99 Buy Now
Revlon Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye Shadow Merlot £6.99 Buy Now

How to Turn Yourself into an Alien

Not all aliens travel around in a group, so if you are flying solo this Halloween, check out Laura's tutorial on how to turn yourself into a Holographic Alien.

Step 1:

Create a cat-eye look using the Revlon Colourstay Liquid Eye Pen. Use dots and a steady hand to guide you!

Step 2:

Now, you can get creative! Apply Revlon Colourstay Creme Eyeshadow in Peacock Blue to where you would usually apply your bronzer and up towards your temples to start creating alien-like skin.

Step 3:

Next, blend in the Revlon Colourstay Creme Eye Shadow in Merlot with the blue and towards the forehead. Build the colour up as much as you like to create a futuristic effect.

Step 4:

Add highlights to your 'skin' using the silver shade from the Revlon Colorstay 16-Hour Eye Shadow Palette. Apply in a sweeping 'C' shape on your forehead, along your brow and on your cheekbones.

Step 5:

To finish the look, apply the super lustrous Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Black Cherry.

Revlon Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen Blackest Black 1 £6.99 Buy Now
Revlon Revlon Super Lustrous The Luscious Mattes Black Cherry £8.99 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Fantasy False Nails Rosegld Holographic £3.99 Buy Now

If you recreate this look at home, don’t forget to tag us on our social channels @superdrug!

Happy Halloween!

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Which Vitamins Should My Child Be Taking?

All children need to get enough of vitamins A, C and D in their diet. However, this isn’t always possible – especially with vitamin D, which we mainly get from sunlight rather than food. This is why the government have recommended that all children from 6 months to 5 years be given daily vitamin supplements.  (Always read the label)


Here are the main vitamins children need in their daily life:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for young children, as it supports their immune system, boosts their vision and keeps their skin healthy. As well as supplements, you can up their intake with foods such as carrots, dairy products, sweet potatoes, dark green vegetables and mangoes.


Vitamin C

It’s vital that your child gets enough vitamin C to support their general health and immunity. Vitamin C can also help their bodies absorb iron – a mineral essential for healthy growth and development.


Good sources of Vitamin C include fruits like oranges, kiwi fruit, tomatoes and strawberries, together with vegetables like broccoli and peppers.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one vitamin that children can struggle to get adequate amounts of from the foods they eat. Yet it is important they have enough, as it helps their body absorb essential minerals calcium and phosphate, which are key for building healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

While you can find it in a few foods such as oily fish and eggs, our main source of Vitamin D is from the sun. However, too much sunlight exposure can be harmful, resulting in skin redness and burning at the very least. (UV protection such as SPF 30+ and sunhats should always be worn.) That’s why vitamin D supplements are the best way for children to get their daily Vitamin D fix (and should still be taken even if they are spending time in the sun).

It is also recommended that babies who are breastfed from birth take vitamin D drops whether or not you're taking these supplements yourself (speak to your health visitor on where to get them), while bottle-fed babies should get adequate amounts of all vitamins from their formula.


Little sick boy taking his medicine.

Children’s Vitamin Supplements

From newborn to 5 years:

Healthy Start Children’s Vitamin Drops contain three essential vitamins (Vitamins A, C and D) and can be mixed with a little milk or fruit juice, or taken directly from a spoon. These drops can also be accessed as part of the government’s Healthy Start Scheme for low-income households.

NB: Always consult your health visitor before giving your baby any supplements. Bottle-fed newborns may get adequate vitamins from their formula.

Mid adult Caucasian woman is smiling while shopping in pharmacy with young daughters. Mother is holding five month old baby and standing next to elementary age daughter. Mom and daughter are reading labels on back of children's liquid medicine while standing in medicine aisle. Customer is selecting cough and fever medicine to purchase for children.

From 3-7 years:

Vitabiotics WellKid Peppa Pig Multi-Vits are a fun way for your little ones to get their daily dose of Vitamins A, C and D. Featuring a delicious natural strawberry flavour, even the fussiest little eaters will enjoy them!

From 7-11 years:

Bassetts Multivitamins + Omega 3 have a fun tropical flavour and include Vitamin B5 and omega 3 to help boost your children’s brain development – as well as all the other essential vitamins they need.

For teenagers:

Vitabiotics WellTeen for Her and Him deliver a daily dose of essential vitamins, as well as help support a healthy hormonal balance to prevent tiredness and fatigue.

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What Can Your Eyes Tell You About Your General Health?

They say looking into someone’s eyes can tell you who they truly are – but they can also provide clues to a number of general health conditions. So, more reason than ever to book yourself in for that eye check! Read on to learn a bit more...

Twitching eyes

This one you’ll be able to notice yourself. It is often a sign that your body is tired or stressed. Your sympathetic nervous system (ooh we’re getting technical), responsible for involuntary muscle movements, can go into overdrive, making the muscles in your eyes contract.

While this is usually nothing to worry about and can go away of its own accord, you might want to try and slow things down a little, so make sure you book some time in for R&R.

Watery eyes

Do you find your eyes watering when using a computer or device? Too much screen time can mean you’re straining your eyes, causing them to dry out, which your tear ducts compensate for by working overtime. Give your eyes a rest (and avoid risking a tension headache) by taking screen breaks every hour or so. If your watery eyes are accompanied by redness and itching, this could also be a sign of allergies such as hayfever.

You can find out more on dry eyes with our blog here

Shocked blond woman with her hands to her cheeks, looking up and screaming. Close-up side portrait against blurred grey background with copy space

Changes to skin around the eye

Protecting the delicate skin around your eyes from the sun is just as important as protecting the eye itself. If you notice any changes to the skin in your eyelids or surrounding eye area, you should visit you G.P or opticians and they can check for sun damage which could lead to cancer.

White ring around the iris

Normally a sign of ageing, but it can also mean your cholesterol levels are too high (and that there’s a possible risk of a stroke or heart attack, eek). If you’re under 45, it’s definitely worth seeking medical advice.

Yellowing eyes

If the sclera (the white part of the eyes) isn’t looking too bright and is in fact on the yellowish side, this could be a sign of jaundice, indicating that the liver isn’t working as it should. One of the liver’s jobs is to flush out waste products that form an orange-yellow fluid called bile. (Yuk!) If that doesn’t happen, it builds up in the body – hence the yellowish tinge to your eyes. It’s a rare condition in adults but can be associated to issues such as alcohol-related liver disease, hepatitis or gallstones.

Blurred vision

This is likely to be the main reason you would visit your optician, as we do tend to associate blurred vision with the need for glasses or contact lenses.  Blurred vision can also be a sign of poor nutrition, so always worth speaking to your optician about dietary changes or supplements.

Group of business people in a meeting at the office - blurred concepts

Broken blood vessels

Broken red blood vessels around the eyes may look alarming, but these are usually nothing to worry about and can be caused by something as simple as sneezing or coughing. The technical name for this is a subconjunctival haemorrhage and the good news is they tend to go away of their own accord.  However, if they’re accompanied by irritation, you might want to try Moisturising Eye Drops


We hope we have enlightened you and encouraged you to make that appointment with your optician. Our Glasses Online site has more information if you want to read more.


Remember, to get your eyes checked regularly. Your eye test should be carried out every 1-2 years, and this is the same for your contact lens aftercare appointment. So, make sure to make that date with your optician! And stay safe and healthy.


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Everything You Need to Know About Superdrug’s Podcast


We've got AMAZING news! Superdrug’s chart-topping podcast, The Beauty of it All podcast is BACK for season 2! The Beauty of it All is the beauty-obsessed big sister YOU have always wanted.

Hosted by the amazing TV & Radio Presenter, Journalist and Children's Author, Vick Hope. Together with celebrity guests and industry experts, we take a backstage look at the beauty industry, the issues facing it and all the news you've been craving.

Available on Acast, Apple and Spotify!

Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode, and rate or review us to let us know what you think!

Follow us on Instagram & TikTok: @superdrug 

Season 2 Episode 8: Older Women in Beauty

Episode 8 will be available at 11 am on Sunday 20th September.

Click a link below to hear the new episode on Sunday and listen to all previous episodes:

  ACAST   |   APPLE   |   SPOTIFY 

Sponsored by Megs Menopause and Optimum Retinol

Have you ever noticed how so many beauty campaigns are surprisingly ‘youthful,’? In this episode our guests will examine why there still seems to be a lack of representation when it comes to older faces in beauty campaigns - both in advertising and on social media.  Our team of experts will discuss why we’re lacking representation of older women. They will highlight some of the struggles with being an older woman working in beauty and discuss the positive ways in which the industry could change – highlighting campaigns they think have been particularly effective.

Host Nadine Baggot is joined by Louise Boyce, mother of 3, model for over 25 years, influencer, podcaster, campaigner, and Ruby Hammer MBE, who is a renowned makeup artist and brand creator.


(L-R) Host Nadine Baggot and her guests Louise Boyce and Ruby Hammer MBE.

Season 2 Episode 7: Beauty Dysmorphia

Episode 7 will be available at 11 am on Sunday 13th September.

Click a link below to hear the new episode on Sunday and listen to all previous episodes:

  ACAST   |   APPLE   |   SPOTIFY 

Is the pursuit of perfection leading people to lose sight of how they really look?

Is beauty dysmorphia becoming the new normal in a world so obsessed with social media?

Whether it’s using apps to alter our faces or going under the knife and having injectables, why is it that some of us only seek happiness in what we see in the mirror or from validation on our appearance from others? In this episode, we explore the effect body dysmorphia can have on a person and what we can do about it.

Featured are Geordie Shore star, anti-bullying ambassador and newly qualified nutrition coach Holly Hagan and psychologist, author and broadcaster Dr Linda Papadopoulos.

Ep 7 guests

(L-R) Host Vick Hope and her guests Dr Linda Papadopoulos and Holly Hagan.


Season 2 Episode 6: Inclusivity

Sponsored by Revolution and Faces of the Future campaign.

When it comes to inclusivity in the beauty industry there are many issues at play; from representation in advertising and social media campaigns to products that are representative of all skin colours and halal products. In this episode, our guests will reveal their own experiences, both good and bad, as well as discussing some of the key issues. What brands are getting it right and what should we be focusing on more? Are women who wear hijab visible enough, what about the representation of non-binary people, or those with disabilities? We’ll look at all of these issues and pose the question: How can the beauty industry change for the better?

Featured are Jamie Windust who an award-winning writer, public speaker and model, who has worked with organisations such as TEDxLondon and Gay Times. Hani Hanss, an author, blogger and journalist in the beauty industry and Georgia Rankin a social media star with audiences on Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok who has spoken out about her treatment in the beauty industry as a young woman with skeletal dysplasia

Listen Here:

Vick Hope, Hani Hans and Georgia Rankin

(L-R) Host Vick Hope and her guests Hani Hans and Georgia Rankin.

Season 2 Episode 5: Skin Deep

Sponsored by Eucerin and Online Doctor Medicated Skin Treatments

Over the last few years, the skin positivity movement has given a voice to people with skin conditions that had previously been barely talked about, let alone seen. From acne journeys to rosacea selfies, it’s a movement that is changing the way we think about what we see in the mirror. We talk with Olivia Bowen, the former Love Island star who is passionate about sharing her skin journey online; Lex Gillies, aka Talonted Lex, the award-winning blogger and skin positivity campaigner who has shone a light on what it’s like to live with rosacea; Shankar Jalota (@thevitiligoman) who discusses his journey with vitiligo; and one of the UK’s leading dermatologists and author of The Skincare Bible, Dr Anjali Mahto.

Listen Here:

Vick Hope, Olivia Bowden,

(L-R) Host Vick Hope and her guests Olivia Bowen, Shankar Jalota and Lex Gillies. 

Season 2 Episode 4: How We Did It

Dija Ayodele, aesthetician and the Founder of Black Skin Directory, and Emma Gunavardhana, host of The Emma Guns Show, share their stories of how they got to the top of the beauty industry. Whether you’re after a career in beauty therapy, working for a beauty brand or want to launch your own beauty podcast they tell host Vick Hope how they got to the top of their games and the valuable career lessons they learnt along the way.

Listen Here:

The Beauty of it All guests Episode 4

(L-R) Host Vick Hope and her guests Dija Ayodele and Emma Gunavardhana.

Season 2 Episode 3: Beauty and The Planet

Sponsored by Always and B. Shaving

We’ve all heard the buzzwords; sustainability, vegan, ethical, recycling, but what do they actually mean? And how can we tell if the products that we’re buying are good for the planet or not? And what is Superdrug, as a business, doing about it?

Taking in plastics, cruelty free, ethical and vegan products, in this episode Inge Van Lotringen, beauty journalist and author of ‘Great Skin,’ Ella Daish, environmental activist and founder of the #EndPeriodPlastic campaign and Shona Bear who is Superdrug’s Quality and Technical Manager – responsible for the safety, legality and product performance of all own label products, debate these issues.

Here's a sneak peak at what's to come in Episode 3...

"The problem is there's lots of green washing around. Lots of brands say they're sustainable but aren't actually sustainable. So, it's a massive challenge for brands like us (Superdrug) to do the right thing and what we're trying to do is be very clear and transparent and really talk to our customers so they understand what clean beauty and sustainable means." 

- Shona Bear, Quality and Technical Manager at Superdrug

"I don't know how many of you are aware but conventional tampons and pads actually contain up to 90% plastic! Shocking, isnt it?"

- Ella Diash, founder of #EndPeriodPlastic campaign

Listen Here:

Episode 3

(L-R) Host Vick Hope and her guests Ella Diash and Ingeborg Van Lotringen.

Season 2 Episode 2: What is Hygiene Poverty? A Beauty Banks Special

Guests & Topics:

In our second episode, host Vick Hope is joined by Sali Hughes and Jo Jones, co-founders of Beauty Banks.

Sali is an acclaimed beauty editor and writer, Jo is a renowned PR expert and together they created the people-powered grassroots movement to tackle hygiene poverty in the UK.

In this podcast, Sali and Jo talk us through the hygiene issues facing those in poverty, why Beauty Banks are so important to those in need – providing them with supplies that many of us take for granted, from soaps and shampoos, to sanitary products. They also tell us about working with Superdrug and how you can donate.

Listen Here:

Ep 2 guests

(L-R) Host Vick Hope and guests Sali Hughes and Jo Jones.

Season 2 Episode 1: What Pride Means to Me

Guests & Topics:

To celebrate Superdrug and Switchboard’s Pride campaign guest host Brian Dowling chats to Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Blu Hydrangea, radio host Adele Roberts and activist Kenny Ethan Jones about their experiences of Pride and why this year it’s more important than ever to come together and support the community and each other. Also featured are interviews with Switchboard Co-chair Tash Walker, Superdrug employee Wayne Russell and asexuality activist Yasmin Benoit.

Episode 1 is sponsored by Simple, Vaseline, Closeup and Lynx

Please note, episode 1 is guest hosted by Brian Dowling, but our regular presenter, Vick Hope will be presenting the other episodes as she did for season 1.

Listen Here:

Talent episode 1 v2 resize

(L-R) Host Brian Dowling and guests Kenny Ethan Jones (photo credit: Tom Buck Photography), Blu Hydrangea and Adele Roberts.

See What We Got Up to in Season 1:

Episode 8 – Is Botox Safe?

This episode will delve into the misconceptions surrounding Botox. We want to dispel the myths, reveal the truth and debate the pros and cons of the inject-able, in an increasingly selfie-driven world.

When is it available?

Sunday 21st July 2019


Nadine Baggot

Nadine Baggot is a beauty presenter and editor, with 25 years in the business, writing for the likes of Hello!, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and appearing on This Morning.

Ollie Locke

He is 31 years old and found fame on Made in Chelsea which he starred in for four years. He was also on Celebrity Big Brother 2014, Celebs Go Dating 2018 and has just landed a role in a Hollywood movie with Isla Fisher and Steve Coogan.

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-25 at 3.14.35 PM

Episode 7 – Shades of Beauty – Why does the beauty industry still struggle with diversity?

We are going to be discussing what’s being done about diversity in the beauty industry, whether it’s enough and what the future of beauty looks like. We’ve invited influencer Charmie Janee, Journalist Anita Bhagwandas and founder of Choco Media Model agency, Kareen Hurley to get their views.

When is it available?

Sunday 14th July 2019


Anita Bhagwandas

Anita Bhagwandas is a beauty director with over a decade of experience. She’s worked at magazines like Stylist, Marie Claire and Women’s Health and is currently Beauty and Lifestyle director at large at Glamour.

Kareen Hurley

Former model Kareen Hurley, founded London-based Choco Media Models (@chocomedaimodels), an agency, platform and blog for dark and brown skin models and actors, in 2016 when she was in her early twenties.

Charmie Janee

Charmie Janee is a beauty influencer who shares beauty tutorials to over 450k followers on Instagram (@charmiejanee). She also has 33k subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts fun-filled vlogs about her life and experiences. Charmie’s family are from the Philippines.


Episode 6 – Makeup is not a drag

Think all that baking and contouring from Instagram is new hat? Think again, they’re methods that have been used by drag queens for decades. This episode is exploring the influence that drag culture has had on modern makeup today.

When is it available?

Sunday 7th July 2019



Sam Champman and Nic Haste, also known as Pixiwoo, are makeup artists, YouTubers and co-founders of Real Techniques (makeup brush, sponge and tools brand launched in 2011).

Charlie Hides

Charlie Hides is an American-born drag queen, impersonator, actor and comedian. Hides is known for his live performances and YouTube channel which he launched in 2011, where he does sketches and impersonates celebrities. He was on the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Ep 6

Episode 5 – Look good, feel good – Are beauty & wellness blurring into one?

In episode 5 we are asking how blurred the lines are becoming between beauty and wellness. More and more of us bounce from spin class to blow dry - and take supplements not only to feel better, but to look better, too. So, who better to ask than PT Alice Lieving and body positive activist Chessie King!

When is it available?

Sunday 30th June


Alice Liveing is one of the most recognisable figures in the health and fitness world, using her social media channels to share motivational workouts and healthy recipes. She’s now amassed a 630k strong Instagram following and has three best-selling books.

Chessie King

Chessie King is a body positive activist and health and fitness blogger who uses her platform to show that things online aren’t always as they seem.


episode 5

Episode 4 – The Big Beauty Quake – The Rise of Skincare

In episode 4 we are chatting with former model and influencer, Ruth Crilly, otherwise known as A Model Recommends and cosmetic dermatologist, Sam Bunting . We will be discussing their top tips to prevent wrinkles, if they think retinal is all its cracked up to be and whether we should be doing a 10 step skincare routine!


When is it available?

Sunday 23rd June 2019


Ruth Crilly

Known as A Model Recommends. Former model Ruth (she began modelling in 2001) is now a respected beauty blogger/vlogger/influencer. She has law, literature and creative writing degrees. She posts beauty, style and lifestyle videos and is a mother of two.

Sam Bunting

Dr Sam Bunting is a London-based cosmetic dermatologist specialising, quite simply, in great skin – she’s widely considered to be a beauty insider’s best-kept secret.

Podcast ep 4

Episode 3 - The Beauty in Transitioning

In episode 3 we will be delving into the beauty in transitioning with bestselling novelist, Juno Dawson and blogger, Joseph Harwood. We will be discussing their journeys, the role make up has played and who their beauty icons are!

When is it available?

Sunday 16th June 2019


Juno Dawson

Juno Dawson is a bestselling novelist, screenwriter, journalist, and a columnist for Attitude Magazine. Her writing has appeared in Glamour, The Pool, Dazed and the Guardian.

Joseph Harwood

Joseph has been working on a very successful blog for nearly ten years and, in that time, amounted to over 40 million views from innovative beauty and LGBT content.

Ep 3

Episode 2 - Is Vegan Beauty Just A Fad?

In episode 2 we will be exploring all things Vegan Beauty with reality TV star, Lucy Watson and The Vegan Society press officer, Dominika. We will be discussing why they are vegan, is Veganism just a trend or here to stay and who’s secret crush is David Attenborough!

When is it available?

Sunday 9th June 2019


Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson is a model, animal-rights activist and is possibly best known as a star of Made in Chelsea. She’s been vegan for 3 years, has two vegan recipe books and runs a vegan restaurant in London with her sister Tiffany.

Dominika Piasecka

Dominika is a passionate vegan and animal rights activist. Media & PR Officer at The Vegan Society, she's dedicated to spreading information about veganism and inspiring people to change the lifestyle.


Episode 1 - How Fame Changes How You See Yourself

We sat down with Megan Barton-Hanson and TV psychologist Honey Langcaster-James to discuss ex-boyfriends, plastic surgery and how fame can suddenly change perceptions.

When is it available?

Sunday 2nd June 2019


Megan Barton-Hanson

Love Island fans will recognise the lovely Megan. Megan left the love island villa in 4th place last summer and is an outspoken feminist and ambassador for sexual health brand Woo Woo.


Honey Langcaster-James

Honey Langcaster-James BSc MSc PG Dip MBPsS is a well-known TV and radio psychologist. Honey has provided her expertise on shows such as Love Island and Big Brother, both on and off screen, and is a well-established life coach and media spokesperson.

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How will COVID-19 affect Freshers Week?

Students on university campus keeping social distance and wearing face masks due to coronavirus

If you’re starting uni this year, the reality may be dramatically different from what you were expecting. Not least Freshers Week, which now thanks to the global pandemic will be mainly taking place online – if recent government social distancing guidelines* are anything to go by.

Freshers Week is usually one of the highlights in the uni calendar, a chance for students (many living away from home for the first time) to mingle, party, make friends and really get a taste of university life before the real work starts.

While Freshers Week normally involves a week of pub-crawls, club nights and campus parties, this year will be in stark contrast, with many events happening virtually, which students will attend from the safety of their bedrooms. Clubs, sports teams and other societies will also have to alter their activities to meet safety regulations. (Many students should expect mixers and welcome events to take place online via video chat.)

Plus, students’ arrival dates might be staggered to limit large groups of people coming into contact, so ‘Freshers Week’ might even take place across a number of weeks, with smaller, socially-distanced events. Even walking around campus might be different, with some universities considering having one-way pedestrian systems to limit too many people coming into close contact.

Students on university campus wearing masks during coronavirus crisis keeping social distance

Of course, large gatherings – i.e. parties –will most likely be banned, to be replaced with social bubbles (with groups of people living and studying together) and get-togethers in groups of no more than six, in order not to breach current COVID-secure guidelines*.

When it comes to sexual health, it’s no longer illegal to have sex with someone outside of your household, as it was during the height of lockdown*. However, the government has issued ‘guidelines’ that you should "stay two metres apart from people you do not live with where possible, or one metre with extra precautions." One minister also ‘strongly advised’ university students not to spread coronavirus in their ‘bedrooms’.

The exact rules vary, so check with your individual university on what their policy is. But to give you a rough idea of what to expect, here are some of the main government recommendations and regulations for universities*:

  • Students should socialise in environments that are COVID-secure, so campus bars and student unions might include protective screens or markings for social distancing.
  • University start dates might be staggered and each course will have the “appropriate” mix of online and face-to-face teaching to ensure optimal learning is combined with minimal risk of the virus being transmitted.
  • Face coverings will probably be required for any social events hosted by clubs and societies.
  • Students who develop COVID symptoms should self-isolate in their current accommodation, instead of going home (and risk transmitting it to older people who are more vulnerable). All residents in the same household must also isolate.
  • Private gatherings in halls of residence that break the “Rule Of Six” are not allowed.
  • Universities have been advised to offer more mental health support to students affected by the uncertainty and disruption to their studies caused by Covid-19.
Two young female Caucasian friends holding social distance during walk during pandemic and wearing n-95 face masks.

*Government advice correct as of 16.09.2020. This is subject to change, please regularly check the government website for the latest updates.

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How to Find Your Curl Pattern and Why It Matters

Caring for curly hair has come a long way since the days when we only had wet-look gel, a blob of mousse and a diffuser at our disposal. Nowadays the beauty shelves are brimming with all manner of creams, lotions and potions to accentuate our natural curl pattern. But as we know, curly hair in comes in many forms and what works for one type, may not work for another. So being able to identify the type of curls you have can give you a better idea about how to care for them.

The common classification system groups hair texture into types ranging from 1-4 (where ‘1’ is straight). Each of these groups has subcategories A-C depending on how tight your curls are.  Read on to find out which one best describes your spirals…


Type 2 - Wavy

This describes hair that isn’t necessarily ‘curly’ as such, but isn’t poker straight (i.e. Type 1). This can range from having a slight ripple at the ends of the hair (2A) to loose beach waves (2B) or hair that forms an ‘S’ shape (2C) but doesn’t form spirals or twists in the way curly or coily hair does.

Type 2 hair can benefit from products that add volume and definition to the hair’s natural wave. Try Cantu Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream. 2C types can be most prone to frizz, so keep it nourished with a conditioning mist such as Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Leave-In Conditioning Mist .


SD Banner Cropped4

Type 3 – Curly

This is the classic ‘corkscrew’ shaped curl. This can be fine, medium or coarse hair (and can even be combined with coily hair). Spirals usually start at the crown and can vary in size, from large and bouncy (3A), to medium ‘party streamer’ style curls (3B) to tightly wound – like a vintage telephone receiver cord (3B).

This type of hair is best left to dry naturally or with a diffuser – tousling through some Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse beforehand to accentuate the curl shape. Too much brushing or rough blow-drying can make Type 3 curls look ‘fluffy’ or frizzy (unless you’re straightening it with a with a flat iron or a blow-dry brush).

Look for products formulated to care for curls and reduce breakage. Try Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Coconut Shampoo to nourish and detangle curls as it cleanses, Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner (especially if you’re 3B or 3C), while 3C types might benefit from Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream.


SD Banner Cropped

Type 4 – Coily

Rather than curls that spiral around themselves, this hair pattern features very small S-shaped (4A) or zigzag shaped (4B) kinks or tightly wound coils often invisible to the naked eye (4C) that shrink when dried.

Type 4 hair can be very fragile (rinsing and shampooing should be kept to a minimum) and it needs to be frequently moisturised with deep conditioners and hot oil treatments. A non-drying shampoo is a must, such as OGX Hydrate + Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo followed with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Hair Treatment to replenish shine. 4B curls can be vulnerable when wet, so try a leave-in treatment after washing, such Pantene Gold Series Leave-On Detangling Milk.

4C types are the most prone to breakage, so you want to top up with Cantu Shea Butter Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil throughout the week, in-between washes to lock in moisture.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can also further protect the hair’s condition and prevent breakage.


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