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August 2020 – Superdrug
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Celebrate Self-Pleasure with Superdrug

Masturbation is self celebration logo

Masturbation is good for you. There, we said it! It doesn’t just feel great, it’s also incredibly beneficial for you and your mental health. But today, despite all of its benefits the topic is still considered a huge no-go area for conversation.

To help break down these barriers and to meet the ever-increasing demand for a more open discussion about sex and sexual pleasure, no matter your sexual orientation or age, Superdrug has launched their ‘Masturbation is Self-Celebration Campaign’.

Masturbation is Self-Celebration

Masturbation is a great way to learn more about your body, your sexual self and what you like and dislike. In fact, according to recent research, 98% of people asked said they masturbate. (See, nearly everyone is at it!) However, 68% of those people didn’t consider it healthy or natural and 27% of people didn’t feel comfortable discussing it! So, despite people being happy to own up to taking part, there’s still a long way to go in changing people’s overall perceptions of it.


Masturbation is self celebration logo

This is one of the main reasons why in July 2020, Superdrug launched their Masturbation is Self-Celebration campaign. As one of the market leaders in health, with an established record in providing sexual health support, we felt it was so important to help normalise self-pleasure and get people talking. And what better time to talk about solo self-love, than during a nationwide lockdown where people are spending more time at home and single people are not allowed to have sex with someone outside of their household or ‘bubble’.

The campaign includes a series of activities aimed at celebrating masturbation, educating people on its benefits (spoiler alert: it’s not ALL about reaching the big O!) and creating a community, which is safe and inclusive, where we can break down the stigmas of self-pleasure together.

Self Pleasure is Self-Care

There are lots of reasons why people masturbate including hormones, their emotional state, to increase self-confidence, to learn about themselves, or just because they like it! Whatever the reason, we can all agree that something that feels great and is good for you, can certainly be considered as self-care!

When you experience an orgasm, your body is flooded with the hormones dopamine and oxytocin, which leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied on the inside and hopefully on the outside too. Self-pleasure isn’t just about stimulating your feel-good hormones, it can also help boost your self-esteem and your self-image leading to positive effects on your mental health.

‘Me Time’ Must-Haves from Superdrug

Masturbation is healthy, and to encourage people to discover their happier side Superdrug have launched a collection of toys from the sexually happy people over at Love Honey and the self-exploring experts Kandid.

Whether you want to explore your own body for the first time or you are already accustomed to what you enjoy, take a look at our Sexual Pleasure category and or see what all the buzz is about with these top picks…

Lovehoney Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Rabbit Love Ring £12.99 Buy Now
Kandid Kandid Remote Control Love Egg The Rumbly One £60.00 Buy Now
Bijoux Indiscrets Bijoux Indiscrets Ghosting Remedy Clitoral Balm 8g £10.00 Buy Now
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A Quick 5 Step Morning Skincare Routine

Young brunette female washing her face

Every morning should start with a skincare session, even if you love to hit the snooze button and only have a few minutes to spare!

Check out our quick 5 step skincare routine, using products suitable for dry to normal skin but you can always pick your own, that’ll take just a few minutes!

Your Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing your skin in the morning rids your complexion of any sweat or oil that may have built up while you sleep. A gentle foaming or creamy cleanser will do the trick.

Step 2: Tone

Did you know you can use micellar water to tone your skin? Yeah, who knew?! Soak a pad in micellar water and wipe it over your skin to balance and restore.

Step 3: Eye cream

If you’re tired first thing in the morning, your eyes will give you away straight away! Use a revitalising eye cream or rollerball to awaken the eye area and reduce signs of puffiness.

Step 4: Moisturise  

Applying moisturiser doesn’t just help to soften and smooth your skin, it also helps keep your complexion protected throughout the day and lock in all the other products you have used in your routine too.

Step 5: SPF

SPF is life! Use it every single day at the end of your morning routine. No matter whether it’s summer or winter, you need to be protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Always apply it last, as any products you layer over the top will become redundant.

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What’s the Difference Between Face Coverings and Face Masks?

a young Asian Chinese girl tourist in penang, malaysia , south east Asia charging phone and reading message

Wearing a face mask or face covering has become a part of our ‘normal’ every day. Whether you’re travelling on public transport, visiting a shop, or spending time in a communal area, the majority of us are now getting used to wearing them day to day but how do you know which one to choose? Disposable and re-usable face coverings are now readily available, and we’re here to help you decide which is best for you.

Pregnant woman walking in the city in a sunny day protecting herself with a cloth face mask

Which Mask Should I Choose?

There are 2 main differences between face masks and face coverings. The first is the number of times they can be worn; face masks are disposable and should be worn only once and a face covering can typically be worn multiple times.

With disposable face masks, there is no set time for how long you can wear it but if the mask gets dirty, wet or damaged, or if you touch the inside of the mask then you should change it to a new one.

A face covering is a general term that may include a scarf, bandana or fabric covering. This type of covering helps prevent the spread of coronavirus but offers little protection from infection. Surgical face masks, such as the ones sold at Superdrug, do offer some degree of protection as well as preventing the spread.

You will see the ones available at Superdrug are offered in 2 standards. Type I offers a lower level of protection against COVID-19, whereas Type II offers a higher degree of protection. You can read more about the two types on our disposable face mask page

At Superdrug, you’ll find a variety of different reusable face coverings to wear which cover both your mouth and nose.

You should be washing your reusable face mask after each day of use, so we advise stocking up with a few masks so you can alternate them and ensure they are regularly washed. Face masks are suitable for machine or hand washing and should be completely dry before wearing it again.

Available at Superdrug...

Baozhi Baozhi Disposable Type 1 Face Mask x50 £22.49 Buy Now
ab masks Reusable Antibacterial Ab Face Mask £9.99 Buy Now
Wondo Wondo disposable Type IIR Face masks £24.99 Buy Now

So, the main things to think about when deciding which mask is for you is to determine how often you will be using it, do you have the time and means to wash one every day, and also which design and style do you like best. After all, you will be wearing one every time you head outside! 

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The Flu Jab Service at Superdrug Pharmacy

Elderly man getting a flu jab with nurse

If you have ever had the flu before, you will know how unpleasant it can be. Not only can it make you feel really unwell, it can be highly contagious too.

To help prevent you from catching or spreading the flu this season, NHS and private flu vaccination services are now available at local Superdrug Pharmacies.

Here’s everything you need to know…

About the Flu Vaccination

Getting a flu vaccination may be considered as a very sensible option to help with staying protected! Although getting a vaccination doesn’t prevent 100% off all flu cases, people who have been vaccinated and catch a strain of flu are less likely to suffer from severe symptoms and may recover quicker - which is reason enough for us!

Elderly man getting a flu jab with nurse

At Superdrug Pharmacy, our flu jab service helps to protect against four of the most common strains of flu prevalent this season.  If you’re thinking ‘I was vaccinated last year, I don’t need to get it again’… Sorry to the bearer of bad news, but the flu is a sneaky virus that is constantly changing, therefore our service is updated each season to remain effective against new strains and provided to people again.

How to Get the Flu Vaccination Service at a Superdrug Pharmacy

The flu vaccination service is available any time during flu season (September to March) and you can either visit your local Superdrug Pharmacy to see if they have any walk-in appointments available or you can book an appointment with one of our lovely Customer Service team members.


Free NHS Flu Service*

At many of our Superdrug Pharmacies, we offer a free flu vaccination service through our amazing NHS to those in certain risk groups. You may be eligible for a free flu vaccination if you:

  • Are under 9 or over 65
  • Are pregnant
  • Have heart or lung problems, including asthma
  • Have diabetes, chronic kidney or liver conditions
  • Have been diagnosed with long term neurological conditions, including having had a stroke
  • Have a BMI of over 40
  • Are immunosuppressed or look after someone who has immunosuppression

If you do not fit into one of these categories, you of course can still receive the service at one of our pharmacies – speak to one of our in-store team about prices or visit our Flu Vaccination page.

*This may be subject to change alongside updates to NHS guidelines.

What is the Flu?

There’s no sugar coating it, the flu is pretty unpleasant!  It is a contagious illness caused by influenza viruses which may cause a range of nasty symptoms including:

  • A sudden temperature of over 38C
  • Aches all over your body
  • Feeling exhausted and difficulty sleeping
  • Dry cough
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • An upset tummy
  • Feeling or being sick
Female with flu symptoms on her sofa with tissue and a cup of tea

How do you treat the flu? You get yourself into bed, rest up, sleep, drink lots of water and take painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to lower your temperature.  It may take up to two weeks to get back to your normal self, but we hear Netflix makes a great companion during your time of bed rest!

Get Your Vaccination

There’s no hiding from flu season, so get in there early and help to protect yourself by booking in for the flu vaccination service as soon as possible.

Walk-in appointments are now available at Superdrug Pharmacies, or you can call our booking team to make an appointment.

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Are You Seeking Online Mental Health Support?

Young woman working on laptop at home

Do you often find yourself feeling really overwhelmed? Are you having difficulty sleeping? Or perhaps your friends have expressed concern for you lately? It’s easy to put these feelings down to stress or to push them away; however, these are just a few warning signs that you may benefit from seeking mental health support.

You should never, ever feel like you need to reach breaking point before seeking out the right help and now you can access professional support with Superdrug who have partnered with one of the UK’s first online psychology clinics My Online Therapy.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with My Online Therapy…

connect cards-elaine-emily

Who are My Online Therapy?

My Online Therapy is a virtual psychology clinic that aims to provide easy access to online mental health support and the latest range of evidence-based therapies to everyone who needs it.

They consist of a highly skilled, fully qualified team of psychologists who offer support and guidance to those who need help getting back on the right path.

How Do I Access Online Mental Health Support?

Looking after your mental wellbeing is something everyone should be doing, all the time. With My Online Therapy, it’s easy to get started and it all begins with a Free Online Assessment.

Complete a Questionnaire

The online assessment will ask you questions about yourself and will allow My Online Therapy to match you to the right psychologist, depending on your needs, history and what you want to get out of your therapy sessions.

With your questionnaire, My Online Therapy will also make a clinical judgment on the type of online mental health support you will need. All therapy methods used by the team of psychologists are rooted in research and will be provided in a style that best suits you.

Choose How to Get Therapy

With My Online Therapy there are a number of ways which you can access sessions with your psychologist, so you don’t need to worry about fitting it into your daily schedule. Sessions can be done via video, live chat, or with daily coaching.

Connect with Your Psychologist & Start Therapy

Once you are connected with a psychologist that best suits your needs you will be able to book your first session. Consider this as a ‘taster’ session, so you and your psychologist can determine whether you are a good fit for each other and if you are happy to commit to further time.

My Online Therapy process

Is Online Therapy Right for Me?

It’s completely normal to feel unsure or cautious about whether to seek out therapy. The fear of the unknown gets the better of most of us, but rest assured there is nothing to be scared of.

During your first session with a psychologist via My Online Therapy you will have the opportunity to discuss goals and what you’re looking to get out of your sessions. Through this initial appointment, you will gain a better understanding of whether therapy is the right path for you.

Remember, people go into therapy for lots of different reasons; it’s not all about reaching the end of your tether. If you feel like something is up, then it is never too early to seek out help.

To find out more about Superdrug’s partnership with My Online Therapy, their mental health support services or to start your own therapy journey click the link below.

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CeraVe: Uncomplicated Skincare That Delivers

3 Cerave Skincare Products on blue background facing camera

 “CeraVe is the no-frills cult skincare range with gold-standard results”

Sarah Jossel

The Sunday Times Style

Did you know that CeraVe was developed by dermatologists and every product contains 3 essential ceramides to protect the skin’s natural barrier? Yes, CeraVe does more than just moisturise your skin!

Knowing your skin type is essential for finding the right routine to suit your needs. Not every product is designed the same, which is why CeraVe caters to a range of skin types.

With CeraVe, what you see is what you get so what are you waiting for? Find your ‘no-frills’, effective skincare routine below.

Dry Skin

Every CeraVe product contains 3 essential ceramides, and hyaluronic acid, which are
essential in supporting and protecting the skin barrier and retaining moisture to help you combat your dry, uncomfortable skin.

2 bottles of Cerave in bathroom

This soap-free, non-foaming gel gently cleans the skin while increasing its hydration.

A lightweight facial moisturiser with SPF 25 to protect against harmful UV rays.

A rich and nourishing body cream to deeply hydrate your skin. With patented MVE technology, this will give you instant hydration, that lasts all day long.

CeraVe CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser For Normal to Dry Skin 236ml £9.49 Buy Now
CeraVe CeraVe PM Facial Moisturising Lotion Normal to Dry Skin 52ml £12.99 Buy Now

Normal to Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, then it’s important to incorporate products into your routine that keep your skin feeling fresh, but that are not irritating or stripping your skin of essential hydration.

This refreshing, foaming gel removes dirt and oil whilst keeping the skin hydrated

As well as SPF 25, this light lotion contains Niacinamide to calm the skin

This lotion absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. With patented MVE technology, this will give you instant hydration, that lasts all day long

CeraVe CeraVe Moisturising Lotion - Dry to Very Dry Skin 473ml £14.99 Buy Now

Dry, Rough & Bumpy Skin

CeraVe’s latest innovation: the award-winning SA Smoothing Range helps to gently exfoliate dry, rough & bumpy skin and leave your skin smoother in just 3 days.

2 Cerave products standing on shelf in the shower

This lightly foaming cleanser with Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates the skin whilst leaving it feeling soft and hydrated

Every skincare routine should contain an SPF! Hydrate your skin with this light facial lotion containing SPF 25. It also contains hyaluronic acid, to retain the skin’s natural moisture

This rich cream contains 10% Urea to smooth and moisturise the skin, and is also suitable for Keratosis Pilaris

CeraVe Cerave SA Skin Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid 236ml £11.99 Buy Now
CeraVe CeraVe SA Smoothing Moisturiser - Salicylic Acid 340g £17.99 Buy Now
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Your Guide to Getting Your Ears Pierced at Beauty Studio

Beauty Studio model earrings

Thinking of getting your ears pierced? Great decision! Earrings make beautiful accessories which can change your look in an instant.

If you have been searching for the perfect place to get your ears pierced, you can stop you search! Beauty Studio by Superdrug offer piercings you can trust with their state-of-the-art touch free process.

Intrigued? Read on to find out more…

ear piercing duo

Why Choose Beauty Studio?

All of our Beauty Studios, which offer ear piercing in the UK, are registered with their local councils having met the highest standards required to operate. So, first and foremost, you know you’re in safe and sterile hands!

Which Part of The Ear Can I Get Pierced?

Our Beauty Studios offer piercing on the lobe and upper cartilage area.

What Do You Use to Pierce Ears?

All of our Beauty Studio use an innovative and technologically advanced instrument to pierce ears – there will not be a piercing gun or needle in sight!

The unique device uses hand pressure to provide a gentle and painless piercing process; this is especially great as we offer piercings to young children who are aged 3 and over.

earring 3

To ensure a completely hygienic process, your chosen earring (more on that soon) is loaded into the instrument while still in its sterile packaging so the piercer never has to touch the actual earring.

The ear is automatically pierced with one simple squeeze. No loud noises; no bangs; and absolutely no touching!

What Will Happen at My Appointment?

Step 1: Choose your Jewellery

We have 28 hypoallergenic piercing earrings to choose from including white gold, stainless, 24ct gold plated, and titanium studs.  The prices will differ depending on which kind of earring you choose. However, if you purchase one of our earrings in-store then your piercing is free! Our Beauty Studio team will be on hand to help you select the right earrings for you.

Step 2: The Paperwork!

Before your piercing, you will need to complete some paperwork. At this time, someone from the Beauty Studio team will also talk you through the piercing process and the aftercare information you will need to best care for your new piercing.

Step 3:  Hygiene Checks

Once you’re happy, our Beauty Studio piercer will clean down surrounding surfaces and the chair, wash their hands and apply clean, fresh PPE, including latex free gloves. Once they are prepped, they will check your ear is healthy (no scars or cysts, for example) and then clean your ear with Studex alcohol prep pads.

Fun fact: Studex has been established for over 40 years and we’re very proud to use them in-store!

Step 4: Mark the ear

Once your ear has been cleaned, your piercer will mark your ear exactly where you want it to be pierced and check you are happy with it. They won’t need to touch you for this and won’t touch your ear again now it has been cleaned with prep pads.

Step 5: Time to be Pierced!

Your chosen earring will be loaded into the instrument, remaining in its sterile packaging, and it will then be lined up with the mark on your ear. Then, with one gentle squeeze your ear will be pierced!

Step 6: All About Aftercare

It is so important after you are pierced that you can really good care of it! Once your piercing is done, your piercer will apply your chosen solution and take you through the aftercare procedure.

A Quick Recap:

  • All Beauty Studios are registered with local councils
  • Every piercer is fully trained
  • All of our studios are clean and sterile at all times
  • You can choose from 28 different earrings
  • The process is quick, painless, and simple!


Now, who's ready to get their ears pierced with Beauty Studio?

Beauty Studio model earrings

For inspo & updates, follow Beauty Studio at:

  Beauty Studio by Superdrug     @beautystudio_bysuperdrug

And click the link below to find your nearest Beauty Studio location!

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Beauty Studio is Back with New Safety Measures

Superdrug beauty services is back

Over the last few months, with the closure of all non-essential shops due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had to swap their routine trips to the beauty salon for at-home alternatives. But now, we’re pleased to announce our Superdrug Beauty Studios are opening up again to offer a select number of treatment.

Due to government restrictions, we unfortunately cannot yet offer all of our wonderful beauty services but as soon as we get the okay, we’ll be back up and running in full when it is safe to do so!


Keep an eye out for beauty updates here, but in the meantime, take a look at the the safety measures we have put in place for the services we can offer...

New In-Store Safety Measures

Your safety is our top priority, so we have implemented a number of new COVID-19 safety measures for both you and our colleagues.  Here’s what you can expect when you visit:

- Perspex Screens

Protective perspex screens have been installed for added protection between our staff and customers.

- Enhanced Cleaning

We’ve upped our cleaning regime and rest assured everything will be completely sterilized prior to any treatments you have done.

- Appointments Encouraged

If you walk into a store and our staff are not with someone else, then by all means come in and have a treatment. However, if our staff are busy, we recommend you book an appointment and come back at a later time.

- Waiting Areas Removed

We kindly ask that you do not wait around the Beauty Studio. If you have an appointment, please arrive at the time it is booked for and if you are waiting for someone having a treatment please refrain use this time to go have a browse around some shops instead!

- Remember to Social Distance

When you are in the Beauty Studio, or any of our Superdrug stores, we ask you to observe the 2-metre social distancing rules with other customers and staff where possible.

Beauty services ear piercing and nails

We are delighted to be able to start welcoming you all back to our stores, but as you know the current situation is forever changing. You can see what Superdrug and Beauty Studio are doing to keep our customers and colleagues safe by clicking here: Coronavirus hub.

Or click the button below to check out which services are back and to find your nearest Beauty Studio.

We're looking forward to seeing you!



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Face Mask Acne: How to Prevent ‘Maskne’

Young woman wearing a face mask on gray background. Flu epidemic and virus protection concept

Without a doubt, 2020 has been far from what we were all expecting with the coronavirus pandemic affecting millions of people all over the world.

After spending several months in lockdown, we are now slowly adjusting to a new way of living which includes the mandatory wearing of a face mask or covering while in shops, supermarkets and when using public transport.

Many of us will not be used to wearing a face mask for a prolonged period of time and people are starting to experience issues with their skin underneath the mask. This problem, known as face mask acne or ‘maskne’, is a real problem and today we’re looking at what causes maskne and how you can try and prevent it.

Commuting during a pandemic

What is Maskne?

Maskne is a type of breakout on the skin, which is caused by the constant friction of the mask material on your skin. This type of acne is known as ‘acne mechanica’ and commonly occurs in people wearing masks for a long period of time.

Along with the constant friction on your skin, maskne is also triggered by pores being blocked by sweat, oil, makeup, and bacteria which sits on the skin under your mask. This can cause outbreaks of spots, blemishes, inflamed hair follicles, irritation, and redness.

How Do You Prevent Maskne?

At the moment, wearing a mask is necessary in many situations, so prevention is your best bet when it comes to tackling face mask acne.

The good news is, if you are suffering with maskne or want to prevent it appearing, there are a few things you can try.

Wash & Change Your Mask Regularly

Whether you’ve bought reusable cloth masks or you’ve made them yourself, it is really important to keep your cloth masks clean. Bacteria and dirt will build up over time on a mask, so the last thing you want to do, if you want to avoid irritating your skin, is put a dirty mask back on your face. Aim to wash your mask, on a high heat, after one full day of wear.

If you are wearing disposable masks, replace them as often as possible and avoid touching it directly by putting it on and removing it via the ear straps.

Self-sewn mouth-nose masks against corona viruses hang on the clothesline to dry.

Cleanse Your Skin (Properly) Twice a Day

With dirt, oil, sweat, and bacteria building up on the skin underneath your mask it is essential that you wash your face both before and after wearing a mask if you want to avoid breakouts.

If your skin is already irritated, look out for a gentle cleanser, or if you are prone to acne, look out for a breakout-busting salicylic acid cleanser which helps to keep your pores clear of build-up.

It may be tempting to wash your face more than usual, but we recommend you stick to your regular AM and PM routine so as not to dry out your skin, cause irritation or redness.

Click here to shop: Cleansers

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

It is really important throughout the day to keep your skin as hydrated as possible to help improve your skin's barrier function. Look for supportive ingredients in your daily moisturiser such as ceramides, glycerine and niacinamide to boost your skin’s hydration levels. If you feel your skin needs something extra, you can add a facial spray between each level of skincare or use one to top up your moisture levels throughout the day.

Adopt a Minimal Makeup Look

Your pores are already fighting off sweat and bacteria under your mask, don’t add makeup into the mix too! If you are taking your mask on and off throughout the day and want some sort of coverage, then a tinted moisturiser or BB cream is a good compromise.

As half of your face will be covered up with a mask, why not focus all of your attention on your eyes with beautiful eye makeup to draw attention to them?


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J-Beauty Fave Hada Labo is Here!

Those with dry, thirsty skin – get ready to rejoice, as cult J-Beauty brand Hada Labo has arrived in our skincare section. And we couldn’t be more psyched! The brand was created in Japan back in 2004, with the aim of making skincare simple, getting rid of all the typical ‘filler’ ingredients that often clog up formulas and focusing on the key actives that would really make a difference. Causing a storm on the Asian beauty scene when it launched, it was one of the first niche Japanese skincare lines to land in the west, kick-starting the current ‘J-beauty’ craze!


What is J-Beauty?

Shorthand for ‘Japanese beauty’, J-beauty has become synonymous with the high-performing and innovative skincare coming out of Japan, as well as traditional remedies and techniques which have been practised for centuries.  Japanese brands pride themselves on delivering formula breakthroughs and science-driven products that are packed to the brim with quality ingredients and skin benefits. Their skin care lines are all about anticipating rather than needing a result there and then so you could say, J- Beauty is all about the long game!

Hada Labo's Hero Ingredient

Hada Labo’s star ingredient is one you’re probably familiar with – hyaluronic acid. Probably the most effective hydrating ingredient there is, it soaks up moisture from the air and locks it into the skin, keeping it plumped and soft.

Hada Labo have used it to create a unique complex, the promising-sounding Super Hyaluronic Acid™. It blends three types of hyaluronic acid which can absorb into the skin on different levels – so not just the top layer but also the lower layers – for a 360-degree hydration hit, boosting skin firmness and diminishing fine lines from within.

The 3 types of Hyaluronic acid used are:

  • Macro Hyaluronic Acid - the large molecule in the Super Hyaluronic Acid™ complex, it acts on the skin’s surface to hold in moisture for long-lasting results.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Plus – an innovative type of Hyaluronic acid, it provides two times more hydration than regular Hyaluronic acid and its combo of water and oil-friendly properties allow for optimum moisture penetration and retention.
  • Micro Hyaluronic Acid – a teeny version of Macro Hyaluronic Acid, it penetrates deep into the skin to infuse moisture below the surface.

Get to Know the Range...

Hada Labo really is the perfect range for die hard ‘skintellectuals’ and absolute beginners looking to boost their complexion alike.

Here are some highlights...

Anti Ageing Super Hydrator

This supercharged serum is the one to reach for if you’re dealing with fine lines and dullness. It gives skin its glow back with a powerhouse of skin-plumping ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, retinyl palmitate (a mild form of retinol) and tetra-peptides.

Hada Labo Hada Labo Tokyo Anti Ageing Super Hydrator 150ml £17.45 Buy Now

Skin Plumping Gel Cream

If you’re on the hunt for a hardworking day cream, this contains the special Super Hyaluronic AcidTM complex for a serious hydration hit (perfect for stopping your skin drying out on long-haul flights or in air-conditioned offices). The gel texture absorbs easily and leaves skin velvety smooth.

Hada Labo Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel 50ml £19.99 Buy Now

Smoothing Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream

Been burning the candle at both ends? This go-to eye cream combines hyaluronic acid with caffeine to diminish crow’s feet and generally wake up the eye area, reducing dark circles in the bargain.

Hada Labo Hada Labo Tokyo Smoothing Anti Fatigue Eye Cream £14.95 Buy Now

Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

If you find most cleansers leave your skin dry and irritated, you’re in for a treat with this one. Ideal for all skin types, from acne-prone to dry and flaky, it effortlessly sweeps away dirt and debris while enriching skin with moisture at the same time.

Hada Labo Hada Labo Tokyo Gentle Hydrating Cleanser 150ml £13.45 Buy Now
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