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What is Collagen and its Role in Skin Care?

Young, asian female with dark hair holding her hand to face with a sky blue background

If you are a bit of an ingredient sleuth or you have been doing your research into anti-ageing skincare, then you may have come across the term collagen.  You’ll be pleased to know that collagen isn’t just another buzzword that’s thrown around to sell products. Collagen is actually a vital ingredient in a skin care routine and today, we’re going to find out all about it!

Brunette female with both hands on her face in front of a sky blue background

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body and it is primarily found in our skin, tendons, bones, and muscles.  It can be found in the dermis, the middle layer of the skin that lies below the epidermis and provides strength and elasticity to the skin, while also encouraging the renewal of cells.

Protein actually makes up around 20% of our total body mass and collagen makes up around 30% of that protein. So, unlike many other ingredients we search high and low for in our beauty routines, collagen is actually already in our skin!

How Are Collagen and Ageing Skin Connected?

From around the age of 20, we roughly lose 1% of our collagen every year. As the collagen starts to deplete, signs of ageing will start to appear such as fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s not just celebrating a birthday each year that reduces the production of collagen, factors such as smoking, eating lots of sugary foods and sunlight can all contribute to a drop in collagen levels.

Can Lost Collagen be Replaced?

While ageing of the skin is inevitable (boo!) there are a few things you can do to slow down the process and also to help build back up the collagen in the skin (yay!). For example, as sunlight can be a big factor in ageing skin always wear an SPF. Yes, every single day. Also, take a look at your diet and introduce more foods which contain natural antioxidants such as vitamin C and Beta carotene which help stimulate your skin’s own collagen synthesis.

Collagen Boosting Skin Care

So, you’ve topped up your daily dose of SPF and started eating more carrots, what else can you do to boost your collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Take a look at your skin care products, of course!

Applying topical collagen skin care products will keep your skin highly moisturised and even help it appear plumper and more hydrated; however, as the molecules in collagen are really big they struggle to penetrate the top layer of your skin therefore they won’t be effective in tackling other anti-ageing skin concerns such as wrinkles. To help rebuild collagen and really tackle the signs of ageing, there are a few ingredients you should look out for.

Vitamin C

As one of the most potent antioxidants around, skin care packed with vitamin C is a super effective way to fight against ageing skin. Using it topically can help boost collagen production and elastin in your skin, leading to reduced fine lines and wrinkles over time. As well as being an anti-ageing superhero, it can also protect your skin from free radicals and keep it looking radiant too!


As we start to understand the benefits of retinoids for the skin, the more we wished we’d discovered them years ago! Retinol is one of many different types of retinoids (the term used for all vitamin A derivatives) that can help you in your quest for a more youthful looking complexion! Retinol sinks deep into your skin and helps speed up cell turnover and with this it increases collagen and elastin production. Leading to, you guessed it, smoother, brighter, firmer looking skin!

There’s a few do’s and don’t when it comes to using retinoids, and you can get clued up on them here: What is retinol?

Optimum Optimum Retinol Serum 30ml £13.99 Buy Now

And Then There’s Supplements

Upping your skin care game isn’t the only way you can increase your collagen levels. Regular consumption of collagen supplements can help increase its production while helping you maintain gorgeous, youthful looking skin.

In conclusion, it’s really clear that collagen plays a big part in how our skin looks and feels as we get older. With our natural levels depleting from our 20s, if you want a more youthful looking complexion, then adding vitamin C and retinol infused products to your routine can help boost collagen production.

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How to Dye Your Hair At-Home with Davina McCall & Garnier Nutrisse

Garnier Nutrisse hair dye

If you're thinking of dying your hair at home but are not sure where to start, Davina McCall is here to share her top tips with you as she retouches her roots at home with Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Dye.

Garnier Nutrisse provides up to 100% grey coverage and now contains a new 5 oils restoring conditioner with avocado, shea, olive, cranberry and argan oil.

How to Find Your Perfect Shade:

Have you ever wondered what the hair colour numbers mean? The first number of a hair colour is how light or dark the hair dye will be. For example, blonde shades range from 7 for Dark Blonde to 10 for Very Light Blonde. Brown shades range from 4 for Dark Brown to 6 for Light Brown and a Black shade is a level 1.

The second number is the reflect which can be Natural (.0), Warm (.3, .4, .5, .6) or Cool (.1, .2). For example, 7.0 is a Natural Dark Blonde, 7.3 is a Golden Dark Blonde, and 10.1 is a Very Light Ash Blonde.

Always check the back of pack to see if it is the right shade for you. Want a natural ash blonde hair colour? Try Holly Willoughby’s hair dye: 10.01 Natural Baby Blonde. Or want a brown shade? Try Davina McCall’s Shade 4.3 Dark Golden Brown.

Can't decide between 2 shades? Always choose the lightest hair dye shade. Hair dye can only lighten your natural hair colour 1 to 2 levels. If you have dark hair and want to go blonde, you will need to bleach first.

Top Tips:

  • Apply moisturising cream to your hairline before dying your hair to avoid staining
  • If you have long or thick hair, use two boxes of hair dye
  • Use an old towel as hair colour can stain


  1. First, always do a patch test by applying some colourant cream to your skin at least 48 hours before you use Nutrisse hair dye even if you have coloured your hair before.
  2. Next, open up your box and lay out all your equipment. You should have an instruction leaflet, some gloves, an application bottle with the developer cream, colourant cream and a nourishing 4 oils conditioner for afterwards
  3. You’ll also need an old towel (hair colour can stain), a hairbrush, a hair clip, and some moisturising cream.
  4. Apply the moisturising cream to your hairline to avoid the dye staining your skin.
  5. It’s time to put on your gloves and get mixing! Squeeze the colourant cream into the developer bottle and shake it so they combine. Then immediately remove the cap and begin applying to your hair.
  6. Part your hair and apply in sections, starting with your roots and working through the ends.
  7. Now get plenty of cream in your hands and work it through the rest of your hair, making sure you are spreading the cream evenly over all your hair, root to tip.
  8. Leave to develop for 25-35 mins, as stated on the instructions, depending on the result you wish to achieve. (The timer starts once you’ve completely finished your application)
  9. Rinse under a warm shower until the water runs clear.
  10. Use the conditioner to keep your hair feeling soft and looking shiny.
  11. Rinse again until the water runs clear, and style as normal.
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How Do You Reduce Puffy Eyes?

Puffy eyes are usually an unwelcome sight! Lots of factors can cause the arrival of swelling around the eye, and if they have not been caused by illness or injury, there are a few tricks you can try to send puffy eyes packing.

Woman applying cream under eyes in bathroom while looking in mirror

What causes puffy eyes?

Swelling around the eye is ordinarily caused by a build-up of fluid in the skin tissue.  As you may know, the skin around the eye is really thin and very delicate, so discolouration or swelling can be really visible here.

Build up of fluid, or puffy eyes, are usually caused by one of these factors:

  • You inherited the facial feature from your parents (cheers, mum!)
  • Over doing it on the salt (salt can cause fluid retention)
  • Allergies
  • Crying
  • Stress
  • Sinus issues
  • Dehydration
  • Ageing
  • Lack of sleep

So, just a few things to keep in mind! Luckily, asides from ensuring you’re drinking lots of water, cutting back on the salt and getting enough sleep there are a few ways which you can reduce the appearance of puffy eyes.

1. Aloe, Aloe!

Aloe Vera is one of the beauty world’s little wonders! It’s rich in vitamins and packed with anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce puffiness or swelling around the eyes. Not to mention it feels really refreshing on the skin, perfect for the sensitive eye area.

Aloe Pura Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Skin Gel 200ml £5.99 Buy Now

2. Little Spoon

If waking up with puffy eyes is more than a one-time occurrence for you, be prepared for their arrival by keeping two metal spoons in the fridge. When you wake, hold the cold spoons over closed eyes for a few minutes to constrict the blood vessels and reduce the swelling. Alternatively, if you’re not that prepared, you can run the spoons under a cold tap too for the same effect.

3. Tea O’Clock!

If, like us, you love nothing more than a brew to pick you up throughout the day; then you’ll have plenty of tea bags to try out with this trick! Once you have made your tea, pop the used tea bags (black or green) into the fridge to start chilling. Once they’re nice and cold, apply them to your closed eyes and the antioxidant and caffeine content will help increase circulation and encourage the removal of fluids.

4. Eye, Eye Cream!

If you are not already using an eye cream, first thing is first - add one to your skin care routine! Olay’s Eye Ultimate Eye Cream gets to work immediately by soothing and hydrating the delicate eye area, reducing not just puffiness but dark circles too!

Top tip: put your eye cream into the fridge so it is extra refreshing when you apply it your skin.

Olay Olay Eye Collection Ultimate Eye Cream 15ml £24.99 Buy Now

5. Massage Miracle

Get the fluid around your eyes moving again with a gentle massage. When applying your eye cream, gentle tap around the swollen areas and gently push the skin upwards to improve the circulation. As well as targeting under your eyes, massage pressure points at your brow and on your sinuses to help too.

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Get the Low-Down on Sulphate Free Shampoos

Woman washing her hair in the shower massaging shampoo into her hair

If you take a peek down our hair care aisle you will see many of your favourite hair brands springing up with sulphate free shampoos. So why are these hair care brands saying goodbye to sulphates and should you too? Here’s everything you need to know about sulphate free shampoos and our top choices.

Woman rinsing shampoo out hair in shower

What are sulphates?

Sulphates (also written as ‘sulfate’ – but that’s a whole other conversation!) are what causes your favourite shampoos, cleansers, and body washes to create a thick, foamy lather.

There are two common types of sulphates found in the beauty industry: sodium lauryl sulfphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES).

Sulphates are surfactant chemicals, meaning they are really effective at removing dirt and oil from your skin and hair.  The molecules have two parts to them, one-part traps oil, dirt and grease which are then rinsed away with the second part (think of it as one is oil soluble and one is water soluble.)

Why do some people avoid sulphates?

A quick Google search will bring up the ‘for’ and ‘against’ argument for using sulphates, but the main concern is that they can strip your skin and hair of more oil than necessary. The problem with the molecules is that they can’t tell the different between excess oil and your natural sebum. This can lead to dry hair and an irritated scalp.  Some people also think that sulphates affect hair colour too, causing the colour to fade, although research is still being conducted on this.

What are the benefits of sulphate free shampoos?

To give people an option on the ingredients they use on their hair, many brands have started to give their customers a choice with sulphate free formulas.

When you try a sulphate free shampoo for the first time, you’ll notice the lack of lather or foam which can take some getting used to! Remember, sulphates are a foaming agent, so a lather is either significantly reduced or not present at all in a sulphate free shampoo. However, this doesn’t mean they are not cleaning your hair, they are still effective in leaving you with soft, cleansed locks.

If the lack of foam doesn’t bother you, then there are some benefits of sulphate free hair care you can get behind including:  a less irritated scalp, reduced frizz, and softer, more hydrated hair.

If sulphate free shampoos sound up your street, check out some of the best formulas to hit our shelves at Superdrug.

1. Herbal Essences bio: renew Sulfate Free Shampoo Aloe & Hemp

If you want to partner your sulphate free formula with a shampoo packed with natural ingredients, this is the one for you! Herbal Essences have partnered with the Royal Botanic Gardens, in Kew, to celebrate 260 years of their botanical experience with this super-hydrating shampoo that puts aloe in the spotlight.

If this ticks all your boxes, be sure to check out the Herbal Essences Sulfate Free Hair Conditioner Aloe & Hemp to go with it. Or for something a little more fruity the range is also available in Aloe & Mango.

Herbal Essences Herbal Essences bio:renew Sulfate Free Shampoo Aloe & Hemp £5.99 Buy Now

TRESemme Colour Shineplex Shampoo

Not ones to be left behind on the latest hair care must-haves, TRESemme have released their first ever sulphate free shampoo. The ultra-moisturising formula features hair care favourites coconut and camellia oil and gently cleanses the hair without stripping away your natural oils.

TRESemmé TRESemme Pro Colour Shineplex Shampoo 400ml £2.47 Buy Now

Cantu Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo

If you’re giving SLS and SLES a miss, but still enjoy a rich lather in your hair, then give this one a go from curly hair faves Cantu.  It carefully removes build up on your hair while also protecting your locks from breakages.

Cantu Cantu Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo 400ml £6.99 Buy Now

Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Shampoo

You just need to read the customer reviews for this sulphate free shampoo to know you’re on to a winner! Formulated with Jamaican black castor oil and organic Shea butter, this shampoo is incredibly hydrating and is amazing at restoring dry, broken, damaged hair back to its former glory.

Shea Moisture Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Shampoo 506ml £12.99 Buy Now
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Superdrug Makeup Goals: Psychedelic 60s

Female with short hair, glitter detail on her face, holding white flowers with pink retro pictures in the background

Long before we were chasing sunsets in Coachella or dreaming of being in front of the stage at Lovebox or Wireless, fun-lovin’ hippies were embracing the ‘flower power’ era of the late 60s at the original muddy music festival, Woodstock. A single weekend event where everyone was wearing flowers in their long, flowing hair and makeup was bold, psychedelic, and energetic… to be fair, not too far from the festival beauty we know and love today! However, back then festivals were all about getting lost in the moment, connecting with the music and a little less about the glitter in their hair!

Over the decades that followed, music festivals exploded in popularity and the idea of ‘festival beauty’ evolved. Today, it has become associated with over the top flower crowns, unicorn hair and wearing the latest fashion trends, but it wasn’t always that way. Come with us as we take a look at where it all began with the birth of festival beauty, 60s makeup inspiration and how you can incorporate it into your everyday makeup and hair routine.

Festival looks and retro stetching

Festival Beauty Begins

The swinging 60s breathed new life into the world of beauty. Where the 50s were all about polished lipstick and precision eyeliner, people in the mid-late 60s wanted to break free from the mainstream formalities of what was expected of them and live their lives more freely, this included the way they looked. In the summer of 1969, four hundred thousand people attended Woodstock, where they drew on each other with brightly coloured body paints, adorned their faces with peace symbols and daisies and braided (real) flowers into their hair.  They wanted to be more in tune with nature, connected to the music and with one another.

This group of spiritual, free-loving hippies were just out to have a good time, but little did they know over 50 years later we would still be wearing flowers in our hair, painting our bodies with glitter and creating colourful patterns on our faces every summer.

60s Makeup, Today

60s makeup swung between being a riot of colour and natural elegance, and it is still inspiring fashion shows and beauty trends of today. Take a look at Rixo’s ‘Back to the Garden’ spring/summer 2020 presentation at London Fashion Week, which put ombre colours, psychedelic embellishments and paisley prints harking back to the era of inhibited fun, eccentricity, and free love in the spotlight.

Festivals may have been put on pause this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the beauty of 60s style and take inspiration for our next garden party or outdoor gathering.  Take a look at these timeless makeup and hair trends that we think look as good today as ever!

Three Psychedelic beauty looks

Let's Get Psychedelic!

The creative use of colour used in makeup towards the end of the 60s was fearlessly rebellious. Think bold, geometric shapes, a rainbow of colours and glitter. In recent years, trends such as graphic eyeliner, and of course festival beauty, replicates the makeup of this era. Meaning it is as wearable today as it was back then!

Take a colourful palette or an array of coloured eyeliners to create unique, bold eyeshadow looks; try drawing embellishments on your face such as hearts or stars; or embrace the flower power era by drawing flowers or a floral design around your eyes or one side of your face.

Going Au Natural

Hippie culture was all about natural beauty and going back to basics, so embrace the freedom that comes with it by showing off your natural features.

Cleanse and lightly moisturise your face and apply a primer and dewy foundation to your skin. You may find applying your foundation with your fingers gives you a more natural finish; the matte look wasn’t popular back in the 60s! Choose a natural eyeshadow colour and open up your eyes with a brown pencil eyeliner and a few coats of black mascara.

Leave your brows as nature intended and complete the look by parting your hair in the centre and pinning a flower crown, or individual flowers, into your hair.

Revlon Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Primer £12.99 Buy Now

Blushing Braids

If you’re looking for something in between colourful and natural, then a soft, fresh blush is the 60s look for you. Keep your base minimal, with freshly cleansed skin and a foundation with a dewy finish and apply a pastel pink or peach toned blusher lightly over the bridge of your nose and on the apple of your cheeks for a naturally flushed appearance. Finish the look with several coats of lash lengthening mascara.

Incorporate the carefree hippie personality with your elegant blush by pairing it with laid back braided hair style. If your hair is long enough, you can opt for a loosely tied braid to the side or for a more modern boho feel, try multiple braids and tie decorative string at the top of the braid and either plait it in or wrap it down the braid and secure at the bottom.

B. Cosmetics B. Liquid Blush - Candy £6.99 Buy Now
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3 Types of Wax & How to Use Them

Superdrug at home waxing range

Body hair is normal, we all have it! However, if you prefer to go bare and remove it, there are more than a few options out there to do so. For longer-lasting, quick, and efficient hair removal we suggest waxing. Waxing doesn’t require you hopping on a bed in a salon anymore, as at-home waxing kits are super-effective. If you’re a waxing newbie and the number of waxing options is enough to have you reach for your razor again, stop! Here’s our guide on the different types of wax available at Superdrug and how to use them.

Effective Prep = Better Results!

Waxing lesson 101: always prep your skin! Regardless of what body part you are removing hair from the first thing you need to do is ensure the area is clean; remove any bacteria, grime, or makeup if you are removing hair from your face.

Once it is clean, exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells to get the best possible results. Avoid chemical exfoliants, but instead use an exfoliating mitt or a gentle face scrub so you don’t irritate your skin.

Next up, decide which wax is the one for you…

B. by Superdrug face and body wax

1. Pre-Made Strips

If you’re waxing for the first time, or waxing at home for the first time, then pre-made wax strips will make your debut venture into the world of waxing much easier! These strips, which come with wax already on them, completely remove the step of having to put the wax on your skin yourself; you can never apply too much or too little this way! Another bonus about this option is you can reapply a strip to the same area of skin more than once without bothering your skin.

How to use: Warm the strips up in your hands before peeling apart, place firmly down on the area you want to wax and then remove it in a swift motion in the same direction as your hair.

B. B. Legs & Body Strip Wax £6.29 Buy Now
Veet Veet Easy Grip Ready to Use Body & Leg Cold Wax Strips x40 £13.19 Buy Now

2. Hard Wax

Do you have thicker hair that can be tricky to remove? If so, hard wax could be your waxing saviour. Hard wax doesn’t need a strip to be removed, as it hardens when applied to the body and encases itself around the hair. The heat of the wax will help your pores open up more, making the removal of hair slightly less painful. Hard wax is best used on smaller areas, such as on your face, as it can crack if used on larger areas like your legs.

Superdrug Superdrug Hot Wax Tub 300g £11.99 Buy Now

How to use: Always fully read the instructions of your waxing product. Hard wax needs to be heated up before applying it, so pop it in the microwave for as long as instructed. Once it has warmed up, check the temperature and when ready spread the wax, using the tool provided with your wax, in the direction of your hair growth. The wax should be around 1mm-2mm think, but you can make one end slightly thicker so you can use this as a tab. When the wax has hardened, pull the strip back as soon as possible to reveal hair free skin!

3. Sugar Wax

Sugar wax, or ‘sugaring’, is one of the oldest methods of hair removal around.  Used by the ancient Egyptians, the process involves using a natural paste to remove the hair right from the root without the need of strips.  The wax has a honey like texture, which means it can get a bit messy when applying to the skin, but people do say sugar wax hurts less than regular waxing, and as it pulls the hair from the root, hair will grow back finer and finer each time.  

Sugar wax can be used on any part of your body, but if you do have particularly sensitive skin or a skin concern, such as eczema, then it is best avoided.

Superdrug Superdrug Sensitive Warm Wax Treatment 250ml £8.49 Buy Now
Nair Nair Sugar Oriental Wax 350ml £13.99 Buy Now

How to use: Gently warm your sugar wax up to its optimal temperate (always check the instructions with your kit) and give it a good stir to ensure it is warm all the way through; you should be left with a silky, honey consistency.  Using a spatula, apply a fine layer of sugar wax to your skin and then apply a strip to the wax and then pull it off.  Applying too much wax will mean you will have excess left on the skin and not enough will mean repeating the process, so practise makes perfect when it comes to application!

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L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew At-Home Salon

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renewal Day Cream

Do you dream of flawless, youthful-looking skin but the idea of achieving it with a clinical procedure is a no-go for you? Regular laser treatments have long been considered one of best ways to achieve radiant, younger-looking skin but frequent trips to the clinic can be draining on your bank balance and leave your skin red and tingly.

Thankfully, L’Oreal Paris may just have the answer you’ve been looking for with their clinically proven L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew SPF20 Day Cream. The richly textured formula has been specifically formulated to give you intense anti-wrinkle action without having to step foot inside a clinic.

L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew day cream

The potent cream is packed with skin-loving ingredients and helps fight against the signs of ageing in 3 steps:

1. Refirms

It contains 3% concentration of Pro-Xylane™, a powerful anti-ageing property, that helps the skin to feel firmer that also reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Refined

The skin surface appears refined, smoother, and brighter thanks to the addition of LHA (lipohydroxy acid) which acts as a gentle exfoliator.

3. Shields

Everyday your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, which are the primary cause of premature skin ageing, so it needs protecting. The SPF20 helps block UBV rays which can damage the skin’s surface and protect again UVA rays which penetrate deeper into your skin, causing discolouration and pigmentation.

Tried, Tested and Approved!

Don’t just take our word for it, 81% of L'Oreal's Laser Renew SPF Day Cream users would delay a professional anti-ageing treatment* and 95% would recommend the cream to a friend**.

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift range

Try More from the Revitalift Range

Apply the Loreal's Revitalift SPF20 Day Cream every morning and night for visible results in just 4-weeks. For an extra boost, try the Revitalift Laser Routine with L’Oreal's Revitalift Laser Ampoules, a seven-day glycolic acid treatment designed to gently exfoliate your skin, like a peel would do, smoothing and brightening your complexion, leaving you looking more radiant and luminous!

L'Oreal Paris L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew Advanced SPF20 50ml £24.99 Buy Now
L'Oreal Paris L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Ampoules 10% Glycolic Acid £24.99 Buy Now

*81% of 163 L'Oreal Laser Renew SPF Day Cream users agree / **95% of 163 L'Oreal Laser Renew SPF Day Cream users agree.

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Maybelline Beauty At-Home Tips & Tricks

Maybelline makeup products against dark black background

If you love nothing more than pampering yourself or perfecting your makeup skills while at home, then we’ve got you covered with our quick and easy at-home hacks featuring a range of must-haves products from Maybelline. Whether you want to look your best for your next Zoom call or picnic in the park, then check out our top tips and tricks below:

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Easy Peel Off Gel Tint

Can’t get to the salon to tint your brows but too scared to take the plunge on a permanent at home tint? Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow Peel Off Gel is our semi-permanent brow gel that will leave your eyebrows tinted and looking naturally fuller for up to 3 days.

How to get fuller looking eyebrows in 3 quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Apply a thick layer to clean eyebrows in your desired brow shape. If you make a mistake simply wipe away with a cotton bud or tissue soaked in makeup remover.

Step 2: Leave product to set for at least 20 minutes. For super long wear leave for up to 2 hours – or even overnight.

Step 3: Use fingers to peel the product from eyebrows. Don't worry the product isn't sticky so won't pull out the hair.

Model touching eyebrow with texting saying 'Brows For Days'
Maybelline Maybelline Tattoo Gel Eyebrow Tint Peel Medium Brown £12.99 Buy Now

Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift

Longing for your LVL or Salon Lash Lift – us too, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Get an instant lift look in a tube, from the UK's Number 1 Mascara Brand. Falsies Lash Lift delivers dramatic volume and long, lifted lashes. Our double curved lifting brush and fibre-infused formula grab lashes at the root to lift, thicken, and lengthen. No clumps, smears, or flakes, just volume that lasts all day.

How to get a Lash Lift in a bottle with Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara:

Step 1: For best results, hold brush against lashes and sweep from root to tip.

Step 2: Repeat until desired look is achieved.

Top Tip: Do not let it dry between coats.

Maybelline mascara with swatch background
Maybelline Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara 01 Black £7.99 Buy Now

Maybelline Instant Eraser Concealer

Need a skin pick me up? Maybelline’s Instant Eraser Concealer covers dark circles, blemishes, and redness in one easy swipe so you can feel confident in your skin.

It comes with an anti-microbial cushion tip applicator, which means you can touch up your makeup at any time – without touching your face!

How to apply Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Eye Concealer to cover dark circles, blur imperfections and cover blemishes:

Step 1. Twist collar of the Micro-Corrector Applicator in the direction of arrows until the concealer is visible on the sponge (it may take some turns on first use).

Step 2. Using the applicator, apply concealer directly to the under-eye area, blending in an outward motion.

Step 3. For extreme dark circles, apply the Neutralizer shade under your concealer shade.

Step 4. To add a luminous touch, apply the Brightener shade to the inner corner of eyes, cheek and brow bones and, bridge of the nose.

Maybelline 5 concealers on a background with swatches
Maybelline Maybelline Instant Conceal Eraser Concealer Brightener £8.99 Buy Now

Maybelline Superstay 7 Days Gel Nail Polish

Need a speedy at home manicure before your picnic? Maybelline’s Superstay Nail Varnish has got you covered lasting up to 7 days with super saturated pigment so you can go about your day without having to worry about your nails.

How to use:

First apply a clear base coat to help your nail colour last longer. With one sweep, paint the first line of nail polish starting from the base to the tip. Then apply colour to the rest of the nail.

Maybelline Maybelline 7 day SuperStay Nail Polish - 24/7 Fuschia £4.49 Buy Now
Maybelline Superstay 7 Days City Nudes Nail Color 892 Dusted Pearl £4.49 Buy Now
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See a Doctor in Minutes with Superdrug’s The GP Service

Person on a laptop at homespeaking to a Doctor who is visible on the laptop screen.

How many times have you called your local GP surgery to find out there are no appointments available that day? Or waited all morning on hold to be told the next appointment was in 10 days’ time? It sounds all too familiar, right?

Well, next time you need a doctor’s appointment you can now use The GP Service at Superdrug! Our newest digital service is now live and here’s everything you need to know…

Woman using a laptop for a video call with a doctor

How does The GP Service work?

The GP Service is available online 365 days a year and provides you with a convenient way to receive doctor’s advice, treatments, and a diagnoses for common medical conditions via our online consultation platform.

Our service works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Book an appointment
  3. See a doctor
  4. Instant processing

Our online platforms allows our patients to interact with a qualified doctor (you can see more information on our wonderful team here: meet the doctors) in a safe and discreet environment, either via an online form assessment or via the live chat feature.

The process really is as straightforward as that!

Who can access the service?

The GP Service offers private medical non-emergency treatment to anyone over the age of 18 who is living in the UK. Unfortunately, our doctors are unable to assess anyone under the age of 18 or speak to someone on behalf of somebody else.

Our service is not suitable for emergency medical care or diagnoses, if you think you need urgent support then please call 999 or seek out alternative emergency medical care.

How do I get a prescription via The GP Service?

During your consultation, our qualified doctor will determine the correct prescription for you, if necessary.

Any medication you are prescribed will be electronically sent to your chosen local Superdrug Pharmacy immediately after your consultation for processing. Once your prescription is ready for collection, you will be notified by email.

All of our Superdrug Pharmacies, that are affiliated with The GP Service, are UK based and registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and will stock most general medications or will be able to get it within 24-hours. So, you should never have to wait too long before you can pick up your treatment!

Do I have to pay for the service?

Yes, as we are a private medical service and not part of the NHS, you will need to pay for using our services. Consultations are £25 and last for 10 minutes; prescription processing is £7.95; and fit and referral letters are £15 each.

Will my GP know about my consultation?

Our doctors will share your consultation notes with your GP unless you specifically opt out of this when you register. You will see this question nice and clearly when you create your account, so the choice is yours.


The GP Service is here to serve your health needs and appointments are available today!

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Nails.INC Lands on Superdrug’s Shelves!

Nails Inc Plant Power nail polishes

Grab a nail file, because your talons are in for a treat! In some very exciting news, iconic vegan nail polish brand, Nails.INC has now arrived at Superdrug! It launched over 20 years ago and was one of the first cool and edgy nail brands aimed at a new generation of beauty lovers. The game-changing polishes have high-tech, nourishing formulas (you’ve got to try their iconic Superfood NailKale Base Coat for nourishing weak brittle nails), while their unique brush shapes minimise the number of strokes required to paint your nails, making application a breeze.

So it’s no surprise Nails.INC have quickly become one of the UK’s best-selling nail brands, with quirky, eyecatching colours many of which have names inspired by London, such as Find Me In Fulham and No Bad Days in Notting Hill.

This really is the perfect range for mani-obsessives and nail polish newbies alike. Here are some more reasons to love it …

Nails Inc Neon nail polish

Natural Vegan Nail Polish

Think nail polishes are all packed with synthetic chemicals? Think again. Nails.INC's Plant Power range is 73% plant-based and is also vegan, cruelty-free and halal. We love the classic rouge shade Swear By Salutation.

Nails Inc NAILS.INC Plant Power Swear By Salutation 14ml £9.00 Buy Now
Nails Inc Plant Power nail polish

Quick Dry Polish

If you don’t fancy sitting still for half an hour, waiting for your nails to dry, Nails.INC’s Speedy Gloss collection solves the problem, drying in a record time of 45 seconds. Perfect for a last-minute mani, you can simply paint on and head out the door! Aspiring ‘it girls’ should try the classic shade: Mayfair Made Me Do It.

Nails Inc NAILS.INC 45 Second Speedy Gloss Mayfair Made Me Do It 14ml £8.00 Buy Now
Nails Inc 45 second nail polish Time for Trafalgar

Two Shades, One Bottle

If you want to switch up your nail colour without a full-on polish change, Nails.INC Thermochromic Polish reacts and alters colour with changes in temperature. On our current shopping list is their Hotter Than Hot shade, which changes from bubblegum pink to bright white, as if by magic!

Nails.INC thermochromic nail polishes

Tan-Enhancing Talons

Nothing shows off a tan like a marvellous manicure. And the Beach Bottled collection is the perfect way to do it, with four flattering shades that will look fabulous against sunkissed skin! We’re all about the sparkly, sand dune-inspired shade That Tan Life.

Nails Inc NAILS.INC Beach Bottled That Tan Life 14ml £11.00 Buy Now
Nails inc Beach Bottled nail polish

Skincare Meets Nail Polish

We’re sure you’ve heard of retinol before – but what about for your nails…? This popular skincare ingredient is the power behind Nails.INC’s revolutionary 45 Second Retinol topcoat. It toughens up weak talons to ensure your mani is chip-proof and dry to the touch in under a minute.


(We told you this range was a game-changer!)

Nails Inc NAILS.INC Mini 45 second retinol top coat 5ml £9.00 Buy Now
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