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Who Remembers These Makeup Trends From The Last Decade?

Instagram makeup for makeup trends of the decade

When the clock stuck midnight on December 31st 2019, we didn’t just welcome in a brand-new year but also a new decade. It's fair to say there was a fair few iffy moments in the 2010s but there was also lots of things to remember fondly too!

In celebration of the new decade, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to revisit some of biggest beauty moments from the last ten years. Contour palettes at the ready!

2010: Thick Smokey Eyeliner

Thick smokey eyeliner had us all wondering in 2010 if someone was channelling their inner goth or if they were still wearing same makeup from the night before, but no - it was just the go-to look of 2010! Created using a smudgeable kohl eyeliner, it was spotted on models, popstars and celebrities alike.

B. Cosmetics B. Kohl Eye Liner Pencil 01 Black £4.99 Buy Now
Studio London Superdrug Studio Smokey Eye Makeup Brush £3.79 Buy Now

2013: No Makeup Makeup

The trends of the decade definitely swung between heavily made up to the barely their makeup routine. In 2013, people started embracing ‘no makeup makeup’, posting selfies on social media with the hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis - although, upon reflection many of these images were heavily filtered.

To really re-master the less is more look embrace high-quality skincare for a super healthy glow and a slick of lengthening mascara.

No makeup makeup
Naturally Radiant Superdrug Naturally Radiant Cream Normal/Dry Skin 75ml £7.49 Buy Now
Maybelline Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara 01 Black £7.99 Buy Now

2014: Perfected Contour and Dazzling Highlighter

In 2014, we could not get enough of reality TV stars and we found a huge amount of make up inspiration from these new celebs.

So, contouring may not have been a new makeup technique this year but if you hadn't already heard of it, boy were you about to! It was catapulted (with force) into the mainstream by Kim-K and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic when he was shown contouring Kim's face into an actual goddess! About 5 seconds later the internet was flooded with 'how to's' and 'tutorials' and we all fell in love with the bronzing and highlighting technique.

NYX Professional Makeup NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette £19.00 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Ultra Contour Palette £8.00 Buy Now

2015: Influencers Take Over!

It wasn’t just reality TV stars that we were looking to for beauty inspo last decade, the rise of the influencer well and truly shaped what looks we were wearing.

Youtubers and beauty bloggers were everywhere and we've gained some of the best and the worst beauty hacks due to our vlogging friends. Let's just hope we never catch anyone trying to contour along the side of a stiletto shoe or a utensil ever again!

Hours and hours of our lives may have been lost watching back to back PR unboxing's, tutorials on how to create the best smoky eye or cat eyeliner flick, but you know what? We don't care - our makeup never looked better!


Instagram makeup for makeup trends of the decade

2017: K-Beauty

Trends took a little step away from makeup in 2017 and towards skincare, most notably skincare routines and products originating from South Korea.  Koreans are especially particular about the quality of products they put onto their skin and focus on using items that get to the root of their skincare problems.  K-Beauty introduced us to face sheet masks, the 10-step routine and essences. This is one trend we’ll welcome back any year!

Jinju Jiinju Bubble Sheet Mask 22ml £3.99 Buy Now
Girl wearing a K beauty sheet make in the bathroom

2018: Brows on Point

We already have so many ways to always ensure our brows are on fleek with tinting, waxing and threading being popular choices. However, in 2018 we managed to squeeze in a couple more and welcomed microblading (a semi-permanent way of tattooing on brows) and brow lamination (which give your brows a more uniformed shape for an extended period of time) into the fold with welcome arms too!

e.l.f. Cosmetics e.l.f. Eyebrow Duo Brush £4.50 Buy Now

2019: Dermaplaning

The final year of the decade saw many different beauty trends having their 5-minutes of fame. Lash lifts, nail art and hydrafacials were all up there in terms of high search volume. However, in our forever ending search of the perfect skin treatment to rid us of dry, dull looking skin many of us turned to an exfoliating treatment called dermaplaning. The technique involves gently scraping the dead skin cells from the top layer of your face using a surgical scalpel. This results? Smoother, peach-fuzz free and slightly brighter looking skin. Sign us up!

Veet Veet Dermaplaning Sensitive Precision Face Kit £29.99 Buy Now

That’s it for our trip down memory lane! Who knows what the next decade will have in store for us in terms of beauty trends, but we can’t wait to find out!

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What Are Ampoules & How Do You Use Them?

L'Oreal Hyaluronic ampoules

Imagine this… You’re a week away from a holiday of a lifetime or a big night out that you have been planning for months, but your skin just isn’t playing ball! Or maybe you’ve got nothing fancy going on, but your skin is having a moment?

There are many reasons why our skin may start to look a little lacklustre and need some extra care and attention with super FAST results, but there is no need to despair! L’Oreal Paris has got your back!

Introducing the L’Oreal Revitalift Filler Ampoules with Hylauronic Acid and the L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Glycolic Acid Ampoules.

What Are Ampoules?

Ampoules are hermetically sealed (which means they’re airtight) individual shots of highly concentrated skincare. The super-charged formula is preserved inside the ampoule until you snap it open (which is such a satisfying feeling, BTW) and apply it to your skin.

The L’Oreal Revitalift Ampoules come in two different versions: Hyaluronic Acid and Glycolic Acid.

L'Oreal Paris Revitaift Filler Ampoules Hyaluronic Acid

We know it sounds scary, but hyaluronic acid is actually far gentler than it sounds. It works by attracting and retaining moisture in the skin, in fact a single molecule can hold up to 1000 times its own weight!

After just one Hyaluronic Ampoule from L’Oreal the skin is tighter and more supple. After 7 ampoules, skin is revitalised, firmer and bouncier!

L'Oreal Hyaluronic ampoules
L'Oreal Paris L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler Ampoules Hyaluronic Acid £19.99 Buy Now

L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Glycolic Acid Ampoules

If you are looking for an alternative to an abrasive exfoliate, then glycolic acid may be just what you're looking for!

The skin naturally sheds its cells, which can remain on the surface of our face leading to a dull and grey looking complexion. Glycolic acid works by breaking down and removing this layer of cells to reveal skin that is smoother, brighter with fine lines visibly reduced.

L’Oreal’s Glycolic Acid Ampoules offers optimum results when you use just one ampoule a day for 7 days! 

L'Oreal gycolic acid ampoules
L'Oreal Paris L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Ampoules 10% Glycolic Acid £24.99 Buy Now

Are Acids Safe to Use Every Day?

Yes, absolutely! L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Glycolic Acid Ampoules contains 10% glycolic acid and are a completely unique way to revitalise your face.

There is a common misconception that the higher the percentage of acid, the better the results – but this isn’t necessarily true. L’Oreal only use 10% as it’s the ideal percentage to use every day as a gentle exfoliant that won’t lead to irritation. 

Gylcolic based products are always best used as part of your night-time routine and it’s important to always follow up with an SPF moisturiser, such as L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew Advanced SPF20.

How Do I Use an Ampoule?

Ampoules are simple to use, and you’ll soon wonder how your skincare routine ever went without them!

1 - Tap the top of the ampoule to release any serum that's in the top.

2 - Snap the top of the ampoule off, be careful not to spill any of the contents.

3 – Apply the serum to both your face and neck once a day, for 7 days a week.

4 - Reveal plumped, hydrated, soothed and revitalised skin in just 7 days!

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Makeup Looks Worthy of a Place at LFW

Pretty model with slick back hair and light blue graphic eyeliner

Fashion Week is one, if not the, most pivotal event in the fashion calendar! The big players are Paris, New York, Milan and of course London Fashion Week. While at the likes of Paris and Milan you can expect some of the fashion world’s biggest movers and shakers, in London you can expect boundaries to be pushed, political messages to be woven into the shows and theatrics to be included to spice things up both on and off the catwalk.

London Fashion Week isn't too far away, so to mark the occasion we’ve selected some of our favourite makeup looks that wouldn’t look out of place on the runway or as part of a street fashion photo shoot!

Bold, Power Lips

Bold, red lip
Bold blue lips
Red and pink lips

For many years, designers have used Fashion Week to air their opinions and beliefs on a range of subjects including political decisions, exploitation, climate change and poverty - to name a few.

So, this got us thinking… a strong statement should be matched with an equally strong mouth. Step forward the power lip! Bold and beautiful, the power lip can transform your entire face – no matter the finish, texture or colour you go for.

To create a lip that instantly draws attention as you walk into the room, go for a hue that offers a contrast to your undertones. For example, if you have yellow undertones try a blue-red lip for maximum impact.

Barry M Barry M Neptune Lip Paint £4.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Matte Liquid Lipstick Lulu £6.99 Buy Now
Maybelline Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid 25 Heroine £9.99 Buy Now

High Gloss Finish

Model with glossy skin and makeup
Red haired female with glossy hair and skin

Fresh. Glowy. Radiant. Shimmering… oh, those words are enough to make us smile! This utterly beautiful look repeatedly makes its way on to catwalks and we’re more than happy for it to walk straight into our lives each season.

For gorgeous glossy skin, a light, luminous foundation is essential. Blend it into your skin using a damp blending sponge and try to avoid using powders if you really want to glow, girl, glow! If your skin is on the oilier side, use blotting sheets instead to tone down the shine throughout the day.

If you’re ready to go FULL glow, then the high gloss look can be applied to your eyes too. For shimmering eyes use light colours and a touch of illuminator in the corner. For the water-like shine, over your shadow add a swipe of multi-purpose balm (like Vaseline) to finish the look.

Plump, full lips are the finishing touch to your high gloss finish. Line your lips with a soft, neutral shade and finish with a swipe of sheer lip gloss.

Revolution Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation F3 £9.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Blending 2 Piece Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge Set £7.99 Buy Now
Rimmel Rimmel London Oh My Gloss Crystal Clear Lipgloss 800 £6.99 Buy Now

Creative Colour

Female with pink and yellow eyeshadow
Male with freckles, red lips and pink eyeshadow
Blonde female with blue graphic eyeliner

There’s something about colourful makeup that takes inspiration from the rainbow that oozes confidence and we love it!

With palettes featuring a kaleidoscope of colour all in one place, you don’t have to have a makeup kit that would rival a MUA to get on board!

Top Tips to Pull off Colourful Makeup

  • Don’t co-ordinate too much with your outfit, instead choose a colour that compliments it.
  • Use a colourful shadow as an eyeliner instead of covering your entire eyelid for a subtler day time look.
  • Blend the colour in well to give it a more polished look; leaving it as you first apply it may make it look like little skill was involved!
Revolution Revolution Maxi Reloaded Matte Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette £14.99 Buy Now
NYX Professional Makeup NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Neon Eyeshadow Palette £16.00 Buy Now
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Get Lashes That Look Better Than a Salon Lash Lift with Maybelline

Maybelline falsies instant lash lift mascara

Some of us were blessed with long, luscious lashes. Some of us weren’t.  Those are the sad facts of life. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way! Maybelline is here to help you achieve the lashes you’ve always lusted over with their new Maybelline Falsies Instant Lash Lift Mascara.

Let us tell you more...

A Salon Lash Lift Look in a Tube

In your quest for the lashes of your dreams, you may have come across, considered or even gone for a lash lift in the salon. A lash lift is on average an hour-long process that enhances the natural appearance of your lashes for around 4-6 weeks. Which sounds great but in reality, it can be really expensive (especially when you add up all the revisits), it can cause damage to your lashes in the long run and you will need to keep up with appointments to ensure they’re always looking on point.

Maybelline falsies instant lift mascara

If you, like many others, don’t have the extra cash or time for regular salon visits, Maybelline has your back! With just a couple of swipes of their Falsies Instant Lash Lift Mascara you’ll be staring back at long, lifted lashes in an instant for a fraction of the price of a salon service! Just look at the results above!

The Brush & The Formula

The salon lash lift look is created by a fibre infused formula and unique double curved brush that lifts and coats every single lash to give you dramatic length and gorgeous, fluttery lashes!

Maybelline falsies instant lift mascara formula and brush

Who Can Wear It?

Absolutely everyone! Maybelline’s Falsies Instant Lash Lift Mascara is perfect for everyday wear, is suitable for contact lens wearers as well as those with sensitive eyes.


So, what you waiting for? Get long, lifted lashes in an instant!

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Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Him

Flat lay of Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a thoughtful gift idea. But if you’ve seen one-too-many cutesy teddies in the shops and have sworn off sifting through Valentine’s Day tat, then we’re here to help. Treat him to the presents he actually wants with our trusty guide…

GIF Box of Valentines Gifts for Him

Simply Scent-sational

Whether he’s a self-confessed ‘Jack the lad’, dapper dresser or one of those sporty types, there’s an aftershave out there that perfectly matches his persona.


Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled Night Eau de Toilette 100ml £32.00 Buy Now
Versace Versace Dylan Blue Eau de Toilette 100ml Vapo £70.00 Buy Now

Give Him Some Sugar

Lay it on him with chocolately goodness – a gesture that’s sure to satisfy his sweet tooth. And with a box that big, there should be enough to go around! Sharing is caring... 

Or go the extra mile by preparing an extra special breakfast on the big day. Cue our chocolate and strawberry pancake recipe.

Stubble Trouble? 

Most men wear their beard like a badge of honour and allow it to flourish to its bushy gloriousness without a second thought. Inspire him to take extra care over those wiry hairs and get him softening up the stubble or giving his beard a trim for the big day!

Bulldog Bulldog Original 2in1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner 200ml £5.99 Buy Now
Remington Remington Barba Beard Trimmer MB320 £29.99 Buy Now

The Gentleman's Grooming Guide   

Is his skincare regime non-existent? Or maybe he’s a moisturising maestro? Whatever resides in his current grooming kit, give him a push in the right direction with lotions and potions (and foams!) to get his skin glowing date night after date night.

B. Men Valentine's gift ideas for him
L'Oreal Paris Men Expert L’Oreal Men Expert Barber Club Short Beard Moisturiser 50ml £9.99 Buy Now

Soak up the Good Stuff  

Enjoying a good soak in the bathtub after a gruelling day at work is not just for the ladies. Educate your man in the fine art of preparing the ultimate bubble bath with these must-have treats.

Throw in a helpful hand-written checklist, some candles and his favourite playlist too and you’ll be on to a winning pamper kit that he can crack into quicker than you can say ‘spa day.’   

Radox Radox Bath Therapy Muscle Soak Herbal Bath Salts 400g £1.05 Buy Now
Spaa Superdrug Spaa Pebbles Wooden Massager Brush £6.99 Buy Now

Hair Heroes

If his meticulous hairstyle drives you mental (2 hours of perfecting later, and it still looks the same!) then maybe it’s time to upgrade his kit. After all, a master is nothing without the right tools…

VO5 VO5 Extreme Style ReWork Putty 150ml £4.39 Buy Now
Fudge Urban Fudge Urban Matte Wax 70ml £7.49 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Mens Hair Putty 75ml £1.99 Buy Now
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Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day gift ideas for her

Hey, you. Looking for gift inspo? Don’t be a Valentine’s Day cliché. A dozen roses and a box of choccies may be regarded as the ‘norm’ (read: lazy) but it doesn’t really say ‘I love you, you’re the one’ does it? Discover a thoughtful treat for the lady in your life with our pick of the best gifts, perfect for any budget.

And whether you’re prepping for a hot date or throwing a Galentine’s Day night in, there’s no reason why you can’t get in on the action too. To me, from me, with love…

Valentine's Day gift ideas for her

Seductive Scents

At the heart at every bottle of perfume is a love story. An epic romance of flirtatious notes that weave together to create an alluring aroma to captivate its wearer. Don’t believe us? Just watch any fragrance advert and you’ll soon spot the familiar storyline. So, when it comes to one the most romantic nights of the year, a seductive spritz can speak volumes and we're head over heels in love with these two options...


Sweet Tooth 

If you thought chocolates wouldn’t score you that covetable #CoupleGoals status, think again! Inspired by our favourite bars of deliciousness, these gift ideas take the classic sweet treat to the next level. Who can say no to a little indulgence?

Skinny Tan Skinny Tan Choc Instant Tan Melt Milk Chocolate 125ml £9.99 Buy Now
L'Oreal Paris L’Oreal Chocolats Matte Liquid Lipstick Box of Chocolate 852 £9.99 Buy Now

Kiss Me Quick

If you’re hoping for a little smooch after your Valentine’s date night, then ladies you might want to enjoy a spot of self-gifting before the big day. A little bit of lipstick can go a long way, not only will it bring all the attention to your luscious lips but will also get you in the flirty frame of mind.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for her
B. Cosmetics B. Matte Lipstick Virtuous £6.99 Buy Now
Maybelline Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid 20 Pioneer £9.99 Buy Now
Vaseline Vaseline With Love x Glossy Shot Candy Floss £5.99 Buy Now

I 'Heart' You 

Adorable with a pinch of playfulness, get set to declare your love with the sight of a single symbol. We’re pretty sure it will be *heart eyes* all round!  

Valentine's Day gift ideas for her
I Heart Revolution I Heart Revolution X Pride I Heart Love £5.00 Buy Now

Go Nude

No, not that kind of nude. Naughty. We’re talking nude colours of course. Not only is it the trend of the century, it’s also perfect for playing it safe this Valentine’s Day!

Rihanna Rihanna Nude Eau de Parfum 100ml £20.00 Buy Now
Collection Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick Nude Suede Nude £2.99 Buy Now

A Pampered Princess 

A long soak in the tub or an hour reading a good book are just some of life’s little luxuries. So inspire her to take a little time out of her day to relax and rejuvenate with a few pampering gifts. For extra brownie points, create the ultimate survival kit with the help of these chillaxing treats.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for her
I Heart Revolution I Heart Revolution Donut Fizzer Kit £6.00 Buy Now
So...? So...? Sorry Not Sorry Queen Cream Shower Yogurt 200ml £5.00 Buy Now
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Superdrug Makeup Goals: Glossy

Glossy makeup trend feature image

Glossy makeup is making a big come back this year, and we for one are very happy about it! It reminds us of when we first started discovering makeup as teenagers. However, thankfully the glossy makeup revival this time round is all about sophisticated shine, easy application and less about a creased eyelids and sticky products!

If you’re as excited as us about this makeup comeback, then keep on reading to find out how you can master the effortlessly cool look…

Glossy makeup look

Glossy Eyes

Shiny, water-like eyelids have walked their way off the catwalk and straight back into our hearts! Makeup artists have been using this one celebrities and models more recently and the best thing is its completely achievable. Here’s three simple steps to gorgeous glossy eyes:

Glossy eye makeup trend

1. Prime Your Eyelids

To ensure your eye makeup lasts for as long as possible, always start with an eye primer. Apply all over your eyelids for a smooth, even canvas.

Rude Cosmetics Rude Cosmetics Prelude Eyeshadow Primer £6.39 Buy Now

2. Apply your eyeshadow

Glossy eyelids can be absolutely any colour that you like, so choose a shade that matches how you’re feeling that day. Cream or gel eyeshadows work wonderfully for this look as they already have a shiny, iridescent look to them. If you prefer a pressed powder eyeshadow, go for a metallic shade to add some sparkle to the look.

e.l.f. Cosmetics e.l.f. Glitter Melt Liquid Eyeshadow 24K Gold £5.00 Buy Now

3. Add your gloss

Now for the fun bit! Using a tube of clear lip gloss (check the ingredients to ensure it is okay to put on your eyelids) or a multi-purpose balm, such as Vaseline, apply over the top of your eyeshadow using a dense makeup brush.  A little goes a long way for this part, so don’t be too heavy handed! The gloss will give your eye shadow a whole new dimension!

Rude Cosmetics Rude Cosmetics Glit & Glow Lip Gloss Virgin £6.39 Buy Now

Glossy Skin

Smooth, gloss-like skin has been gaining popularity for quite a while now and we don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon! To achieve extra-dewy skin, start by prepping your skin with a rich moisturiser and then apply a natural face oil to give your complexion a natural looking sheen. Once your skincare has been completely absorbed, apply an illuminating foundation to give your skin a beautiful glow and finish by applying highlighter to the highest points of your face, i.e. cheek and brow bones, to complete your glossy skin look.

B. Skincare B. Radiant Day Cream 50ml £11.99 Buy Now
Flower Beauty Flower Beauty Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir Primer £16.99 Buy Now
NYX Professional Makeup NYX Professional Makeup Cant Stop Foundation Natural £15.00 Buy Now
Full face glossy makeup trend

Glossy Lips

If the thought of glossy lips brings back memories of sticky, tacky glosses from your school days, don’t worry - we’re not talking about that kind of look. When glossy lips are done right, they should appear full, plush and beautiful.

To achieve catwalk worthy glossy lips, you need to follow just three steps:

1. Line your lips

Using a colour that matches the overall look you are going for, carefully line your lips using a lip liner drawing just around the outside of the border.

2. Fill in and shade

To fill in your lips, first go in with your lip liner then go over the top with your chosen lipstick. Using the lipliner first will increase the longevity of your lip colour.

3. Add your shine

To achieve a mature shine to your glossy lips, opt for a clear gloss with pearlescent pigments. Apply your gloss over the top of your lipstick and watch your lips glisten when they hit the light!

If you don’t want to wear lipstick, that is absolutely fine. Opt for a lightly tinted lip gloss instead to enjoy the same effect.


NYX Professional Makeup NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lip Liner London £4.00 Buy Now
Barry M Barry M That's Swell XXL Plumping Lip Gloss - Pucker Up £4.99 Buy Now
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What is Blue Monday?

Two attractive ladies dressed up, ready for a night out in front of a glitter curtain

As the feeling of Christmas joy becomes a memory (buh-bye mid-week pj days!) and we settle into the new year, many of us will feel the effects of what has been dubbed ‘the most depressing day of the year’, otherwise known as ‘Blue Monday’.

So, what exactly is it about this day that makes us all want to climb back under the duvet and wait for it to pass? Let's take a look...

Why Is It Called Blue Monday?

Blue Monday first came about back in 2005 when a group of psychologists got together and worked out when the 'most depressing day of the year' was. (Rather them than us!) They considered the weather, post-Christmas blues, when we're most likely to fail our New Year resolutions, financial situations in Jan and low motivation levels amongst other things.  Out of this came their 'Blue Monday' formula which lands, usually, on the third Monday in January.

However, we don't believe it has to be like this! Let's flip Blue Monday on its head and make it as positive as possible! If you're feeling a little blue this month, why not try some of these smile-inducing activities?

Two friends with face masks laughing

1. Na'Maste (Happy this January)

For centuries yoga has been used to focus the mind, relieve stress and to help us feel relaxed. We're sold! If you have never tried yoga before, don’t worry. You’ll find classes and online tutorials (if you fancy giving it a go at home first) catered for beginners. Okay, all together now... Na'maste!

2. Pamper Yourself... You Deserve It! 

Over Christmas, we spend a lot of time looking after other people, whether it’s buying gifts for them or hosting an event. So, this January, take some extra time off and treat yourself to a face mask, long bubble bath or whatever is it that you do to relax!


3. Delight Your Tastebuds

Christmas may be a time of overindulgence but that doesn’t mean you have to completely restrict yourself in January, especially on Blue Monday! Eat or drink something that leaves a smile on your face.  Did someone say cake?

4. Spend Time With Your BFF's

Friends are the people who make us smile brighter, laugh louder and live better. So, whether it’s hitting the town and dancing the night away, watching your fave Tom Hardy flick or enjoying a meal in that trendy new hot spot– do it all with friends you love.

Two girls ready for a night out

5. Love Your Skin

Throughout December, our skin can feel a little neglected. Cold weather, Christmas parties and enjoying more food and alcohol than usual can take its toll on our complexion. This January, get your skin routine back on track by always removing your makeup and cleansing your face at the end of every day. You’ll soon be reunited with glowing, healthy looking skin!

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Exercise Tips to Kick-Start Your Fitness Journey

Young sportswomen running on stairs

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for both your physical and your mental health. However, we know that finding the motivation to get on with the fitness hype is half the battle! So, if you’re ready to make a change let’s get started on some easy level exercises and tips to get you moving (and there isn’t a gym membership in sight!)

How to Start Moving...

Sorry, The Lift is Out of Order… Time to Walk!

Just by being mindful of the movement you may throughout the day is a great path to success. Movements made throughout the day as you go about your daily grind is known as ‘incidental exercise’ and will contributes to your fitness over time. Every step counts towards a fitter lifestyle, so why not consider some of these common incidental exercises?

  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator
  • Walking or cycling to your end destination instead of driving
  • Parking the car further away if you do have to drive
  • Short bursts of gardening
  • Cleaning the house
Woman on escalator in subway station

Dance Like No One is Watching

If one of the reasons you have put off exercising is due to not wanting to join a gym or exercise outside, then there are plenty of things you can do at home that will get your heart racing and one of those is dancing! Dancing is not only fun but it’s also a great way to stay in shape.

The level of intensity, how much you move and the steps you take will all contribute to your workout so put on something up-tempo, turn up the volume and dance like no one is watching!

Netflix and Lunge?

How often do you get home from work, plonk yourself on the sofa or get into bed and watch 4-hours of Netflix without batting an eyelid? Yes, we’re sooo guilty of that too! So, why not incorporate exercise into this time?

Exercises such as star jumps, sit ups, squats, wall sits, and lunges can all be completed without any need for equipment and you don’t need a lot of space. It’s recommended that we’re active for at least 30 minutes, 5-days a week, so your daily exercise could be done before one episode of your programme even finishes!

Young woman practicing iyengar yoga at home in her living room.

5 Things to Remember…

  1. Start slow: Do not jump into an intense exercise programme at the very beginning, this could only lead to becoming frustrated that your body can’t keep up (yet). Start slow and build up the intensity over time.
  2. Set realistic goals: Start with small goals, then up your intensity as you conquer them. For example, if you want to be able to run 5k a realistic goal would be to start out walking, then upping some of those walks to a jog, then incorporating gentle runs into your plan until you’re able to confidently fun the full 5k.
  3. Find a buddy: Exercising with someone else that has similar goals to you is a great way to stay motivated to achieve your goals. You can cheer each other on, celebrate achieving your milestones together and help each other through the harder times.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential to staying healthy and will also help you recover quicker throughout and after a training session, especially in warmer temperatures.
  5. Listen to your body: You and only you know when your body needs a rest, so listen to it! If you’re taking longer to recover, are feeling particularly tired or overworked - then take a break. Rest days are vital in achieving your fitness goals, so ensure you build in some down time around your exercise plans.
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Vegan January: How to Stick To Your Resolution

Female with a goat in a field

A new year is upon us and with it comes an abundance of promises and resolutions! We tell ourselves we will stay away from sweet treats; we lock away the booze for as long as possible and hoards of people descend upon gyms in an attempt to become fitter. If none of these common resolutions tickle your fancy, why not join millions of other people and challenge yourself to sticking to a vegan diet for a month?

Why Do People Choose a Vegan Diet?

There are lots of reasons people choose to change to a vegan diet or complete lifestyle including:

  • Many do it for the animals
  • You may choose a plant-based diet to help you with training or exercise. There are many sports stars who follow a vegan diet including tennis ace Serena Williams, boxer David Haye, racing legend Lewis Hamilton and footballer Jermain Defoe
  • It’s good for the planet
  • It’s delicious! There are millions of mouth-watering recipes online at your fingertips and an abundance of cookbooks to choose from
  • It’s good for your health
  • It’s never been easier! Supermarkets and restaurants now cater for vegans; long gone the days where there was barely one option on a menu!
  • Veganism can be for everyone!
Female with a goat in a field

What Can I Eat as a Vegan?

No, No

Vegans eat zero animal products. So, obviously no meat but then they also stay clear of foods that come from or are a bi-product of animals including including milk, eggs, cheese and some vegans will also give honey a wide berth.

Yes, Yes

Basically, anything plant-based! Stock up on plenty of fruit and veg, carbs such as potatoes and rice, get your protein from beans and pulses and dairy alternatives can be made from soy or nuts.

There are a lot of vegan alternatives out there for cheeses and meats, but just be careful - don’t assume that just because it’s vegan, it’s healthy or good for you.

Tips on Sticking to Your New Vegan Diet

If you were a meat or dairy eater on December 31st and a vegan for the first time on January 1st, it may be a bit of a shock to the system! There’s no denying that it may be hard at times, but you can do it!

  1. Plan, plan and plan some more! Never underestimate the power of a well-thought out food plan to help you stick to your newfound diet.
  2. Get to know what you can eat to curb your cravings. If you’re craving sugar, you may be dehydrated or if you’re missing out on certain fats, then try avocados or nuts as a replacement.
  3. Attempt new recipes instead of replacing your old go-to’s with processed, vegan alternatives. Processed vegan foods often contain lots of saturated fats, so try and stick to wholesome, nutritious plant-based recipes.
  4. Don’t get hung up on the foods you can’t eat but concentrate on the foods you can eat and make vegetables the star of the show!
  5. Get to know your plant-based proteins. Vegan sources of protein are plentiful and can be very good for you including tofu, lentils, chickpeas plus lots of nuts and seeds.
Colourful bowl of vegan food with vfruit and vegetables

Embracing the Vegan Lifestyle

Veganism is on the rise and it’s not just a vegan diet that people are converting too. A vegan lifestyle also includes avoiding any beauty items or cosmetics which may contain animal derived products or clothing made from materials such as fur or leather.

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