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My Boyfriend Does My Halloween Makeup

My boyfriend does my Halloween makeup

Would you trust your significant other to do your makeup? No? Okay... how about your Halloween makeup? This is a little more achievable, right? Yeah, we weren't too sure either which is why we invited Uzy (@uzypaws) and Lulu (@lulutrixabelle) and their partners to have a go first!

Watch the video below to find out if the ladies got a trick or treat when their bf's attempted to recreate our Beauty and the Bug and Cattitude Halloween makeup looks.

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Unboxing Ari’s New Perfume Thank You, Next

Ariana Grande's new perfume Thank you, Next

As if being the ultimate princess of pop and voice of female strength, empowerment and solidarity wasn't enough -  Ariana Grande has only gone and bottled a scent aimed to help us move on from a breakup! She's the BFF we all need in our lives.

Described as a fragrance for 'moving on and looking up', the new scent, 'Thank you, Next', aims to send a message about loving yourself and learning from your past relationships. Oh, Ari!

Want to know what the scent of breakup really smells like? (Spoiler... it's not actually take away food and red wine!) hit play below as we unbox the 6th scent in Ariana's collection.

Add these scents to basket, thank us later!

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Thank U, Next 100ml £38.00 Buy Now
Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml £33.00 Buy Now
Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml £30.00 Buy Now
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Best Vegan Beauty Buys This Christmas

Revolution vegan box

Buying presents at Christmas can be really stressful and getting it right for a family member or best mate can be even worse as you really want to nail it.

Avoid the awkward gift opening scenario by ensuring your gift is 100% vegan by opting for one of these fabulous, vegan-friendly pressies.

Superdrug Superstars

To make your shop super simple when on the hunt for a vegan-friendly gift, why not start with Superdrug's own brand Christmas range? Why? Because every single item is vegan! How easy is that? Here's a few of our faves...

Revolution and Superdrug vegan Christmas gifts

Next MUA in the Making

Do you know someone who is makeup mad? Well this is the perfect gift for them! It literally a treasure chest overflowing with Revolution makeup! So dreamy!

The Gym Go-er

Perfect for any gym bag or to leave in your suitcase for the next getaway. This kit includes a shower gel, body lotion, puff and a bag to hold it all in. Best of all, it smells of orange and satsuma so you can enjoy festive aromas all year round.

Nailed It

Everyone has a friend that seems to change their nail colour depending on their mood, right? Well this triangle of polishes contains 12 different shades! Yeah, that’s basically one a month!

Contour Queen

Ever since we saw Mario Dedivanovic use this technique on Kim K, we’ve been obsessed with contouring our face to every inch of its life. And, it’s great at hiding all the sins! Been out late? Contour. Too many mince pies? Contour. Want to look flawless come New Year? Contour. It contains 10 powder shades to suit all skin tones and bronzing needs!

Studio London Superdrug Studio Nail Triangle £3.99 Buy Now
Superdrug and Revolution palette Christmas gifts

Ready, Steady, Prep

Are you buying for the ultimate #SelfieQween? If so, this prep set from the geniuses at NYX will ensure that their makeup is perfectly set for a big night out! So, no matter the time of the evening they pull out their phone for a pic, their makeup will always look on point.

Eye See You There

For endless eyeshadow looks at your finger tips, look no further than this mammoth palette from the masters of makeup, Revolution! With a massive 196 pigments to choose from (yes, 196!) it provides endless creative opportunities.

Revolution Revolution 196 Red Eyeshadow Palette £30.00 Buy Now

The Secret Santa Prezzie

Oh no… It’s 12pm, the office Christmas party is later, and you’ve forgotten your secret Santa gift for Hannah, or is it Helen? Never fear, Superdrug’s here! Why not pick up a personalised lip balm? Priced under £3, it contains vitamin E and shea butter so super soft lips.

Take A Chill Pill

Know someone that’s had a pretty stressful year? This could be the gift that they’ll secretly be hoping for. Rewind and relax with this bedtime gift set. Containing a creamy bath milk to soften tense muscles, a pillow mist that will make it easier to sleep and more. They’ll wake up feeling refreshed and without the price tag of a spa!

Didn't spot something that took your fancy in this list? Don't worry! Our Christmas store is packed with so many gift ideas you'll think you're looking into Santa's workshop! Take a peak below at all our gifting options...

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Our Amazing Beauty Advent Calendars Have Arrived!

A selection of beauty advent calendars available at Superdrug this Christmas including Studio, Revolution and Bristle & Smith

Long gone are the days when Christmas advent calendars were all about discovering a tiny piece of chocolate behind a door in the countdown to the big day. Now, the weeks running up to Christmas are ALL about discovering a beauty product hidden behind one of those amazing little doors. Whether you’re into makeup, fragrance or indulging in a little pampering we’ve got a Christmas calendar for you, each with a surprise waiting to brighten up your winter’s morning!

For Makeup Lovers

Revolution and Studio by Superdrug Christmas advent calendars

Revolution Christmas Tree

Does it get much bigger than this for fans of Revolution? Their larger than life Christmas tree advent calendar is back for another year – and its better than ever! Take a peek behind the doors to reveal palettes, highlighters, lipsticks and more!

I Heart Gingerbread House

Countdown to Christmas from the comfort of your own gingerbread house… well, kind of! There is everything to love about the I Heart Gingerbread House! Actually, there’s 25 reasons to love it! Many full-sized surprises await you behind these doors!

Revolution Vegan Advent Calendar

Make it a Christmas to remember for yourself, or your vegan friend, with the fully loaded Revolution Vegan Advent Calendar. Ethical beauty has never looked so festive!

NYX Professional Makeup Love Lust Disco 24 Day Calendar

You’ll feel like Christmas has come early, every single day with NYX’s advent offering! Let your creativity run wild and get ready to dazzle in 2020 with your new collection of lip, eye and face products.

Superdrug Studio Advent Calendar

Sparkle and shine your way into 2020 with the fabulous Superdrug Studio Advent Calendar. By Christmas you’ll be the proud owner of a new full collection of fabulous products including eyeshadow quads, nail polish, glitter and more!

For Lovers of Sensational Scents

Bloom fragrance and candle advent calendars

Superdrug Bloom 24-Piece Drawer Set

Master the art of layering scents this festive season with the Superdrug Bloom 24-Piece Drawer. Scent-sational treats such as mini EDP’s, shower gels and body lotions await you to ensure you have a very merry spritz-mas!

Superdrug Bloom 25 Days of Christmas Candle Calendar

Ensure your Christmas is lit this year with Superdrug’s Bloom 25 Days of Christmas Calendar! Featuring a combination of scented candles and a glass holder to burn them in, it won’t just be the lights on the Christmas tree setting the scene this year!

Superdrug Bloom 12 Days of Beauty

New year, new scent? Oh, okay then! You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a fragrance to wear this festive period with the Superdrug Bloom 12 Days of Beauty & Body advent calendar which features 12 gorgeously scented EDT’s, shower gels and hand creams.

For the Big Kids!

The Lion King and Aladdin advent calendars

Disney Lion King 12 Days of Advent Calendar

This summer renditions of ‘the circle of life’ could be heard all over the country as we rekindled our love for Simba and crew! Let the magic continue with this rooooar-some advent calendar which features 12 beautiful, pampering products perfect for lions and lionesses of any age!

Disney Aladdin Always Dreaming 12 Days Advent Calendar

Are you dreaming of being swept away on a magic carpet ride? Unfortunately, we’re all out of those – but we can make your festive dreams come true with this enchanting Aladdin Always Dreaming 12 Days advent calendar which features 12 pampering beauty products that are fit for any prince or princess!

For the Male Groomer

Lynx Countdown Calendar

Guys is it even Christmas if you don’t get a whiff of Lynx?! No, we don’t think so! The Lynx Countdown Calendar comprises everything you need to be party ready this season – body sprays, shower gels, styling wax and grooming accessories!

*Checks social calendar… adds Lynx Calendar immediately to basket*

Bristle & Smith 12 Day Advent Calendar

For those guys who love a soak in the bath or never leave the house with a hair out of place, this advent calendar has your name all over it! The Bristle & Smith 12 Day Advent Calendar features 12 miniature pampering products that’ll leave you feeling fresh from top to toe – including goodies for a trim and tidy beard too!

Looking for a dreamy gift to buy a loved one? Our Christmas store is open and packed with gift ideas galore! Consider your secret Santa, annoying kid brother, pamper queen mum and difficult dad - plus more - all catered for at Superdrug!


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Christmas Traditions We Can’t Wait For!

Christmas traditions including glasses of bubbles, Christmas tree and food

Whether you love or loathe it, Christmas is on its way and boy, have we missed it! The thought of wearing pjs all day, eating too much food and wearing a funny hat from a cracker. Yes please!

As we gear up for the festive season, it got us thinking at Superdrug HQ… what do we get up to every year that we only do at Christmas? Here's a round up on our faves and a sneaky peek at a few things you can pick up in our Christmas shop...

Food Glorious Food

Where do we start!? Mince pies, pigs in blankets, roast dinner, turkey sandwiches, bubble and squeak - the list of delicious food is endless! Did you know, in South Africa, they eat deep-fried caterpillars at Christmas? Gross! We’re glad that hasn’t made it to our nearest supermarket!

If you have space after your third helping of turkey and potatoes, then you’ll find a mouth-watering choice of sweets and chocolates at Superdrug to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bring on the Baubles!

Choosing and decorating the tree is the most festive tradition we love. Do you? From deciding the lights outside to the colour theme for the year. Annoyingly there’s always a bauble that manages to smash within the first 2 seconds of being placed on the tree! Clumsy like us? No worries! Go for one of our chocolate or beauty filled baubles instead!

Superdrug Christmas Advent Calendars and pampering gifts

Festive Stockings

No matter how old we are, we still expect a stocking filled with goodies at the end of our bed or on the fireplace - and hopefully coal free! We’ve been *really* good this year and are hoping (more everything crossed vibes!) for a new perfume to be at the end of our bed!

Secret Santa

This should be the easiest gift to buy but sometimes, it’s the hardest. You either get lucky and pull someone you know out of the hat or that guy from IT who you think is called Dave but actually Chris? Anyway… Superdrug has some cracking Secret Santa gifts at a wide range of prices to help you find the best office-appropriate gift!

Superdrug Halloween gifts sets and mixed fragrances

A Glass of Fizz... or Two!

With Christmas and overindulging in food comes overindulging in booze and the dreaded hangover that lasts from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. If just a sniff of sherry is enough to make you feel tipsy or you’re crawling home at 4am on Christmas morning, Superdrug has plenty of pampering products to help you get yourself back to your usual cheerful self before your Nan arrives for lunch!

The Countdown to Christmas Starts Here…

When you were a kid, the countdown to Christmas was made even more exciting with the promise of a mini chocolate hiding behind the doors of your advent calendar. Now, take that delight you felt as a kid and amplify it with a beauty filled advent calendar! Yes, that’s right- it’s almost like opening up a little prezzie to yourself everyday for weeks!

Christmas will come around in all its glittery glory in no time! So, why not start ticking off names off your pressy list right away? Check our our Christmas Store below to discover gifts suitable for all!

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Which Glasses Suit My Face Shape?

Three females laying on the grass with different colour glasses on

Have you ever spotted a pair of super-chic glasses on somebody and found they look totally different on you when you pop into a store to try them on? It happens! Just like the clothes you wear or how you cut your hair, certain styles work on some people more than others - and glasses are just the same! So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of specs, it’s important to find a pair that suit your face shape. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our complete guide on finding the right frames for your face.

How Do I Find Out My Face Shape?

If you are not sure what shape your face is, there is a very simple way of finding out and all you need is a mirror and an erasable pen. Pull your hair back from your face and look straight into the mirror. Draw around the outline of your face in your reflection and there before you, will be your face shape!

My Face is Square

My Face Is Rectangular

If your jawline is almost as wide as it is long, then you have a square face shape.

Frames that will suit you:  Oval, cat-eye or rectangular with softened angles.

Frames to avoid: Rectangle frames with flat top or sharp corners.

Does your face appear to be slightly longer than it is wide? If so, you have a rectangular face with gorgeous high cheekbones and a slightly rounded jawline.

Frames to try: Larger frames with a wider lens or Wayfarer style

Frames to avoid: Small and rectangular

Which glasses suit my gsquare face shape
Which glasses suit my rectanle face shape

My Face is Circular

My Face is Oval

If your face is nice and symmetrical, then you’re part of the circular face club!

Frames to try: Try softer frame which draws attention away from your cheekbones and compliments your softer features.

Frames to avoid: Small round frames that accentuate your circular features

An oval face is considered the ‘ideal’ face shape for carrying off any style of glasses! Lucky you! Your gently curved jawline and well-balanced features are perfect for trying out a range of styles.

Frames to try: Try as many as you like! But we think rectangular or round frames will look great on you.

Frames to avoid: Any that are too small for your face.

Which glasses suit my square face shape
Which glasses suit my oval face shape

My Face is Heart Shape

If your forehead and cheekbones are your most prominent features, then you have a heart shaped face and you will need frames that will balance your features.

Frames to try: Give square or rectangle frames a go

Frames to avoid: Styles that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom.

Which glasses suit my heart face shape

Virtual Mirror on The Wall... How Do I look?

So, now you know what face shape you have and hopefully, you’ve found a selection of frames at Superdrug Glasses Online you’d like to try, but how do you know if they’ll suit you?

Well, we’ve got that covered too with our Virtual Mirror.

Simply click the link above to upload a selfie, or you can use our pre-loaded model, to see how our frames look on your face. The virtual mirror will detect where your eyes are in the image and place the frames exactly where they need to be.  You can save any photos you like so you can compare them to other frames before making your final decision. How clever is that!?

Why not give it a go and see which frames look great on you?

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Retinol Creams & Serums to Add to Your Basket

Cropped shot of a mature woman applying moisturizer to her face

So, you’ve heard of retinol but you’re a little unsure of what it is and how your skin can benefit from it? Well, we’re here to give you the low-down and to decode that scientific jargon that clutters up the beauty world! Read on to find out if your skin could benefit from the properties of this fabulous ingredient.

What is Retinol?

Retinol is also known as vitamin A - which sounds a lot less scientific, doesn’t it? It’s used in lots of skincare products, like serums and creams, due to its number of skin benefits. Retinol is not just a one trick pony when it comes to looking after your complexion, it is known to:

  • Aid in the production of collagen
  • Diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Speed up skin cell renewal
  • Fight free radicals
Cropped shot of a mature woman applying moisturizer to her face

A Bit of Extra Info on Retinol...

It’s really important when using products with retinol to follow up with an SPF as it can increase your skin’s sensitivity to light. It is also not recommended to use retinol if you have rosacea, eczema or psoriasis as it can cause further inflammation to your skin. And lastly… retinol can be fairly drying, so if you already have dry or dehydrated skin, follow it up with a skin-quenching moisturiser.

Always check the label of your products for suggestions on how often to apply. Okay... now for the good stuff, the products!

Our Fave Retinol Serums and Creams

1. Optimum Retinol Range

The affordable, high-tech skincare range from Superdrug just became even better than before with the addition of their retinol-based range. Say hello to smoother looking skin without blowing your budget!

The collection features the highly nourishing Retinol Day Cream SPF15, the lightly textured and super effective Retinol Serum and the Retinol Eye Cream that protects, lifts and smooths the delicate area around your eyes.

Diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet within just a matter of a few weeks with regular use.

2. B. Nourished Advance Serum

Do you have a big birthday coming up, a special occasion or just want to look your best without having to do anything toooo drastic? B.’s Nourished Advanced Serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines in 4 weeks! This serum is full of skin loving and wrinkle busting ingredients that will give you your best skin yet.

3. Olay Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment

Looking to fight the appearance of deep-set wrinkles? Olay's Eye Treatment is full of pro-retinol ingredients and pentapeptides that will smooth the appearance of wrinkles around the delicate eye area.

4. L’Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

LO'real's Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream is a soooo luxurious, you'll be tempted to use more than just at night! It helps firm your skin while you sleep, thanks to the blend of the Pro-Retinol ingredients which help strengthen supporting tissues, while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Revolution Skincare Skin Tone Correcting Serum

Looking for a super skin booster? This could be the one for you. Revolution’s Skin Tone Correcting Serum helps rewind time and encourage your skin’s cell turnover revealing a smoother looking complexion. If you have some acne scarring or dark spots, this amazing serum will help with that too.

6. B. Nourished Eye Cream

Have you noticed some fine lines that have started to appear in the corners of your eyes? Relax, the B. Nourished Eye Cream will plump and smooth these out.

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How to Care For Your Hair this Winter

Girl walking in a snowy park

As we know in winter, when the temperature changes it can cause havoc on our skin, but did you know it’s also bad for our hair too? And with party season upon us, we need to make sure our hair looks and feels as good as we do!

We lose moisture from our hair, skin and nails so it’s really important to make sure we’re treating these parts with care just like we would our bodies and face.

Don’t panic though as we’ve gathered top tips and products that will make sure your hair is full of life and sparkle this season.

Get a Regular Haircut

It may sound pretty straight forward but it’s really important that you remove your split ends and dead hair. You should be getting your hair trimmed every 6-10 weeks depending on how the ends feel. Getting your hair cut is also a great way of removing the sun damaged bits of hair that have been destroyed while on holiday or by heated tools to prevent further breakage.

hairdresser cutting long brunette hair

Don’t Leave the House with Wet Hair

Now you must have heard the old wife’s tale that if you leave the house with wet hair, you will catch a cold. This, thankfully, isn’t the case; colds are caused by a virus! However, it will take longer for your hair to dry and if it freezes, this can cause split ends! If your hair takes ages to dry, opt to wash it at night if getting up *that* bit earlier isn’t for you. Or a heat protection spray that helps speed up the drying time!

Dry Shampoo Will Be Your Bestie

To avoid drying out your hair and scalp, wash your hair less often and use a dry shampoo instead. This is great for giving your hair a little oomph! If you do feel like you need to wash your hair daily, switch to a cool, warm temperature of water rather than hot.

Pop on A Hair Mask

If you think doing a hair mask is time consuming, you’d be wrong. Whilst you’re watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon, putting a wash on or finishing an essay, just apply a moisturising hair mask and leave it in for 5-10 minutes before washing out. Better yet, leave one in overnight and cover your hair with a shower cap. One containing soy protein and fatty acids will help retain moisture in your hair.

Girl walking in a snowy park

Top up on Vitamins

We actually loose more hair in the winter due to the lack of moisture in the air and having a dry scalp. Taking supplements and making sure you have a healthy, balanced diet will help combat this and the right vitamins will help provide your hair with the nutrients it needs.

Oil Up

Using a hydrating oil will not only lock in moisture to your hair before blow-drying but if used after, help remove any static and flyaways. One containing added vitamins or Argan is best - but it all depends on your hair type so double check the label or with your hairdresser.

Go Sulphate Free

Sulphates are often found in shampoos and can strip our hair of necessary oils, so look for one that are SLS free or sulphate free to prevent this.

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Get Whiter Teeth with Oral-B 3D Coconut Toothpaste

Oral-B Whitening toothpaste with coconut

The health and beauty benefits of coconut have been known for basically as long as coconuts have been a thing! The obvious ones are using coconut oil to cook with and to nourish your hair and your skin but did you know that coconut oil is also amazing for your teeth? Well, Oral-B know all about it and are sharing it with you in their 3D Whitening Therapy Coconut toothpaste. Here’s everything you need to know in a (coco) nut shell…

Oral-B Whitening toothpaste with coconut

Coconut Oil for Your Teeth

You may have heard of using coconut oil to naturally whiten and clean teeth using a process called oil pulling. This process involves putting a teaspoon of oil in your mouth and swishing it around for 10-15 minutes. This process, although loved by some, can be pretty bad for your drains, the environment and not to mention it may make you want to gag a little!

Thankfully, Oral-B have developed a toothpaste containing the well-loved oil to help your pearly whites shine without having to swirl it around in your mouth!

Tell Me About Oral-B’s 3D Whitening Therapy

Containing revolutionary stain dissolving micro-granules, the fresh tasting formula can remove up to 100% of surface stains in just three days - giving you a brighter, whiter smile in less than a week!

It also contains soluble sodium fluoride to strengthen enamel and help prevent cavities to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which attacks harmful bacteria in your mouth which can cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. It’s especially effective at killing the oral bacteria Streptococcus mutans which is the leading cause of tooth decay.

What Does it Taste Like?

If you love your peppermint tasting toothpaste but also want to reap the benefits of coconut oil, then you’re in luck! Oral-B’s 3D Whitening Therapy toothpaste has a peppermint flavour with a touch of sweet coconut vanilla.

Shop Whiter, Brighter Teeth with Oral-B

Oral B Oral B 3D Whitening Therapy Coconut 75ml £2.48 Buy Now
Oral B Oral B Pro 3 3000 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush 2 Heads £49.97 Buy Now
Oral B Oral B Pro 600 Sensi Ultrathin Electric Toothbrush £29.98 Buy Now
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Detox Your Social Media with Dr Alex

Iphone on a desk with social media folder open on its screen

Mindless scrolling, swiping and liking has become a natural part of everyday life. On the commute? Check Insta. Waiting for an appointment? Log into Facebook. Friends late for drinks? Scroll through Twitter. The amount of time we are spending on social media, although it may feel like it’s just passing the time, can have an effect on how we feel, how we see ourselves and also how we perceive other people.

On Thursday 10th October it is World Mental Health Day, so to get us all thinking a little more about our wellbeing and how social media can effect it, we invited Dr Alex George (of Love Island fame, but also a doctor IRL) to share his advice on how we can all feel a little better about our online lives with a (well needed) social media detox.

Take it away, Dr…

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