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Fresher’s Week Survival Guide

Fresher's Week sat on bed

What do you get when you put a bunch of fresh-faced students together, throw in some fancy dress and add a whole load of alcohol to the mix? That’s right everyone, we’re talking about Fresher’s Week.

For thousands of young people across the country, it’s not just the extra studying that will take some getting used to - it will also means being away from home the first time, fending for yourself, meeting new people and making a great first impression.

To help you make the very best of your first year at uni, read our handy Fresher's Week Survival Guide for top tips on how to ensure you are living your very best life.

Fresher's Week sat on bed

1. Stay Safe

Be Cab Wise

During Fresher’s Week, there will be lots of parties to choose from and a great chance to mingle and make new friends. Remember to stay safe while you’re out and about, get party-ready with your friends and arrive together. Avoid travelling around on your own late at night, cabs can be ordered at a click of a button so remember to charge up your phone before a big night out.

Watch Your Bag and Drink

You’re going out to have fun so the last thing on your mind is worrying about where your bag, jacket or drink is. Stay savvy, stay aware and use a bottle stopper if you ever get worried.

2. Be Sex Safe

If a hot guy or girl catches your eye, remember you don't have to make any hasty decisions! However, if one thing does lead to another and you decide to go home with someone - remember to practise safe sex. Carry around condoms to protect yourself from STIs and pregnancy.

There are many different methods to choose from when it comes to contraception, so if you’re unsure about which is best for you then speak to your local doctor or pharmacist or refer to our sexual health services.

Students partying on a night out with cocktails

3. Stay Hydrated

Yes, we may be starting to sound a lot like your mum, but staying hydrated isn't something which will naturally cross your mind when you're going from party to party during Fresher's Week.  While you’re out, sip water between drinks and be aware of your limits.

Don't fancy drinking one night? That's fine! Do not feel pressured into drinking when you don't want to. However, this doesn't mean you have to stay in when everyone else is going out - bars and clubs will all offer soft drink and mocktails to ensure you're not greeted with a headache in the morning!

4. Don't Forget These Post-Party Essentials

Partying doesn't just take its toll on your head but it can play havoc with your skin too! If your skin is feeling dry and unhealthy, quench it regularly with a hydrating facial cream and treat yourself to a weekly face mask to replenish some of the lost moisture.

Oh, and invest in an eye mask and a good pair of ear plugs – you might be ready to end the party but if you’re living in shared accommodation and your flatmates are a noisy bunch these items will be essential to getting some rest.

Fresher's Week Makeup

5. Take Away's Are Not The Only Option

Living on a diet of takeaways, pizzas and pot noodles may seem like a tempting avenue to go down now that mum and dad are not around but believe us, it will not give you the energy you need to study all day and party all night!

It’s okay to treat yourself and order in foods like burgers and chips every now and again, but remember to maintain a healthy balance by getting your five-a-day. Snack on fresh fruit and vegetables such as apples, carrots and grapes – they’ll keep you full without making you feel bloated and sluggish.

Also, never underestimate how vital a good breakfast is to getting you set up for the day. Uni schedules can often be long, so before you head out take some time to fill up. Eggs, toast and fresh fruit are all quick, easy and purse friendly options to get you through Fresher’s Week feeling healthy and happy.

Omlette with fresh fruit

6. Be Aware of Your Mental Health

Aside from enjoying yourself and making new mates during Fresher's Week, ultimately you’ve signed up to study and learn something new.

Make sure you keep this in mind at all times and don’t leave your essays and coursework until the very last minute – this could lead to stress and worry (not to mention poor grades.) Your mental wellbeing is extremely important, so try to stay organised with your work and give yourself plenty of time to complete any assignments.

If you are starting to feel the pressure though, exercising is a fantastic stress-buster and can naturally boosts endorphins to improve your mood and help you stay focused. Take a long walk, go to the gym, do some gentle exercise at home, sign up to a dance class or consider getting involved with your uni sports teams.

7. Enjoy Yourself! 

Most people will only ever experience Fresher's Week once, so make the most of it!

Go to your Freshers' Fair, make an effort with the people in your halls of residence, explore your new surroundings, sign up to a club or society and remember to attend your lectures (the first ones are always packed with essential information you will need all year!)

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Uni Essentials: What’s In Your Uni Bag?

uni essentials bag

With a new university term in plain sight, it’s time to get organised. Make sure you’re packing all the uni essentials in your handbag and you’ll never be caught out by those oops-I-forgot-I-had-a-lecture moments or spontaneous sleepovers, ever again.

Rounding up all the must-haves, here’s what to stock up on ahead of the new academic year. Now where’s that backpack?

uni essentials bag


Unless you want to make regular trips to the canteen, always keep a bottle of water to hand.  Staying hydrated will help improve concentration levels and general wellbeing – aim for the recommended 2 litres a day. 


Want to avoid getting struck down by the infamous fresher’s flu? Prevention is key! Give your immune system a boost by taking multi-vitamins daily.

For more expert advice on what to stock up on, check out our guide on the top vitamins for tiredness.

Uni Essentials Bag image


Laptops are soooo 2016. Channel your inner Elle Woods and jot down those all-important notes in an adorable notebook. And for the super organised, sticky notes will help you annotate your reading list to colour-coded perfection.

Makeup Must-haves

From cramming an all-nighter in the library to overnight stays at your friend’s halls, it’s not unusual to become a night owl at university. Make sure you’re ready for any last-minute plans by keeping the absolute essentials with you at all times. We’re talking cleansing wipes, dry shampoo and a travel-friendly edition of your makeup bag.

3 jars filled with makeup brushes


Suffering from a bad hangover? Maybe a bulging blister? Whatever the emergency, make sure you’re ready to tackle the drama head-on with a first aid kit of ‘just in case’ items.

Survive the beginning of the academic year with our fresher's week survival tips... 


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Fresher’s Week: How To Build Confidence

how to build confidence feature

There are two types of people heading off to university in September. There's the ones who spend most of summer with their bags already packed, eagerly awaiting moving day to arrive. Then there are those who spend the summer feeling anxious and worried about the life changes ahead of them. For those that are feeling the nerves because of all the impending lifestyle changes, we’re here to help you build confidence ahead of the university move.

Think about these tips and tricks when it comes to finding your feet in your new environment.

1. Think Positively

It may seem like a simple concept, but looking at things in a positive way will ultimately help you feel more positive. So every time a negative thought creeps in (‘I’m going to do badly in exams’) replace with a positive (‘I will work hard to revise and do the best of my ability in exams’).

This positive reinforcement will help build up your self-esteem. Say no to negative self-talk, as this will only bring your confidence levels down.

2. Sign Up to Clubs & Societies

If one of your biggest pre-uni fears is not being able to make friends, then put yourself out there and actively search for like-minded people with similar hobbies and interests. Visit your uni’s freshers' fair and sign up to any societies that interest you. Often these clubs and societies will have regular meet-ups outside of any activities, so it’s a great way to make friends.

Four females in a sports team smiling at the camera

3. Set Small Goals When Speaking to a New Person

There is no quick fix to building confidence and therefore there’s room for constant improvement and development. Instead of setting yourself a big overarching goal of ‘be more confident’, set yourself mini goals to achieve this.

So, for social butterfly status start off small by approaching the student in the bedroom next door to you. Then once you have ticked off this goal, mentally celebrate this achievement before moving on to another goal like inviting this new friend for a coffee in the kitchen.

Having trouble sparking up a conversation with your  neighbour? One of the best ways is to find a common interest, so if you've heard a familiar band blasting from their speakers or spotted them in your lecture hall then start with these safe topics. Alternatively, asking a question is another easy way of starting a conversation. And just remember, in those first few days/weeks everyone is in the same boat so get set to hear a lot of 'what are you studying?' and 'where are you from?' questions flying about.

Students talking in the kitchen

4. Stay True To Yourself 

Always be true to yourself and never do something for the sake of appearances. So, if you’re a massive hockey fan, then it makes perfect sense to join the society. But if you’re not, then don’t spend a term listening to hockey talk and googling ‘hockey fouls.’  Most universities will have clubs and societies suitable for a wide range of interests from sport to music, book clubs and more -  so find something that best suits you!

Do MORE of what makes you HAPPY! Uni is an amazing place to find friends and create memories for life. So, take your time to find your feet, get involved and remember you'll only have this experience once... so make the most of it.

For more wellbeing advice, watch our video with expert Clare Dimond below...

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Biodegradable Glitter Makeup with Yinka Bokinni

Biodegradable Glitter Makeup with Yinka Bokinni

Glitter, glitter everywherreee! And you know what, we’re okay with that! Whether you’re glittering up for a party, a festival or just ‘cos you can, we’ve called upon Radio DJ Yinka Bokinni (@yinkabokinni) to show us her fave glitter makeup look. Watch the vid below for glitter queen inspo. YAS!

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Testing a Full Face of Superdrug’s Bestselling Makeup

You’ve heard the hype, now it’s time to see the amazing results IRL! We invited Salwa (@urgalsal_) to take Superdrug’s bestselling face products for a whirl - including the NYX Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Concealer, Makeup Revolutions Foundation Stick and the eyeliner classic – Collection Fast Stroke!

Take a peek below as Sal gets creative while discussing what makeup means to her and where she finds her inspiration.


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The Low-Down on AHAs

Female with brpwn hair and radiant skin holding her hands in a heart shape in front of her face

Face scrubs can be a bit well, harsh! We’re not throwing shade one of the best ways to smooth away irritating dry patches, but it really can be harsh on your skin - especially if you have a sensitive complexion. If you’re nodding along in agreement you will be pleased to know that there is another way in which you can gently exfoliate your skin and they’re called AHAs.

What are AHAs?

AHAs, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids if you’re feeling fancy and what to give them their full name, are a group of acids found in different fruits and plants.  The group of ‘peeling’ agents gently slough away dead skin cells without you having to physically scrub at your skin. The result? Your skin becoming its best, glowing and most radiant self. Yup - we like the sound of that!

Female with brpwn hair and radiant skin holding her hands in a heart shape in front of her face

Types of AHAs

All AHAs have the same basic benefits including working as an exfoliator which can lead to a brighter complexion - woo! There are a number of different AHAs available so if you’re looking to tackle a specific skin concern, and to get your glow on at the same time, check out these AHAs commonly found in products at Superdrug:

Glycolic Acid

The glow is real when you commit to using glycolic acid! Found in  sugarcane, pineapple and cantaloupes – glycolic acid is a wonder at removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores and helping to prevent angry acne outbreaks and of course, helping your skin look radiant!

Naturally Radiant Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel 30ml £6.99 Buy Now

Mandelic Acid

Mandelic acid has not quite gained the popularity of is other AHA counterparts yet, but trust us, you’re going to want to know about it! The go-to anti-aging ingredient is sourced from bitter almonds. It works by accelerating cell turnover to improve dull, lacklustre complexions and reducing fine lines.

Nip+Fab Skincare Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme XXL pads 135ml £19.95 Buy Now

Lactic Acid

For intensely moisturised and hydrated skin, lactic acid your new best friend. Sourced from milk, lactic acid had been used for centuries to solves dry skin concerns. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, used to take baths of milk – and who are we to argue with royalty, especially one considered a true beauty!  Fast forward to today and you will find lactic acid in cleansers, lotions and peels.

Vitamin E Superdrug Vitamin E SPF15 Moisturising Cream 100ml £4.49 Buy Now

How often should I use AHAs?

There’s no doubt that AHAs are great for your skin but remember that despite being found naturally in foods we eat every day and being readily available in products, they are still acids. Over-use can cause your skin to becoming temporarily red and it may feel slightly sensitive. Always read the instructions on your products to determine how often it should be used and remember to be mindful of your skin.

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The Secret to Removing Earwax Safely

Female holding hair behind her ear

Earwax … one of those things that our body produces without us having to do anything, but how much do you really know about it? Do we need it? How can I get rid of it?  Have your ears pricked up at the sound of finding out more? Welcome to our handy guide on wax and how to remove earwax safely.

What is earwax?

Sticky, shiny and impossible to see without some clever mirror manoeuvres! Earwax is made in the outer ear canal - which is the bit between the freshy part of your ear (the part you can see) and the middle of the ear. After the wax is produced by special glands in the outer ear canal, it makes its way through to the opening of the ear. This is when you, or someone else, will notice it waiting to be cleaned out for it to naturally fall out.

Sore ear. Ear ache concept. The sad crying woman with headache or pain on trendy pink studio background. Facial expressions and people emotions concept. Front view. Half-length portrait. Young woman.

What is its purpose?

Earwax may seem pretty pointless – but it actually has several important jobs, so open those ears and take note!

  1. It protects and moisturises the skin of your ear canal. This prevents it from becoming itchy, dry and all-round irritating.
  2. Wax contains special chemicals that can help fight of infections - great!
  3. It protects your ears from the outside world. Dust, dirt and flying things (go away, little bugs!) try and enter our ears, whether we realise it or not. Earwax traps it so they can’t travel any further into the ear canal – phew!

How to safely remove earwax

Some people will produce more earwax than others and wish to remove it, which is absolutely fine, as long as you do it safely.  Follow our do’s and don’ts to ensure you effectively remove the earwax, without causing yourself any harm or problems.

Don’t – put things inside your ear

Rule number 1! Never (ever) attempt to remove earwax with a cotton bud – or similar shaped object. We know, they look like they were built to be perfect for the job, but in fact, all you’re going to do is push earwax further into the ear canal which can cause blockages and problems. A big NO-NO!

A jar of cotton buds on a grey table

Do - use natural oils to break down the wax

So, you’ve put down the cotton bud – now what?  You can try softening the wax using oils.

Twice a day, put 2-3 drops of Superdrug Olive Oil into your ear. Over a few weeks, you should find lumps of earwax naturally fall out of your ear - usually when you’re sleeping or showering.

Do – use an ear spray to clean and care for your ears

To help prevent the build up of wax in the first place, there are simple ways to keep your ears clean. If you wash your hair frequently – then you’re already doing a great job in keeping your ears clean. Alternatively, you can try the Superdrug Ear Spray; a special formula which helps prevent build up, dissolves excess wax and keeps your ear canal clean.

Don’t – ignore persistent problems

If your ear is blocked – and the problem doesn’t go away – it may be time to see a pharmacist or your doctor. You will know if your ear is blocked if you have an earache, difficulty hearing, pain, you feel dizzy or there is a high-pitched tone coming from inside of your ear.

If you have any of these symptoms, speak to a pharmacist who will advice you accordingly or make an appointment to see your GP who can take a look inside your ear and see if they can spot the problem.

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How Do I Protect My Skin From Air Pollution?

Lady with long brown hair checking her skin in the mirror

Unless you’re lucky enough to be a full-time countryside bumpkin, your skin is probably being exposed to excess pollution on the regs – without you even realising.

Pollution in the air, caused by things such as industrial output, car exhausts and cigarette smoke, can cause absolute havoc on our skin quicker than we can cleanse it. We're talking dehydration, redness, sensitivity, loss of radiance and more - the struggle is real!

Particles in pollution, which can be up to 20 times smaller than pores, can easily infiltrate our skin going further than the surface into the epidermis which could lead to premature aging of the skin. No thanks!

Once the particles are in the skin, they turn into something called free radicals. Free radicals are very unstable molecules which attach themselves to a healthy molecule. Then that unstable pair attach themselves to another healthy cell and so on and so on. The result of this misbehaviour is damaged and unhealthy skin.

Lady with long brown hair checking her skin in the mirror

How Can I Protect My Skin from Pollution?

Although we cannot completely avoid pollution, especially if you live in city, we can use anti-pollution products to create a barrier on our skin to prevent unwanted free radical invasions. This protection comes from a special ingredient that we can’t get enough of – antioxidants!

Antioxidants to The Rescue

Antioxidants are chilled out, stable cells that calm down the craziness caused by unstable free radicals.

Our bodies naturally produce antioxidants, and they are present in lots of healthy foods such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, but incorporating antioxidant-rich skincare into your everyday routine is a great way to support the health maintenance of cells, and therefor our skin.

Anti-Pollution Skincare to Add to Your Routine…

In order to combat damage caused by pollution particles, it’s important to add a step into your skincare routine. We love these anti-pollution products to keep our complexion glowing:

Soo'Ae O2 Bubble Anti-Pollution Face Mask £2.49 Buy Now
Revlon Revlon PhotoReady Candid Anti-Pollution Setting Powder £9.99 Buy Now
Revolution Skincare Revolution Skincare Superfruit Extract Antioxidant Serum £9.99 Buy Now
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Superdrug Presents… What You Need To Know

Superdrug presents logo

Have you heard the news?

Superdrug Presents… is coming!

Where: The Yard at Shoreditch, London

When: 28th - 29th September 2019

SD header


Do you want access to the biggest brands in the industry including Make Up Revolution, Shea Moisture and many more?

Do you want a FREE goody bag worth OVER £150 packed full of the latest products for you to try?

Do you want access to some of your favourite influencers and celebs (did we hear someone say Love Island?!) hosting masterclasses and talks to show you how to get the best looks?

If you’ve been shouting YES to any of these, you’re going to LOVE Superdrug Presents…

Tickets are on sale NOW for just £30 and you can purchase them by clicking here >> Buy Tickets Now <<

Tickets are LIMITED, so once they're gone, they're gone!


Interested? Of course you are! Check out below exactly what the hottest ticket in town gets you:

FREE Goody Bag Worth Over £150

You told us that you wanted an awesome goody bag to walk away with and we have absolutely delivered (if we say so ourselves) with a limited-edition tote bag exclusive to Superdrug Presents...

Inside your free goody bag, you will find a curated selection of products from our BEST BRANDS to help you look and feel your most fabulous self!

If you want eyes that pop, lush lashes, the sleekest hair, a long-lasting tan, striking lip colours, to smell sensational and SO MUCH MORE… this is one goody bag you do not want FOMO about!

Book Yourself a Free Treatment with Beauty Studio

Our fabulous Beauty Studio team will be on hand to cover all your Beauty Studio services for FREE!  Stop by to see what services we have on offer and to book yourself a complimentary appointment.

Fancy a mani-makeover? Or do your brows need a little attention? Our barber will also be on hand for all your shaping and sculpting needs. Plus, we’re very EXCITED to announce we will also be offering free EAR PIERCING!

Beauty services

Learn From The Best at a Masterclass

On the day, you will also have special access to a series of masterclasses and talks hosted by a very special group of EXPERTS, INFLUENCERS and CELEBS.

Discover the latest in skincare, develop your styling skills from celeb hairstylists and master how to perfect a dreamy summer glow – just as if you’ve stepped out of the Love Island villa!

Full details of all masterclasses will be released VERY soon… Keep an eye out on our Instagram page for announcements.

Get a First Peek at Exclusive New Products... 

Not only will you be able to get up close and personal with the biggest brands in the industry, we will also be premiering brand new releases EXCLUSIVELY available to those at Superdrug Presents...  BEFORE the general public!

Superdrug Presents.. will feature all of your favourite Superdrug categories including beauty, skincare, hair, accessories, health and wellbeing and more!

What Else Can You Expect?

Yes, there’s more! I know… we’re really spoiling you now! At Superdrug Presents… you will also enjoy:

  • COMPETITIONS and GIVEAWAYS throughout the day
  • A chance to get early access to the NEWEST TECH in the business industry
  • FREE DRINKS from our friends at Coca-Cola (who will also be demonstrating how to responsibly recycle their cans!)
  • Delicious food stalls
  • And finally all of Superdrug Presents… will be INSTA-GLAM ready, so get your phones ready for selfies!

Plus, Superdrug Presents... will be a single plastic water bottle free zone!

It takes a plastic bottle about 500 YEARS on average to decompose, so we’ve decided to make sure we’re minimising the impact Superdrug Presents… has on our environment.

We will have WATER REFILL STATIONS for you on the day, so don’t forget to bring your own refillable bottle.

WOW! We're so EXCITED about Superdrug Presents... and cannot wait to see you there!

Hit the button below to secure your ticket for the BIGGEST event Superdrug has ever thrown!

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Back to Uni: All About Safer Sex

Safer sex feature

Does the subject of sex education bring back memories of awkwardly smirking at your classmates while your teacher waffles on about genital warts?

If you found THAT cucumber demonstration a little too distracting to form a question, let alone raise your hand, we’re here to help. Cue our virtual seminar on safer sex – where you can get the all-important information in the comfort of your own home.

Safer sex feature

Lesson 1: Condoms

Widely considered the ‘go-to’ for safe sex, condoms help protect against STIs as well as pregnancy.

What is a Condom?

A condom is a sheath-shaped barrier (often made from latex) that can be used during sexual intercourse. They help protect against sexually transmitted infections (such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and HIV) and against unintended pregnancy.

Things to know about Condoms:

  • Condoms are unique in that they help prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of STIs.

  • You can get condoms for both men and women.

  • Condoms have no side effects, unlike other forms of contraception. If you’re allergic to latex try switching to soft plastic condoms should eliminate allergy flare ups.

  • They come in all different sizes, textures and flavours so you can choose what is best for you.

  • In order for a condom to be effective it needs to be put on properly and a new condom used every time you have sex.

Not sure how to put a condom on? Our sexpert Alix Fox reveals all…

Lesson 2: The Pill

You may have heard of ‘the pill’ as a method of contraception. It’s available in two forms, as a combined oral contraceptive (COC) or progesterone-only pill (POP) - both have been designed to help prevent unplanned pregnancy.

What is The Pill?

Firstly there are two types of pill, COC and POP. The COC or ‘combination pill’ contains two hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. It works by  preventing pregnancy in 2 ways:

  • Prevents release of the egg.

  • Thickens the mucus in the cervix to prevent sperm from entering.

The most common type of COC has a 28-day cycle with each pack including 21 pills, to be taken daily, at the same time until the pack is finished. Then take a break for 7 days, which is when a period will take place. And then repeat.

POP, only releases the hormone progesterone which works to thicken the mucus in the cervix, preventing sperm from reaching the egg. This pill needs to be taken at the exact same time every day, with no break between packs.

Things to know about The Pill:

  • The pill does not protect against STIs

  • Factors such as diarrhoea and vomiting can make the pill less effective.

  • There are many varieties available, which can cause a little confusion when cross-referencing among friends. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so always consult your pharmacist for contraceptive advice.
Safer sex 2

Lesson 3: Get Tested

If you’ve met someone during Fresher’s week and you want to take things to the next level, a few at-home tests can help give you both peace of mind before entering a sexual relationship.  

Our online sexual services allow you to discreetly order a testing kit for a host of STIs. If anything comes back as positive, you can also find a host of treatment options too.

Understanding your current sexual health will help prevent the spreading of infections and diseases.

Lesson 4: The Morning After Pill

Had unprotected sex? Condom split? While it’s not recommended as a regular contraceptive, the morning after pill  can be used to help prevent pregnancy after you have had unprotected sex.

What is the Morning After Pill?

Firstly, there are two types of morning after pill – Levonogestrel (such as ezinelle or levonelle) and ellaOne. The former can be used up to 3 days after unprotected sex and the latter can be used 5 days after. They both work in a similar way, by manipulating the hormone progesterone to prevent or delay ovulation.

Things to know about The Morning After Pill:

  • The morning after pill will not protect against STIs, it is purely designed to prevent pregnancy.

  • The quicker you take it after unprotected sex, the more likely it is to be effective.
  • It can cause side effects including (but not limited to) stomach cramps, tiredness, headaches, dizziness nausea and irregular menstrual bleeding.

For more information and advice, consult your pharmacist.

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