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3 Pride Makeup Looks To Rock This Year

Pride love is love rainbow banner

What do you get when you mix glitter, rainbows, vibrant colours and straight up solidarity? It’s Pride, of course! If you’re getting ready to celebrate Pride this year, then we have three vibrant makeup looks to get you into the all-dancing, all-singing spirit of the occasion!

Look 1: The symbol of Pride

Rainbow eyes and bold lip

Hamad is flying the flag, literately, in support for Pride! Want to recreate this look? You only need a couple of products!

Also, if you need a hand remembering the colours of the rainbow, think back to your school days:

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain!

Step 1: Using the fabulous NYX professional makeup ultimate neon eyeshadow palette and a fluffy eyeshadow brush, start in the corner of the eye and start blending your first colour, yellow, into and across the lid. Once you have built up the level of colour you're looking for, start on the next, orange. Use a gentle hand and lots of blending. Continue across both eyelids until you have created a rainbow of colour! 

Step 2: Create velvety, totally kissable lips with a pop of colour using the B. Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Lulu.

Male model with rainbow eyeshadow and pink lips for pride

Look 2:  It’s a Pride thing

Striking eyes and rainbow lip

Your face is your canvas, so why not paint it?!  Here’s what you need to know to recreate Norah’s ‘I’m ready to Pride’ look!

Step 1: Line and colour ¾ of your lips, leaving ¼ one end to create a rainbow, using the Revolution X Pride Express Myself Face Paint Palette – yes, that’s correct actual face paint!

Step 2: On the ¼ of your lips you have left, take a thin lip brush and carefully paint in a few more colours – we have gone for orange, yellow and green.

Step 3: Create your ‘Come Pride with me eyes’ by using a striking blue eyeliner to line the eyes and fill the lid. Try the Gosh Metal Eye in Turquoise to really make a statement.

Step 4: Finally, add some definition to your eyes with the B. Cosmetics Volumizing Mascara.

Brunette girl with rainbow painted lips and blue eyes

Look 3: Show your true colours!

Rainbow stripes and glitter

You didn’t think we would go through a whole Pride tutorial without glitter, did you?! If you’re all about the colour and sparkle, without getting too technical – this look it for you!

Step 1: Take a thin eyeliner brush and line the upper lash line with yellow colour from the Revolution X Pride Express Myself Face Paint Palette.  Repeat the process, following the line with other colours, leaving a gap in between each.

Step 2: It’s glitter time! You can be as e.x.t.r.a as you please with the glitz. If you wanna’ look like a disco ball, you go for it! For this look, we’ve used the B. Glitter Pigment Steel as highlighter around the eyes to make them sparkle.

Step 3: Finally, seal the deal with irresistible lips with a generous coating of NIP & FAB’s Makeup Lip Topper in Starlight.

Female model with braids, with rainbow eyeshaodow and glitter highlighter
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3 Festival Afro Hairstyles: Braids, Extensions & Waves

Afro festival hair ideas

Festival and holiday season are upon us! With it comes to the plethora of decisions. What to wear? Is there a thing as TOO much glitter? And if you have afro hair, how will you keep it looking sleek when the heat has other ideas? Luckily for you, we have created three festival-friendly looks that’ll have your hair looking on point all weekend long!

Look 1: Afro pigtails with cornrows

Step 1: Part your hair down the middle and section into two.  Pull two small sections from the front of your face and create two cornrows and continue to plait the remainder of the hair. Apply ORS Edge Control for extra hold and moisture.

Step 2:  Taking one side of the remaining hair, pull back tight and secure with a band.

Step 3: Take a section of hair, wrap it around the band and continue to twist until your halfway down. Secure with another band to create a bunched section. Without reaching the bottom, secure another band, or hair ring, to create three even sections of hair.

Step 4: Repeat the process on the other side.

Step 5: For an instant festival look, attach beads to the bottom of the braid.

Step 6:  Jazz up the look with VO5 Edit Fixing Spray for Glitter and Barry M Biodegradable Pick ‘N’ Glitz glitter.

Step 7: Apply a small amount of Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse for extra hold.

Look 2: Sleek and short finger waves

Step 1: Ensure your hair has lots of moisture in before starting this style, it will help it hold for longer.

Step 2: Apply a strong hold hair gel through your hair, we have used the ECO Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel, to smooth and hold the hair. Style using a fine-tooth comb.

Step 3: You can leave the hair to dry naturally or wrap it tightly with a satin scarf and apply heat using a hairdryer.

Step 4: Want to stand out from the crowd? Carefully attach a hair accessory to your freshly styled hair… and get ready to party!

Look 3: Boho braids with extensions

Step 1: Split your hair into two sections and clip away any hair which you are not planning on adding to the braid.

Step 2: Start to cornrow the hair, adding in the extension and more hair as you continue to create the braid.

Step 3: Use ORS Edge Control to smooth down the edges of your hair.

Step 4: Repeat the process on the other side until you are left with two long, luscious braids. Apply Schwarzkopf’s got2b Glue Blasting Freeze Spray to help your hair stay in as long as possible.

Step 5: Wrap the ends of the braids together at the ends using colourful yarn wraps.

Step 6: Increase the free-spirited festival vibe by completing the look by adorning the braids with flowers of your choice and securing the look with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse.


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Colour that cares: Schwarzkopf Only Love ammonia free colours

Schwarzkopf Only Love hair colour

Life is too short to have boring hair, but why should you compromise on your hairs health when it comes to changing its colour? With the new Schwarzkopf’s Only Love ammonia free hair colour, you can ensure your hair is being fed valuable nutrients’ while still enjoying an intense colour pay off. Sounds like hair heaven to us!

The Only Love low-down

The Only Love 10-shade collection comes in a range of natural colours from light blonde to jet black. Each flattering shade also offers perfect grey coverage and the colour has incredible longevity. So, far it’s ticking all the boxes!

Schwarzkopf Only Love hair colour

Ingredient inspector

As a nation, we are becoming more and more focused on what we put in our bodies and on our skin, so why shouldn’t it be the same for our hair?  Only Love uses a trio of gentle ingredients including nourishing soy protein, calming oat milk and caring argan oil to help you take a step towards a healthier hair-care routine.

The gentle formula is also kind to your hair and to your scalp. It’s great news for those who suffer from an irritated scalp when colouring their hair but remember to always do an allergy test 48 hours before you apply colour to your hair.

Dark Chocolate Schwarzkopf Only Love hair colour
DaMocha Brown Schwarzkopf Only Love hair colour

More great news…

The new range is also…

  • Free from ammonia

Ammonia is commonly found in hair dyes as it effectively deposits colour into the hair follicle.

  • Free from silicones

Silicones have several uses in hair products and will be found in many bottles on your bathroom shelf. They’re used to add shine and to protect the hair, however some types of silicones stick to your hair and are very hard to remove. This can build up, attracting dirt and air pollution which will weigh down your hair. This is particularly annoying for you curly haired gals and guys!

  • ECARF verified

The ECARF are the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.

  • And finally! It’s dermatologically tested.

Blonde Bombshell or Brunette Bae?

Schwarzkopf’s Only Love range will leave you feeling confident, happy and a little bit sassy knowing that you have a gorge new do that is going to benefit both your hair and your mood!

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